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Microsoft Azure for SQL Server Database Administrators
3 Day Course


In this hands-on course, students will learn about running SQL Server in Azure. This course will review basic Azure networking and storage using the Azure Resource Manager architecture to prepare students for building SQL Server solutions in Azure. The primary focus of this course is SQL Server cloud and hybrid-cloud solutions on both Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). This course will cover best practices for deploying SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines including standalone SQL Servers and hybrid Availability Groups. The course will look at SQL Server features that take advantage of Azure Storage such as SQL Server Managed Backup, Azure Snapshot Backups, and SQL Server data files hosted on Azure Storage. Finally, this course will provide you with an introduction to Azure SQL Database and archiving cold data with SQL Server Stretch Database. SQL Server Database Administrators, IT Professionals Instructor-led with hands-on labs Available for virtual or onsite delivery
• Create a foundational knowledge of Azure Infrastructure as a Service with the resource manager architecture
• Understand how to utilize Azure in a SQL Server Hybrid Cloud environment.
• Leverage Azure Storage for cheap, secure storage of backups and low usage data.
• Prepare for exam 70-473 - Designing and Implementing a Cloud Data Platform solution
• Previous experience with SQL Server infrastructure and administration.
• Previous experience with Windows Failover Clustering and SQL Server Availability Groups.

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MODULE 1: Running SQL Server in Azure VMs

In this module you will be introduced to running SQL Server on virtual machines in Microsoft Azure. Topics such as instance sizes, storage, virtual machine networking, diagnostics and troubleshooting will be discussed. The module also provides a brief introduction to automated deployment and configuration management.

MODULE 2: Configuring SQL Server Storage in Azure VMs

In this module virtual machine storage configuration for SQL Server will be discussed in depth. Topics such as optimizing storage configuration, performance with standard and Premium storage as well as capacity planning will be discussed. We will also look at hosting SQL data files directly in Azure Storage.

MODULE 3: Azure Networking and SQL Server Availability Groups

In this module the core network architecture of Azure Virtual Machines is discussed. The module will include a discussion of virtual networks and their use with SQL Server and SQL Server Availability Groups as well as other topics such as, enabling connectivity using Public IP addresses, securing virtual network connectivity with network security groups, multiple network interfaces, as well as understanding and configuring the internal and external load balancer options with Microsoft Azure for use with SQL Server Availability Groups.

MODULE 4: SQL Server Backup to Azure Storage

Here we will discuss SQL Server native backups to Azure. We will cover the configuration and security of such a solution. We will also take a look at SQL Server Managed backup to automatically backup databases. Finally, we will take a look at utilizing Azure Snapshot backups to provide instant backups of SQL databases.

MODULE 5: Introduction to Azure SQL Database

In this Introduction to Azure SQL Database we will discuss the configuration, performance and recovery characteristics of Azure SQL Database. We will look at security architecture and configuration. We will cover Azure SQL Database performance management through service tiers and elastic database pools. We will also take a deeper look at deployment, connectivity and management using the Azure Portal as well as familiar SQL tools like SQL Server Management Studio.

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MODULE 6: SQL Server Stretch Database
MODULE 7: Introduction to Azure SQL Data Warehouse
MODULE 8: Automation and Management of SQL Databases with PowerShell Architecture Design: SQL Server Hybrid Cloud

This session focuses on SQL Server Stretch Database. We will cover use cases and identifying candidate tables for Stretch Database. Then we will dive into configuration and migration to SQL Server Stretch Database. Finally, we will discuss backup and restore of a Stretch Databases.
This session will introduce Azure SQL Data Warehouse. We will discuss the differences between SQL Data Warehouse and SQL Database. We will look at load strategies and warehouse migration.
Manage SQL Server in Azure VMs with PowerShell, manage Azure SQL Database with PowerShell, configure Automation and Runbooks.
Attendees are divided into teams of 3-6 and are presented with a technical scenario centered on enabling a hybrid cloud SQL solution using Microsoft Azure. The attendees are tasked with designing a solution to the scenario and presenting it to other teams.

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Microsoft Azure for SQL Server Database Administrators