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Behind our decorative veneer

Palghar, Maharashtra

Established in 1988

50+ happy employees

Unlimited possibilities in design. If you think it,
you can create it.

Ships Veneer across India

30+ dealers pan India

Over 25+ women employed

500+ species of wood used to make veneer

Veneer is the most environment friendly sustainable way of utilising wood. All our Veneer is handcrafted with artistry to create unique designs for all interior decor solutions.

The veneer factory is one amongst our older units that has been producing decorative veneer since 1988. The factory is equipped with state of the art machinery, tools and technology that enable us to design fascinating sheets of veneer. The factory has a single level wherein our entire operation is setup

with craftsmen working manually, creating a design to the machines pressing the veneer; side by side for a complete sheet. A few samples of Veneer are kept on display on the side along with other batches of sheets which are ready for dispatch.

Rita Ma’am as she is fondly called by us, is in charge of operations overlooking the entire production, research and development of new designs. She handles over 50 employees of which over half are women. Warm by nature, Ms Rita is known to encourage her people to aspire to take on newer

responsibilities while coming up with new and innovative designs with veneer. A headstrong person, she is always open to new avenues and ideas that will help streamline the workflow and nurture creativity.

The unit produces all varieties of decorative veneer suited for a variety of interior projects and our furniture as well. We make various styles of veneer like smoked veneer, metallic veneer, synchronised veneer and natural veneer. Our veneer is distributed

across India through a distribution network that’s 30+ dealers strong and is used to make our doors, tables, office desks, modular furniture, sofas and dining room furniture among other things.

Veneer as a material is one of the most sustainable ways of using a log of wood. The process of making veneer has little to no loss or wastage thanks to our skilled craftsmen who ensure each and every flitch of veneer is utilized in the best possible manner.
The factory at any given time has over 500+ species of wood from around the world which are used to create newer designs in the R&D wing. Aside from

our regular groups of flitches you may come across rare species such as Santos, Coco Bolo, Macassar, African Mahogany crotch and Ziricote.
A streamlined assembly line setup on the floor ensures that a various groups of Veneer are manufactured on a day to day basis ready to be tagged and shipped to various units for further application or onwards to our distributor network.

Our Veneer is sourced responsibly from across the
world with our procurement team that has over 3

decades of experience in handpicking groups of flitches.

With stringent quality control implemented at various levels of production, our products meet the international standards of the Forestry Stewardship Council which promotes a sound environmental, socially beneficial and economically prosperous

management of forests around the world. This certification coupled with our UK certificate of compliance for GREENGUARD enables us to develop cleaner greener production lines guiding us towards our goal of lower carbon emissions.

The factory employs over 50 employees out of which more than 50% are women. These skilled women are in charge of the creativity when it comes to observing breaks and cracks in the grain and laying out a unique pattern. Their nimble hands and a keen

eye for detail helps to improve the quality of veneer we put out. All our craftsmen, technicians and workers function as one family which is why some of them have been with us since 1988.

Veneering is an art that dates back to the ancient Egyptians who used rare wood for their veneer to produce their furniture. With this heritage, we look to expand our horizons by constantly creating new and unique designs for veneer. By using techniques like marquetry and parquetry across various applied fields, our veneer is applied to various pieces of our furniture in the retail segment and sold through our distribution channels to other businesses. Geometric patterns such as a basket weave are possible along with various stylish designs that are handcrafted as per your requirements. By using flitches of multiple species of wood we can create new designs that are unique.

By differentiating grains and colours we grade groups of flitches based on their figure. Every flitch is unique and is matched to the corresponding flitch by careful co ordination of colour and texture. Veneer is used to mainly create pieces of art that is vastly evident from vintage chests, tables and floors handcrafted using exotic flitches of Veneer. We consider every piece we make as art considering the effort, patience and skill that has gone behind all the furniture we make. Using horizontal and vertical placements of veneer we can create geometric shapes or use curves and

All our flitches of veneer are sourced from across the world. We import over 5000 species of wood globally that are seasoned, dried and smoked in our factory and later segregated based on the species

and the grain. Importing these flitches gives us access to wood from across the world. Every log of wood comes with a unique pattern giving us a variety of designs that can never be replicated again.

Considering the fragile nature of veneer, we had to ensure that a group is shipped in standard sheet sizes through our distribution network across India. Every group is checked marked and coded before

being carefully shipped. Our packaging ensures that every sheet retains its charms despite having travelled across the country to you.

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The Decorative Veneer Unit