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GSB 450 Professional
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GSB 450
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Bosch Power Tools

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Safety Notes
General Power Tool Safety Warnings
WARNING Read all safety warnings and all instructions. Failure to follow the warnings and
instructions may result in electric shock, fire and/or serious injury.
Save all warnings and instructions for future reference.
The term “power tool” in the warnings refers to your mainsoperated (corded) power tool or battery-operated (cordless) power tool.
Work area safety  Keep work area clean and well lit. Cluttered or dark areas
invite accidents.  Do not operate power tools in explosive atmospheres,
such as in the presence of flammable liquids, gases or dust. Power tools create sparks which may ignite the dust or fumes.  Keep children and bystanders away while operating a power tool. Distractions can cause you to lose control.
Electrical safety  Power tool plugs must match the outlet. Never modify
the plug in any way. Do not use any adapter plugs with earthed (grounded) power tools. Unmodified plugs and matching outlets will reduce risk of electric shock.  Avoid body contact with earthed or grounded surfaces, such as pipes, radiators, ranges and refrigerators. There is an increased risk of electric shock if your body is earthed or grounded.  Do not expose power tools to rain or wet conditions. Water entering a power tool will increase the risk of electric shock.  Do not abuse the cord. Never use the cord for carrying, pulling or unplugging the power tool. Keep cord away from heat, oil, sharp edges and moving parts. Damaged or entangled cords increase the risk of electric shock.  When operating a power tool outdoors, use an extension cord suitable for outdoor use. Use of a cord suitable for outdoor use reduces the risk of electric shock.  If operating a power tool in a damp location is unavoidable, use a residual current device (RCD) protected supply. Use of an RCD reduces the risk of electric shock.
Personal safety  Stay alert, watch what you are doing and use common
sense when operating a power tool. Do not use a power tool while you are tired or under the influence of drugs, alcohol or medication. A moment of inattention while operating power tools may result in serious personal injury.  Use personal protective equipment. Always wear eye protection. Protective equipment such as dust mask, non-skid safety shoes, hard hat, or hearing protection used for appropriate conditions will reduce personal injuries.
1 609 92A 4CN | (21.2.18)

 Prevent unintentional starting. Ensure the switch is in the off-position before connecting to power source and/or battery pack, picking up or carrying the tool. Carrying power tools with your finger on the switch or energising power tools that have the switch on invites accidents.
 Remove any adjusting key or wrench before turning the power tool on. A wrench or a key left attached to a rotating part of the power tool may result in personal injury.
 Do not overreach. Keep proper footing and balance at all times. This enables better control of the power tool in unexpected situations.
 Dress properly. Do not wear loose clothing or jewellery. Keep your hair, clothing and gloves away from moving parts. Loose clothes, jewellery or long hair can be caught in moving parts.
 If devices are provided for the connection of dust extraction and collection facilities, ensure these are connected and properly used. Use of dust collection can reduce dust-related hazards.
Power tool use and care  Do not force the power tool. Use the correct power tool
for your application. The correct power tool will do the job better and safer at the rate for which it was designed.  Do not use the power tool if the switch does not turn it on and off. Any power tool that cannot be controlled with the switch is dangerous and must be repaired.  Disconnect the plug from the power source and/or the battery pack from the power tool before making any adjustments, changing accessories, or storing power tools. Such preventive safety measures reduce the risk of starting the power tool accidentally.  Store idle power tools out of the reach of children and do not allow persons unfamiliar with the power tool or these instructions to operate the power tool. Power tools are dangerous in the hands of untrained users.  Maintain power tools. Check for misalignment or binding of moving parts, breakage of parts and any other condition that may affect the power tool’s operation. If damaged, have the power tool repaired before use. Many accidents are caused by poorly maintained power tools.  Keep cutting tools sharp and clean. Properly maintained cutting tools with sharp cutting edges are less likely to bind and are easier to control.  Use the power tool, accessories and tool bits etc. in accordance with these instructions, taking into account the working conditions and the work to be performed. Use of the power tool for operations different from those intended could result in a hazardous situation.
Service  Have your power tool serviced by a qualified repair per-
son using only identical replacement parts. This will ensure that the safety of the power tool is maintained.
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Safety Warnings for Drills and Screwdrivers
 Wear ear protectors when impact drilling. Exposure to noise can cause hearing loss.
 Use auxiliary handle(s), if supplied with the tool. Loss of control can cause personal injury.
 Hold power tool by insulated gripping surfaces, when performing an operation where the cutting accessory may contact hidden wiring or its own cord. Cutting accessory contacting a “live” wire may make exposed metal parts of the power tool “live” and could give the operator an electric shock.
 Use suitable detectors to determine if utility lines are hidden in the work area or call the local utility company for assistance. Contact with electric lines can lead to fire and electric shock. Damaging a gas line can lead to explosion. Penetrating a water line causes property damage or may cause an electric shock.
 Switch off the power tool immediately when the tool insert jams. Be prepared for high reaction torque that can cause kickback. The tool insert jams when: – the power tool is subject to overload or – it becomes wedged in the workpiece.
 Hold the machine with a firm grip. High reaction torque can briefly occur while driving in and loosening screws.
 When working with the machine, always hold it firmly with both hands and provide for a secure stance. The power tool is guided more secure with both hands.
 Secure the workpiece. A workpiece clamped with clamping devices or in a vice is held more secure than by hand.
 Always wait until the machine has come to a complete stop before placing it down. The tool insert can jam and lead to loss of control over the power tool.
 Products sold in GB only: Your product is fitted with a BS 1363/A approved electric plug with internal fuse (ASTA approved to BS 1362). If the plug is not suitable for your socket outlets, it should be cut off and an appropriate plug fitted in its place by an authorised customer service agent. The replacement plug should have the same fuse rating as the original plug. The severed plug must be disposed of to avoid a possible shock hazard and should never be inserted into a mains socket elsewhere. Products sold in AUS and NZ only: Use a residual current device (RCD) with a rated residual current of 30 mA or less.
Product Description and Specifica-
Read all safety warnings and all instructions. Failure to follow the warnings and instructions may result in electric shock, fire and/or serious injury.

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Intended Use
The machine is intended for impact drilling in brick, concrete and stone as well as for drilling in wood, metal and plastic. Machines with electronic control and right/left rotation are also suitable for screwdriving and thread-cutting.

Product Features
The numbering of the product features refers to the illustration of the machine on the graphics page.
1 Key type drill chuck 2 “Drilling/Impact Drilling” selector switch 3 Handle (insulated gripping surface) 4 Lock-on button for On/Off switch 5 On/Off switch 6 Rotational direction switch 7 Chuck key 8 Screwdriver bit* 9 Universal bit holder*
*Accessories shown or described are not part of the standard delivery scope of the product. A complete overview of accessories can be found in our accessories program.

Technical Data

Impact Drill

GSB 450

Article number

3 601 B16 1..

Rated power input



Output power



No-load speed


0 – 2600

Impact rate



Rated torque



Right/left rotation

Spindle collar dia.



Max. drilling dia. – Concrete – Steel – Wood







Chuck clamping range


1.5 – 10

Weight according to

EPTA-Procedure 01:2014



Protection class

/ II

The values given are valid for a nominal voltage [U] of 230 V. For different voltages and models for specific countries, these values can vary.

 Before any work on the machine itself, pull the mains plug.

Changing the Tool
 Wear protective gloves when changing the tool. The drill chuck can become very hot during longer work periods.

Bosch Power Tools

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Key Type Drill Chuck (see figure A) – Open the key type drill chuck 1 by turning until the tool can
be inserted. Insert the tool. – Insert the chuck key 7 into the corresponding holes of the
key type drill chuck 1 and clamp the tool uniformly.
Screwdriver Tools (see figure B) When working with screwdriver bits 8, a universal bit holder 9 should always be used. Use only screwdriver bits that fit the screw head.
– For driving screws, always position the “Drilling/Impact Drilling” selector switch 2 to the “Drilling” symbol.
Replacing the Drill Chuck
For machines without spindle lock, the drill chuck must be replaced through an authorized after-sales service agent for Bosch power tools.
The drill chuck must be tightened with a tightening torque of approx. 30–35 Nm.
Dust/Chip Extraction
 Dust from materials such as lead-containing coatings, some wood types, minerals and metal can be harmful to one’s health. Touching or breathing-in the dust can cause allergic reactions and/or lead to respiratory infections of the user or bystanders. Certain dust, such as oak or beech dust, is considered carcinogenic, especially in connection with wood-treatment additives (chromate, wood preservative). Materials containing asbestos may only be worked by specialists. – Provide for good ventilation of the working place. – It is recommended to wear a P2 filter-class respirator. Observe the relevant regulations in your country for the materials to be worked.
 Prevent dust accumulation at the workplace. Dust can easily ignite.
Starting Operation
 Observe correct mains voltage! The voltage of the power source must agree with the voltage specified on the nameplate of the machine. Power tools marked with 230 V can also be operated with 220 V.
Reversing the rotational direction (see figures C–D)  Actuate the rotational direction switch 6 only when the
machine is at a standstill. The rotational direction switch 6 is used to reverse the rotational direction of the machine. However, this is not possible with the On/Off switch 5 actuated.
– Right Rotation: For drilling and driving in screws, push the rotational direction switch 6 left to the stop.
– Left Rotation: For loosening and unscrewing screws and nuts, press the rotational direction switch 6 through to the right stop.

Setting the operating mode Drilling and Screwdriving Set the selector switch 2 to the “Drilling” symbol.
Impact Drilling Set the selector switch 2 to the “Impact drilling” symbol. The selector switch 2 engages noticeably and can also be actuated with the machine running.
Switching On and Off To save energy, only switch the power tool on when using it. – To start the machine, press the On/Off switch 5 and keep
it pressed. – To lock the pressed On/Off switch 5, press the lock-on
button 4. – To switch off the machine, release the On/Off switch 5 or
when it is locked with the lock-on button 4, briefly press the On/Off switch 5 and then release it.
Adjusting the Speed/Impact Rate The speed/impact rate of the switched on power tool can be variably adjusted, depending on how far the On/Off switch 5 is pressed. Light pressure on the On/Off switch 5 results in low speed/impact rate. Further pressure on the switch increases the speed/impact rate.
Working Advice
 Apply the power tool to the screw/nut only when it is switched off. Rotating tool inserts can slip off.
After longer periods of working at low speed, allow the machine to cool down by running it for approx. 3 minutes at maximum speed with no load. For drilling in tiles, set the selector switch 2 to the “Drilling” symbol. Do not switch over to the symbol “Impact Drilling” or work with impact until after drilling through the tile. Use carbide tipped drill bits when working in concrete, masonry and brick wall. For drilling in metal, use only perfectly sharpened HSS drill bits (HSS=high-speed steel). The appropriate quality is guaranteed by the Bosch accessories program. Twist drills from 2,5–10 mm can easily be sharpened with the drill bit sharpener (see accessories).
Maintenance and Service
Maintenance and Cleaning
 Before any work on the machine itself, pull the mains plug.
 For safe and proper working, always keep the machine and ventilation slots clean.
If the replacement of the supply cord is necessary, this has to be done by Bosch or an authorized Bosch service agent in order to avoid a safety hazard.

1 609 92A 4CN | (21.2.18)

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After-sales Service and Application Service
Our after-sales service responds to your questions concerning maintenance and repair of your product as well as spare parts. Exploded views and information on spare parts can also be found under: Bosch’s application service team will gladly answer questions concerning our products and their accessories. In all correspondence and spare parts orders, please always include the 10-digit article number given on the nameplate of the product.
India Bosch Service Center 69, Habibullah Road, (Next to PSBB School), T. Nagar Chennai – 600077 Phone: (044) 64561816 Bosch Service Center Rishyamook 85A, Panchkuin Road New Delhi–110001 Phone: (011) 43166190 Bosch Service Center 79, Crystal Bldg., Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli Mumbai – 400018 Phone: (022) 39569936 / (022 )39569959 / (022) 39569967 / (022) 24952071
The machine, accessories and packaging should be sorted for environmental-friendly recycling.
Do not dispose of power tools into household waste!
Subject to change without notice.

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Bosch Power Tools

1 609 92A 4CN | (21.2.18)

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