Name of the organization: Ramakrishna Mission, Kamarpukur

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Name of the organization: Ramakrishna Mission, Kamarpukur, Hooghly, W.B.

Name and Address and Contact no of the contact person:- Swami Viswanathananda, Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission, Vill. & Post – Kamarpukur, District – Hooghly, Pin code: - 711202, E –mail – [email protected] Telephone Number: - (033)2654-1144 /1180/5391/8494 Fax No: - 033 – 2654-4346 Title of the proposal: - Promotion of AYUSH Intervention in Public Health Initiatives through Homoeopathic intervention. Area of operation :- 3 Gram Panchyats at Hooghly Districts in West Bengal.

i. Kamarpukur Gram Panchyat – 22,500 population ii. Bengai Gram Panchyat - 19,737 population. iii. Mandaran Gramm Panchyat- 19,401 populations


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1. To identify the active qualified personnel in the fields of Homoeopathy. 2. To expose the said personnel in different component of Public Health i.e. a) Health promotion, b) Specific protection, c) Early diagnosis and Prompt Treatment, d) Disability limitation and e) Rehabilitation. 3. To identify the major health programmes prevailing and magnitude thereof in the proposed community i.e. A) Communicable diseases – Insect born diseases, water born and air born infections. B) Non-communicable Health problems, i.e. Malnutrition, Hypertension, Diabetes, c) Social Health problems i.e. Adolescent Health and Geriatric Health. 4. To promote the AYUSH Personnel to discharge their role in managing the above noted problems so far as promotion, prevention and cure are concerned. Coordination with the PRI and the existing government Health facilities.

The proposal was considered in the meeting of the Project Approval Committee on 08.10.2008. The Committee approved the proposal and sanctioned Rs. 30 lakhs for the period of two years with the following conditions. 1. The project shall be for 3 Gram Panchyats of Distt. Hooghly. 2. The period of the project shall be 2 years. 3. National Institute of Homoeopathy, Kolkata shall provide necessary technical guidance. 4. Not more than 40% of the grant shall be spent on staff / equipment or other administrative charges. Remaining 60% of the grant must be spent on AYUSH Public Health Intervention including medicines. 5. The department is not responsible for wither the staff employed by the organization or any other than the grant sanctioned.

1. Baseline data Collection with analysis of the Base line data. 2. Training of different cadres of personnel to be done by the resource personnel. 3. In-Patient care Out Patient care. 4. Monitoring and surveillance:The process and implementation of the plan will be evaluated. 5. Treatment and follow up of old and new cases. 6. Stabilizing of the whole process with constant evaluation of steps in implementation and outcome of the project plan.

RS 10 lakhs has been released as 1st installment in 200809.
After that, Rs. 20 lakhs has been released as 2nd / last installment in 200910.

The UC of 1st






Field visit has not been done.

All installments gone.
Final report from the organization received.

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Name of the organization: Ramakrishna Mission, Kamarpukur