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Fall 2021

Fang Yu
Software Security Lab. Dept. Management Information Systems, National Chengchi University

Data Structures Lecture 0

Data structure
Design objects in digital worlds


Course Information
¡  Instructor: Үํ (Yu, Fang)
¡  [email protected] ¡  Office: 261113, 11F College of Commerce (ਠ৫261113)
¡  Lecture Time and Location:
¡  Weekly sessions ¡  Mandarin Session: Thursday 234 (9:10-12:00am,ਠ৫260313) ¡  English Session: Thursday D56 (1:10-4:00pm,ਠ৫260313)
¡  You can find/download most of the course materials from the course web site:

Text book
¡  Data Structures and Algorithms in Java 6th edition, by Michael T. Goodrich and Roberto Tamassia, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
¡  Online resources:
¡  ୅ཧ঎ɿ৽݄ᅷॻެ‫/࢘‬౦՚ॻ‫ ,ہ‬୆๺‫ࢢ‬ॏ‫ܚ‬ೆ࿏Ұஈ 143ᥒ‫ࡾ‬ᒭ TEL: 02-23317856

Lab Information
¡  Weekly meeting
¡  TAs:
¡  ௓֝஁, [email protected] ¡  ‫ ,౹ᯭ؍‬[email protected] ¡  Monday 12:10-2:00pm ¡  5he first lab is scheduled on Monday, Sep. 7 (remote lab). ¡  Lab materials: ¡  Location: ҳઋᒭ 5F ‫ࢿ‬؅‫ܥ‬PC ‫ࣨڭ‬

Course Objective
¡  A next (and important) step on programming
You will learn ¡  the main concept, implementation, and applications of
fundamental data structures and algorithms
You will also learn ¡  how to develop Java applications using eclipse and java
class library

At the end of this course,
You should ¡  understand common data structures and algorithms ¡  be able to develop new data abstractions and use existing
library components ¡  feel comfortable programming in Java ¡  be a better programmer

Course Requirements
¡  Homework and Labs: 40%
¡  You will have weekly homework Uo write some small programs ¡  TAs will guide you in the lab ¡  You need to upload your code using WM5 before the due date. ¡  Late submission is accepted with penalty ¡  Code practice and prescreen (in early November)
¡  One Late-Midterm Exam (a closed book exam): 30%
¡  Most likely, it will be in early December
¡  You are allowed to bring an A4 size note.

Course Requirements
¡  The Term Project: 30%
¡  Topic: Lets Beat Google! ¡  3-5 students as a team (Send the list to your TAs) ¡  Develop your application using Eclipse with SVN
¡  You will get extra points for updating your code constantly ¡  Each team needs to 1.  Get your code running (Upload source codFs) 2.  Write the proposal and the final report 3.  Give a Demo at the end of this semester

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Data Structures Lecture 0