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Official Journal of Kanyashree University
Author Guidelines
Original quality works will be accepted. Two anonymous peer reviewers and Editorial board members will review each article, unless otherwise specified. If the quality is not up to the mark and area of study is beyond the scope of this journal, then the Editorial board will not consider the articlefor publication. Editorial Board’s decision is final.
Manuscript must be sent via email to [email protected] Publication Policy
A. Selection Criteria The papers /articles should be global. The papers/ articles should be well referenced and must have a global approach. There must be a good blend of theory and application. Examples of cases from India and across the world would be very helpful. The diagrams and figures should be adapted versions and should not be taken in original forms from sources. If the tables or figures are brought in the original form then they must be accompanied with copyright permission. Papers/ articles must be original and should not be previously published or simultaneously been reviewed elsewhere for publication. Each selected article is sent to two experts across the country for a blind Peer-review process for the judgement of quality and standard. The articles cleared by both the experts are considered for publication.
B. Reviewing Process All selected manuscripts are subjected to the peer-review by independent reviewers. Peer reviews are executed using double blind method where both the author/s & the reviewer/s are unaware of each other. Final decision of accepting the article rests solely with the Editorial Board.
C. Final Selection
Verifying the reviewer/s comments, the editorial board takes the decision of publishing a paper. A paper, once selected, may be published in the next volume subject to the availability of paper-space in the current volume of the journal. Authors will be informed if the paper is not selected for publication with reviewer/s’ comments.
Abstract: • Title of the Article/ Paper • Author’s Name and Designation along with the details of Affiliating Institution • Body of the Abstract: Within 300 Words

• Keywords: 5-6 Full Paper: • Word Limit: Maximum 3500-5000 words excluding References • File Type: Microsoft Word • Language of Manuscript: English Font Style: Times New Roman (For both Abstract and Full Paper) Font Size: (For both Abstract and Full Paper) • For Heading: 14pt. and Bold • For Sub-heading: 12pt. and Bold • For Content/Text: 12pt. Paper Size: A4 Line Spacing: Double Margin: 1.5 inches (All sides) Referencing Style: As per APA 6th Edition
Full-paper should be submitted on or before 28th February 2022
After final selection of the article, author/s has to send the corrected soft-copy (through e-mail) with a declaration stating its originality and not submitted elsewhere previously i.e. Copyright Agreement and Authorship Responsibility.
Special Mention: • Author/s should refrain from misrepresenting research results with could damage the trust and
reputation of the journal; • The manuscript/s should not be published elsewhere on any previous occasion (partly or in full) and
should also not be submitted to more than one journal at a time; • All presented data should be original. No fictitious or plagiarized data/ materials are to be presented by
the author/s as it will lead to serious consequences; • Proper acknowledgement of other works must be presented; • Proper consent should be received from all co-authors as well as from the responsible authorities and
to be submitted along with the manuscript;

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Official Journal of Kanyashree University