Formula of EPFs Microbial bio fungal pesticides preparation

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Formula of EPFs Microbial bio fungal pesticides preparation

EPFs Names:

1. Baveriya

2. Verticillam

3. Metaryzam

4. Trichoderma

5. Bio Dynamic Liquid (BD – 500)

16. Isariya

BD5000 is a unique microbes cluster. This mother culture is extracted from Desi / indigenous cow horns is having billions and trillions of unknown friendly useful EPFs & EPBs. These microbes increase soil carbon rapidly. we have Invented the formula in April'19 and dedicated to all formers.
Method of Preparation.
Take 400grams Rice Ata ,100grms Sorghum (Jonna) or any millet, 100grms jaggery. If Rice and Sorghum ata is not available, soak the grains and make a paste of it by grinding. Dissolve this mixture in 4ltrs of filter water by mixing thoroughly to make smooth liquid and boil it for approximately 15 mins on medium flame until it turns sticky as jawa by thoroughly stirring.
Take six fine plastic trays of 12"x18" inches depth of 3". Clean them with hot water and label with permanent marker as per the EPF’s Names mentioned above in the box.
Whole Preparation of mother cultures inoculation must be in a closed room. Sanitize and clean the room, secure the room with insects free, close the doors and windows switch on the lights and fan and start the process.
Distribute hot starch sticky paste in six trays equally approximately 650 ml in each try. spread it by slowly shaking the trays.

Keep the prepared 6 trays under fan till it gets cooled.
After cooling all trays add total mother culture carefully by observing the label on the vials.
The empty mother culture vials must be preserved in cool place without washing or cleaning.
Shake the trays thoroughly to mix the mother cultures completely. Secure the trays by covering with polythene sheets and cover the tray by placing a card bord on them. put the trays one by one on top. Preserve them in a safe and hygienic cool place at room temperature for six days.
The rich fungus will be farmed in each tray. Each EPF’s thick foam type paste will be farmed in trays. They change their colours alternatively to tropical atmosphere.
Take six disposable plastic spoons. With the help of the spoon take 5ml of culture from the side walls of the tray the mycelia and thick fine fungus in the tray must be transfers into the mother culture vials at first. Add 5ml filter water or NSKE50000ppm in the Vials.
The remaining fungal paste will be transferred into the cans gently and add filter/RO water. For better results add NSKE50000ppm as a preservative it is optional.
preserve the mother culture vails in the bottom self of the fridge. we can preserve them for two to three years. There is no expiry to these vails stored in fridge.
Take six no’s of 5 ltrs or 10ltrs or 20 liters plastic cans and label them with permanent marker as per the EPF’s Name.
Transfer the thick fungus paste with the help of disposable spoon into the respectable labelled cans and fill them with 2/3rd of filter water. If you are having NSKE 50000ppm neem oil add one litre to each can as a preservative. you can use these cultures up to six months by keeping them in cool safe place at room temperature.

For immediate usage in bulk quantity take directly the 6 EPF’s in a single drum filled with 5000 Ltrs water and mix it thoroughly for drenching or foliar spray Recycle the cultures within six months to maintain its count 10 to the power of 6 to 9. Dosage: One liter mother culture for 200 liters of normal water and add 1 liter NSKE 50000ppm. you can mix six cultures at a time at the time of foliar spry and drenching with the help of drip irrigation. It is mandatory to spray for any crop in five stages i.e., 1) seed treatment, 2) three leaves stage, 3) flowering, 4) baby fruit,5) fruit stage. We can get 100% yielding of organic crop of all types without any chemical’s residues in first attempt itself. With good crop management (samagra sasya rakshana) we can harvest 10% extra than chemical farming. For Preparation of All Cultures, I have uploaded the videos in my You Tube channel and Literature in my website, go through the same and Subscribe YouTube Channel so that you can get the Links.
1) YouTube Channel: 2) Website: 3) Dr. Soil: 4) EPF’s: 5) EPB’s: 6) NSKE / OSKE 50000 ppm: 7) Amrutha Dravanam: 8) Organic UREA:
Kokku Ashok Kumar.

Hyderabad. Ph. +91 98661 92761

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Formula of EPFs Microbial bio fungal pesticides preparation