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Government Women’s Polytechnic College
Shivaji Nagar, Bhopal – 462016 (M.P.) Approved by AICTE & Affiliated to RGPV Bhopal Phone: 0755-2576839, Fax: 0755-257684 Email: [email protected], Website:
Estb. 1964
e-Tender for Procurement of Equipments of Civil, Mechanical ,Electrical Engineering and Basic
Science Labs of Raisen and Lateri Polytechnic Institutes Tender no. GWPBPL/STORE/2019-20/2176 Total Pages 25 and Annexures 9,10,11,12

Office Of The Principal, Government Women’s Polytechnic College


Bhopal M.P.

No. GWPBPL/ STORE/2019-20/ 2176

Date: 04 /11/2019

e- Tender notice (NIT)

Online bids (Two bid system) are invited for supply and installation of equipments for Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering and Basic Sciences laboratories of Raisen and Lateri Polytechnic Institutes ,from reputed manufacturers or authorized dealers/resellers having relevant experience and fulfilling the desired terms and conditions. Last date of bid submission is 28 Nov 2019 as per the schedule and further details described in detailed tender document available at All bids will be opened as per the standard procedure of eTendering system.

All corrigendum/ amendments/changes, if any will only be issued and made available at



Key Dates and Time


1 Awvwawil.ambpilitteynodfetresn.gdoevr .dino.cument at

2 Oenndlindeatbeid document purchasing

3 Bbiiddsclosing for submission of online

Submission of hard copy of
4 Technical bid (Envelop –A) and Tender Document along with EMD

5 Online opening of the Technical bids

6 Online opening of the Financial bids

Date and Time 07/11/2019
27/11/2019 till 05:00 PM 28/11/2019 at 03:00 PM 28/11/2019 at 03:00 PM
30/11/2019 at 12:00Noon
30/11/2019 at 03:00 PM

• Details in Soft copy submitted online (In prescribed Excel & Word Format) and Hard Copy of the Bid should be same, in case of any difference/discrepancy Soft Copy will be considered as final.
• Any objection/dispute related to tender, will not be entertained after opening of technical bid.


1. Details of Tender:
The online (two bid system) tenders are invited by Principal, Government Women’s Polytechnic College Bhopal, (hereinafter referred as Tender Inviting Authority and/or Tender Acceptance Authority and/or Ordering Authority), for the equipments of following Labs at Raisen and Lateri Polytechnic Institutes, as per the detailed specifications as prescribed in annexures and other important details mentioned against each lab in Table -I:

S.No. Description
1 Electrical Engineering
2 Mechanical Engineering
3 Civil Engineering
4 Basic Sciences

Tentative Amount in Lakhs

Earnest Money Deposit Amount in Rs.

Bid Document Price in Rs.




Remarks/ Annexure No.













Bidders will have to purchase and submit separate tenders for each one of the Labs and related equipments mentioned above. Bids for each lab will be evaluated individually and shall have no interlinking with other labs.

2. Eligibility Criterion:
The Tenderers should fulfill the following eligibility criteria:
a. The Tenderer should be Manufacturer or Authorized Dealer/Reseller having relevant License of Manufacturer/ Authorized Dealer/Reseller and, such a Registration should be valid as on the date of Tender submission. (Annexure -3)
b. The Tenderer should have achieved annual turnover of Rs.300 Lakh (every FY) in the last three financial years, backed by practicing chartered accountant.


c. The Tenderer (and tenderer’s principal manufacturer, if tenderer is Authorized Dealer/ Reseller) should not be blacklisted either by the Tender Inviting Authority or by any State Government or by Government of India. An undertaking by the tenderer should be submitted in this regard certifying that the tenderer or its principal manufacturer (if applicable) is eligible to participate in the bid process.
d. The Manufacturer should be in the business of manufacturing of similar equipment for a period not less than 3 Years.
e. The Tenderer should be in the business of similar equipments for more than one year and furnish the details of similar works in Central/State Government/Autonomous Institutions /Universities /Reputed Private Organizations etc. in Annexure – 4.
f. The Tenderer must submit the latest GST certificate and Income Tax returns of last three years.
g. The Tenderer must submit the Form – “A” on letterhead with signature & stamp. (Annexure -2)
2. Earnest Money Deposit (EMD):
a. All tenders must be accompanied with Lab-wise EMD (payment mode online NEFT/RTGS) along with Technical (Physical) bid. A soft copy and other details are also to be submitted online as per the standard e- Tendering process of MP E-procurement portal
b. The EMD should be submitted through online transfer either by Online or NEFT/RTGS through . Earnest Money submitted in any other form will not be accepted and the tender will be rejected.
c. Industries registered as Small scale industrial units with the NSIC/Director of Industries, Government of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal only will be exempted from Tender document fee and depositing the Earnest money; however, they should send a true copy of the certificate for claiming the above exemption. Firms registered with the Director General of Supplies and Disposals and small Scale Industrial Units registered with Central Govt. or

with other State Government are not exempted from depositing earnest money
d. The EMD of all unsuccessful Tenderers shall be returned within 15 days of signing of contract with successful Tenderer(s).
e. The EMD of successful Tenderer shall be returned after signing of contract by successful Tenderer(s).
f. The EMD will be forfeited, in case Tenderer withdraws its Tender during the validity of bids OR the successful bidder who fails to sign the contract agreement.
3. Validity of Tender: a. The Tender will be valid for a period of 01 Year after the due date of submission of Tenders. A Tender valid for a shorter period shall be rejected by the Tender Inviting Authority as nonresponsive
b. In exceptional circumstances, prior to the expiration of the Tender validity, the Tender Inviting Authority may request the tenderer to extend the Tender validity for further period as deemed fit. The request and the responses thereto shall be made in writing. A Tenderer may refuse the request without forfeiting its EMD. A Tenderer, agreeing to the request will not be required or permitted to modify its Tender.
4. Preparation and submission of Tender: a. Tenders are to be submitted as mentioned in Table-I. b. The Tender should be typewritten and every correction and interlineations in the bid should be attested with full signature by the tenderer, failing which the bid will be treated as ineligible. Corrections done with correction fluid should also be duly attested.
c. All documents/papers should be numbered, signed and sealed by the Tenderer on each page.

d. The Tender is required to be prepared and submitted in two parts viz. ‘Part A - Technical Tender’ and ‘Part B - Financial Tender (Annexure - 9, 10,11,12)’.
e. The ‘Envelope A- Technical Tender’ shall contain all essential documents for Technical Tender. Such documents to include the following: (Online & Physical)
i. Duly filled Checklist as per format given in (Annexure –8) ii. Duly filled and signed Form –“A” as per format. (Annexure-2) iii. Authorization Letter – (Annexure -3) iv. Past work order details as per format given in (Annexure–4) v. Duly filled and signed Technical Tender Form as per format
given in (Annexure – 5). vi. Earnest Money Deposit (as mentioned in Table -I) vii. Self-attested copy of firm’s registration certificate viii. Self-attested copy of registration in GST number. ix. Self-attested copy of registration in PAN number. x. Annual turnover statement of last three financial year
backed by practicing chartered accountant. xi. The‘Envelope B-Financial Bid’ containing Price Schedule
should be submitted Online Only at in the format available (Annexure –9,10,11,12) on or before the Key date and time. No hard copies of Financial Bid are to be submitted. xii. Late tenders shall not be accepted.
5. Tender Rates:
a. Tender has been called for in the names of Items for Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Basic Sciences laboratories. The Tenderers should quote the rates for the Items mentioned in Annexure–9,10,11,12 separately.
b. The composition and Technical Specifications of each item should be as per details given in Annexure – 9 ,10,11,12
c. Any variation, if found, shall have be indicated in the deviation statement given in Table-II, and will be reviewed by competent committee. Such deviations, if not approved by such Committee, may result into the rejection of the tender.

d. The Tenderer should mention the name of manufacturer of the item being quoted.
e. Rates inclusive of Customs duty, transportation, insurance, pre inspection charges and any incidental charges, but exclusive of GST, should be quoted for each of the required item, and separately on door delivery basis (FOR Destination, at Raisen and Lateri Polytechnic Stores) as per format of Price Schedule (Financial Bid) given in Annexure - 9,10,11,12.
f. Pre inspection (s) of the item (if mentioned in Annexure9,10,11,12 against that particular item), at the supplier/manufacturer site by a experts of tender inviting authority, will have to be arranged by the tenderer. The item shall be procured only if the experts finds the items to be supplied of appropriate quality and specifications as provided in respective Annexure.
g. Quoted rates are valid up to one year from the date of signing of contract agreement and shall be fixed during the validity of the contract. GST variations, if any, may be duly incorporated.

6. Deviation:

If the Tenderer submits the offer with deviation for any item, then Deviation statement, as per the format given in Table-II, should be submitted for every offer. In the absence of this the purchaser reserves the right to accept or reject the bid of that particular item. No other formats will be accepted. In absence of deviation statement, the tender will be rejected.
Table-II (Deviation Statement Format)

Specification of

Specification of Machine/ Deviations, if yes, indicate

S.No. Machine/ Equipment Equipment offered by the the deviation & whether it on

mentioned in Tender Tenderer

+ ve side & how



7. Opening of Tenders:
a. The Tenders shall be opened at the scheduled date, time and venue by the committee constituted by the Principal, Government Women’s Polytechnic College Bhopal. The Tenderers’ representative may attend the Tender opening.
b. During the tender opening as above, the envelopes containing Technical Tender (Technical Bid- (Envelop A)) shall be opened first Online & Physical. The envelopes containing Price Tender (Financial Bid (Envelop B)) - Annexure - 9,10,11,12 shall be Opened Online Only on Scheduled Date & Time of the bidders who qualify in the Technical Bid.
c. In the event, the date of opening as above is declared government holiday; the tenders shall be opened at the same time on the next working day.
8. Evaluation of Tenders:
a. The purchase/ Competent committee shall evaluate the tender with reference to technical requirements and various other commercial criteria given in the Tender Document.
b. The specifications of each item quoted by bidders in Deviation statement (Table-II), Technical Tender Form as per format given in Annexure – 5, and supporting documents if any, will be evaluated first by the competent committee and approved.
c. The items which are not as per the specifications, will be rejected and shall not be considered in financial bid, even if the quoted rates are lowest. The decision of competent committee in this regard shall be final and binding to all the bidders.
d. The rate per unit of only the approved items, having desired specifications for the tendered quantity indicated in the Annexure -9,10,11,12, shall be considered for evaluation of Price and determining L-1 Tenderer.
e. No complaint shall be entertained by the Tender Inviting Authority after the opening of financial bid.

9. Award of Contract:
a. The Tenderer who has quoted lowest unit rate for an item shall be considered for award of contract.

b. The successful Tenderer shall execute an agreement (As per format given in Annexure – 7) on a Non-judicial stamp paper of value of Rs.1000/-(stamp duty to be paid by the tenderer) within 15 days from the date of the intimation from Tender Inviting Authority, informing that his tender has been accepted.

c. If the successful Tenderer fails to execute/sign the agreement within the specified time or withdraw his/her tender after the intimation of acceptance of his/her tender or owing to any other reasons, his purchase order shall be cancelled and the EMD deposited by him with the tender shall stand forfeited by the Tender Inviting Authority besides debarring the tenderer for a period of one year.

10. Placement of Purchase Orders and Delivery Requirements:
a. The Tender Inviting Authority shall place individual Purchase Orders for supply of Items during the period of one year from the date of signing of contract with successful Tenderer(s). Principal, Government Women’s Polytechnic College, Bhopal, reserves the right to extend the validity of purchase order further by 3 months on the same rates and terms & conditions of the contract.

b. The supplier should complete the supply and installation of the ordered equipments at the respective Labs of the Raisen and Lateri Polytechnic Institutes within 30 days from the date of issue of purchase order.

c. If at any time the Tenderer has, in the opinion of the Tender

inviting authority (Principal, Government


Polytechnic College, Bhopal), delayed the supply of Items due

to one or more reasons related to force Majeure events such as

riots, mutinies, wars, fire, storm, tempest or other exceptional

events, the time for supplying the Items may be extended by the

Tender inviting authority/ordering authority at its discretion for


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