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VDC Flooring in existing Warehouse Building for Ink Factory Project at BRBNMPL,Mysore.
Security Classification: Non Security Items
This being Limited Tender, is issued only to the solicited BRBNMPL registered / approved / known vendors. However any firm fulfilling the eligibility criteria as per Section IX: Qualification/ Eligibility Criteria of Tender Document are welcome to participate in this tender and will be considered for evaluation.
Standard Bidding Document (SBD) (Procurement of Goods and Services)
Tender Document for Vacuum Dewatered Concrete Flooring in existing Warehouse Building for Ink Factory Project at BRBNMPL, Mysore. Tender No: 112 / MYS / IFP /2017-18
This tender document contains: 48 pages The tender document is sold to:
M/s. Address
Details of Contact person in BRBNMPL regarding this tender: Name: i) A. R. Hegde, Deputy General Manager
Phone: 0821 – 2469025, Fax: 0821-2582955 Email : [email protected] ii) T.R. Gururaj, Deputy General Manager-PP Phone: 0821 – 2469066, Email: [email protected]
Note: All Official correspondences related to above tender are to be address to the head of Unit along with tender reference No as follows;
Address: The General Manager, Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited Note Mudran Nagar, Mysuru Pin- 570003, Karnataka Phone No. 0821-2582915/2582925, 2582935,2582945; Fax: 0821-2582099
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VDC Flooring in existing Warehouse Building for Ink Factory Project at BRBNMPL,Mysore.


Tender Clause / Section Reference
Section I

Tender Clause Description Notice Inviting Tender (NIT)

Section II Section III Section IV Section V Section VI Section VII
Section VIII
Section IX Section X Section XI Section XII

General Instructions for Tenderer (GIT)
Special Instructions to Tenderers (SIT) General Conditions of Contract (GCC) Special Conditions of Contract (SCC) List of Requirements
Technical Specification
Quality Control Requirements /Compliance Statement by Tenderer
Qualification/Eligibility Criteria Tender form Price Schedule (Price Bid) Questionnaire /Checklist

Section XIII

Bank Guarantee Form for EMD

Enclosed Enclosed
Enclosed Enclosed Enclosed Enclosed Enclosed
Enclosed Enclosed Enclosed Enclosed Not Applicable to this tender. Required DD is to be submitted as EMD as mentioned in section-I (Notice Inviting Tender-NIT)

Section XIV Section XV Section XVI Section XVII Section XVIII Section XIX Section XX
Section XXI Annexure

Manufacturer‘s Authorization Form Bank Guarantee Form for Performance Security / SD Contract Form Letter of Authority for attending a Bid Opening
Shipping arrangement for liner cargoProforma of Bills for Payments Proforma for Financial Turnover for last 03 years certified by CA
Pre contract Integrity Pact

Not applicable to this tender Enclosed Enclosed Enclosed Not applicable to this tender Enclosed Enclosed
Not applicable to this tender NIL

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VDC Flooring in existing Warehouse Building for Ink Factory Project at BRBNMPL,Mysore.

BNM No. M/s


/ (M) 24.10.01/2017-18

Date: 01/02/ 2018

TENDER NO: 112 / MYS/ I F P/ 2017 - 18

Sub: Tender Document for Vacuum Dewatered Concrete Flooring in existing Warehouse Building for Ink Factory Project at BRBNMPL, Mysore.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Sealed tenders in TWO parts (Part- I: Technical and Part-II : Commercial (Price) bid) are invited for “Tender Document for Vacuum Dewatered Concrete Flooring in existing Warehouse Building for Ink Factory Project at BRBNMPL, Mysore”.

Schedule No.

Brief Description of Goods / Services

Quantity (with unit)

Earnest Money Deposit


Tender Document for

Vacuum Dewatered Concrete Flooring in

Rs. 24,000 /-

Estimated Value:



Warehouse As per

( Rupees Twenty

Rs. 12,00, 000 /-

Building for Ink Factory BOQ

Four Thousand only)

(Rupees Twelve Lakhs

Project at BRBNMPL,


Mysore as per Bill of

quantities and scope of

work mentioned at

Section-VI, VII, & XI.

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VDC Flooring in existing Warehouse Building for Ink Factory Project at BRBNMPL,Mysore.

Sl.No. 1.i ii iii iv
Vii Viii ix
x xi




Tender No.

TENDER NO: 112 / MYS/ IFP/2017 - 18

Tender Date


Name of the Work

Tender Document for Vacuum Dewatered Concrete Flooring in existing Warehouse Building for Ink Factory Project at BRBNMPL, Mysore.

Estimated Value

Rs. 12,00, 000/- (Rupees Twelve lakhs only)

Earnest Money deposit

Rs. 24,000/- (Rupees twenty four thousand only) in the form of DD favoring Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Pvt. Ltd, Mysuru. Payable at Mysuru. In case E.M.D is not submitted along with the tender (Technical Bid), the offer will be liable for rejection. However, please note DGS&D / NSIC, New Delhi registered firms are exempted from submission of requisite EMD. Such Tenderer shall submit copy of supporting documents.

Cost of Tender Form

Rs. 500/- (Rupees Five Hundred Only) (Non Refundable) in the form of DD favoring Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Pvt. Ltd, Mysuru. Payable at Mysuru.

Last date of sale of tender forms
Last date of submission/ closing of the tenders

One day before the last date of submission and closing of tenders up to 14. 00 Hrs. (In case holiday falls on that day, it shall be last working day) i.e. up to 13/02/2018.
14. 30 hrs. on 14/02/2018

Nominated Person / Designation to Receive Bulky Tender (Clause 21. 21. 1 of GIT)

Shri. P. Anbazaghan, Manager (Ink factory)



Technical bid


of 15. 00 hrs. on 14/02/2018

Date of opening of price bid

Shall be communicated to the eligible bidders.

xii Validity of tender xiii Date of Commencement xiv Period of completion

120 days from the date of opening of the tender, which can be further extended for another 30 days.
Within seven days from the date of issue of LOI/ Work Order, whichever is earlier.
Within 02 (Two Months) months from the date of award of work.

xv Liability delay

compensation for

At the rate of 0.5 % (half percent) of the incomplete contract value per week of delay, up to maximum of 10 % (Ten percent) of the delayed contract value after which the contract stands rescinded.

xvi Defects Liability period xvii Minimum value of work for each
R/ A bill



xviii Deposit/ Bond to be deposited within 21 days after the issue of notification

of award of contract by BRBNMPL.

12 months from the date of work completion.
Rs. 5.00 lakhs.
Successful Bidders has to submit DD/B.G. valid up to 60 days after date of completion of all contractual obligations including warranty obligations, as Performance Security for 10 % (Ten percent) of the tendered amount less Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) in the prescribed format mentioned at Section: XV.
Tenderers who are registered with DGS&D /NSIC should submit an undertaking for payment of SD in case they become L1 firm in bid process and this undertaking letter should be attached to the Technical Bid-Part-I.

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VDC Flooring in existing Warehouse Building for Ink Factory Project at BRBNMPL,Mysore.

xix Release RM

of Security Deposit/






Period/ Completion of all contractual obligations including

warranty obligations, whichever is later.

xx Period of submitting the final bill Maximum




by contractor

from the date of completion of work.

xxi Terms of contract specifications

and As per schedule.


2. Interested tenderers may obtain further information about the requirement from the above office. They may also visit our website for further details.

3. Issue of Tender Form: The issue of Tender Documents is for registered/known vendors only. The bidder should submit the cost of the tender form (Rs.500/-) in the form of DD/Pay Order/ Bankers Cheque and enclosed in the envelope containing Earnest Money Deposit. The offer of the bidders who do not submit the cost of the Tender Document shall be liable for rejection. Issuance of Tender Paper shall not automatically be construed qualification of bidder for award of work, which will actually be determined during Technical Bid evaluation.
4. Validity of Tender: The quoted rates shall be valid for a period of 120 days from the date of opening of the tender. However in case of any delay due to genuine reasons, the validity period may be extended further for additional period of 30 days. If any tenderer withdraws his tender before the said period or makes any modification in the Price Bid or terms and conditions of the tender, then, the purchaser, without prejudice to any other right or remedy will be at liberty to forfeit the Earnest Money Deposit.
5. Tenure of Contract: The work should be completed as per as per bill of quantities and scope of work within two (02) months from date issue of work order. Any requests for extension of time shall be initiated two weeks before the scheduled completion date citing the reasons for delay.
6. Contract Price: The rates quoted in the tender shall include all charges for clearing of site before commencement as well after completion, water, electric consumption meters, fencing, hoarding, plant and equipment, storage sheds, watching, and lighting, by night as well as day including, Sundays and holidays, temporary electric supply and plumbing work, etc., as occasion shall require or when ordered to do so, charges incurred for laboratory tests of materials and specimens and arranging for field testing as per the IS provisions and as instructed by the BRBNMPL representatives, and fully reinstate and make good all matters and things disturbed during the execution of work and to the satisfaction of the BRBNMPL . The rate quoted shall be deemed to be for the finished work to be measured at site. The rate quoted shall also be firm irrespective of any variation in quantities of items given in the schedule of items.
7. Submission of Tender: Please send your competitive bidding in sealed cover super scribed as ―Tender Document for Vacuum Dewatered Concrete Flooring in existing Warehouse Building for Ink Factory Project at BRBNMPL,Mysore against Tender Enquiry No. 112/MYS/IFP/2017-18 dated 01/02/2018 to reach us on or before 14. 30 hrs. on 14/02//2018 at BRBNMPL, Mysuru with the following two separate sealed covers:

a. The First sealed cover super scribed as Technical Bid (Part I) against Tender Enquiry No. 112/MYS/IFP/2017-18 dated 01/02/2018 should contain all the documents in support of Quality Control Requirements / Compliance statement by Tenderer Section VIII, Qualification / Eligibility criteria (Section IX) along with supporting documents, Section X: Tender Form, Section XII: Questionnaire, Section XIV: Manufacturer ‘s authorization form (if applicable), brochure and product details etc., of the item being offered. Cost of Tender Form and EMD amount. No information regarding price should be mentioned in Part I.
b. The second sealed cover super scribed as PRICE BID (part II) against Tender Enquiry No. 112/MYS/IFP/2017-18 dated 01/02/2018 should contain only Section XI – Price Schedule exactly

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VDC Flooring in existing Warehouse Building for Ink Factory Project at BRBNMPL,Mysore. as per proforma duly filled and signed.
c. Submission of tender shall be as under. Envelope – 1 containing Part-I Technical Bid & EMD. Envelope - 2 containing Part-II Commercial (Price) Bid.
Both the sealed envelopes should be put in a Third sealed cover super scribed with the name of the work and tender no. with due date of opening as mentioned in the tender form. d. BIDS submitted not in accordance with above guidelines will be liable to be rejected. e. If the sealed tenders are sent by post or courier service, the tenderers shall ensure that the tenders are
posted or dispatched sufficiently early so that the tenders are received by the BRBNMPL within the stipulated date and time. BRBNMPL will not be responsible for any delay in post or courier. If the tenders are to be delivered in person at the above address, the sealed tenders shall be deposited before the stipulated date and time, at the aforesaid office. BRBNMPL shall not accept responsibility for late receipt of tenders if delivered in person or sent by post or courier service. 8. Tenderers shall ensure that their tenders, duly sealed and signed, complete in all respects as per instructions contained in the Tender Documents, are dropped in the tender box located at the address given below on or before the closing date and time indicated in the Para 1 above, failing which the tenders will be treated as late and rejected. 9. In the event of any of last day of submission of tender is declared as a holiday/ closed day, the tenders will be received / opened on the next working day at the appointed time. 10. The tender documents are not transferable.
For and on behalf of BRBNMPL
(A. R. Hedge) Dy. General Manager
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VDC Flooring in existing Warehouse Building for Ink Factory Project at BRBNMPL,Mysore.

Section II: General Instructions to Tenderer
(GIT) For Part-I

(Complete details refer our website

Part I: General Instructions Applicable to all Types of Tenders



1. Introduction
1.1 Definitions and abbreviations, which have been used in these documents, shall have the meanings as indicated in GCC. 1.2 For sake of convenience, whole of this Standard Bidding Document (including all sections) is written in reference to Procurement of Goods Tenders. However this SBD would be utilized for all types of Tenders e.g. EOI, PQB, Rate Contract, Tenders involving Samples, Sale / Disposal of Scrap Material and Development / indigenization etc, Procurement of Services etc. Therefore the construction of all clauses are to be interpreted in the context of particular type of tender beyond the letter of the clause, read with the additional clauses for the specific type of tenders in Part II GIT/ GCC. 1.3 These tender documents have been issued for the requirements mentioned in Section - VI - "List of Requirements", which also indicates, inter-alia, the required delivery schedule and terms & place (i.e. destination) of delivery. 1.4 This section (Section II - "General Instruction to Tenderers" - GIT) provides the relevant information as well as instructions to assist the prospective tenderers in preparation and submission of tenders. It also includes the mode and procedure to be adopted for receipt and opening as well as scrutiny and evaluation of tenders and subsequent placement of contract. With this limited objective, GIT is not intended to be complete by itself and the rest of this document - SIT, GCC and SCC in particular may also be thoroughly studied before filling up the Tender Document. There would be certain topics covered in GIT/SIT as well as in GCC/ SCC from different perspectives. In case of any conflict between these, provisions of GCC/ SCC would prevail.
1.5 The tenderers shall also read the Special Instructions to Tenderers (SIT) related to this purchase, as contained in Section III of these documents and follow the same accordingly. Whenever there is a conflict between the GIT and the SIT, the provisions contained in the SIT shall prevail over those in the GIT.


Language of Tender

The tender submitted by the tenderer and all subsequent correspondence and documents relating to the tender exchanged between the tenderer and BRBNMPL, shall be written in English or Hindi language, unless otherwise specified in the Tender. However, the language of any printed literature furnished by the tenderer in connection with its tender may be written in any other language provided the same is accompanied by Hindi or English translation. For purposes of interpretation of the tender, the English translation shall prevail.


Eligible Tenderers

This invitation for tenders is open to all suppliers who fulfill the eligibility criteria specified in these documents. Please refer to Section IX: Qualification/ Eligibility Criteria


Eligible Goods and Services

All goods and related services to be supplied under the contract shall have their origin in India or other countries, subject to any restriction imposed in this regard in Section III (SIT). The term "origin" used in this clause means the place where the goods are mined, grown, produced or manufactured or from where the related services are arranged and supplied.


Tendering Expense

The tenderer shall bear all costs and expenditure incurred

and/ or to be incurred by it in connection with its tender

including preparation, mailing and submission of its tender

and for subsequent processing the same. BRBNMPL will, in

no case be responsible or liable for any such cost,

expenditure etc regardless of the conduct or outcome of the

tendering process.




Content of Tender Documents

6.1 The tender documents includes: as per list mentioned

at page 02 above.

6.2 The relevant details of the required goods and services,

the terms, conditions and procedure for tendering, tender

evaluation, placement of contract, the applicable contract

terms and, also, the standard formats to be used for this

purpose are incorporated in the above-mentioned

documents. The interested tenderers before formulating the

tender and submitting the same to BRBNMPL, should read

and examine all the terms, conditions, instructions etc.

contained in the tender documents. Failure to provide and/

or comply with the required information, instructions etc.

incorporated in these tender documents may result in

rejection of its tender.


Amendments to Tender Documents

7.1 At any time prior to the deadline for submission of

tenders, BRBNMPL may, for any reason deemed fit by it,

modify the tender documents by issuing suitable

amendments) to it.

7.2 Such an amendment will be notified in writing by

registered/ speed post or by fax / telex / e-mail, followed

by copy of the same by suitable recorded post to all

prospective tenderers, which have received the tender

documents and will be binding on them.

7.3 In order to provide reasonable time to the prospective

tenderers to take necessary action in preparing their tenders

as per the amendment, BRBNMPL may, at its discretion

extend the deadline for the submission of tenders and other

allied time frames, which are linked with that deadline.


Pre-Bid conference

If found necessary, a pre-bid conference may be stipulated in the SIT, for clarification/ amendment to Technical specifications/techno-commercial conditions in two bid tender.


Clarification of Tender Documents

A Tenderer requiring any clarification or elucidation on any issue of the tender documents may take up the same with BRBNMPL in writing or by fax ! e-mail! telex. BRBNMPL will respond in writing to such request provided the same is received by BRBNMPL not later than twenty one days (unless otherwise specified in the SIT) prior to the prescribed date of submission of tender. Copies of the query and clarification shall be sent to all prospective bidders who have received the bidding documents.




Documents Comprising the Tender

10.1 The tender to be submitted by Tenderer shall contain

the fallowing documents, duly filled in, as required:

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VDC Flooring in existing Warehouse Building for Ink Factory Project at BRBNMPL,Mysore.


Tender Form and Price Schedule along with list of

deviations (ref Clause 19.19.4) from the clauses of this SBD, if



Documentary evidence, as necessary in terms of GIT

clauses 3 and 16 establishing that the tenderer is eligible to

submit the tender and, also, qualified to perform the contract if

its tender is accepted.


Documents and relevant details to establish in

accordance with GIT clause 17 that the goods and the allied

services to be supplied by the tenderer conform to the

requirement of the tender documents along with list of

deviations if any (ref clause 17.17.3 of GIT).


Earnest money furnished in accordance with GIT

clause 18.18.1 alternatively, documentary evidence as per GIT

clause 18.18.2 for claiming exemption from payment of earnest

money. and


Questionnaire as per Section XII.


Manufacturer's Authorization Form (ref Section

XIV, if applicable

NB: The tenderers may also enclose in their tenders, technical

literature and other documents as and if considered necessary

by them.

10.2 A tender, that does not fulfill any of the above

requirements and / or gives evasive information / reply

against any such requirement, shall be liable to be ignored and


10.3 Tender sent by fax/email/ telex/ cable shall be ignored.


Tender currencies

11.1 Unless otherwise specified, the tenderer shall quote only

in Indian rupees.

11.2 Where the tender condition specifies acceptance of

quotations in different currencies, then, for domestic goods,

prices shall be quoted in Indian rupees only and for imported

goods, prices shall be quoted either in Indian rupees or in the

currency stipulated in the SIT, mentioning, inter-alia, the

exchange rate adopted for converting foreign currency into

Indian Rupees. As regards price(s) for allied services, if any

required with the goods, the same shall be quoted in Indian

Rupees if such services are to be performed / undertaken in

India. Commission for Indian Agent, if any and if payable

shall be indicated in the space provided for in the price

schedule and quoted in Indian Rupees only,

11.3 Tenders, where prices are quoted in any other way shall

be treated as unresponsive and rejected.


Tender Prices

12.1 The Tenderer shall indicate on the Price Schedule

provided under Section XI all the specified components of

prices shown therein including the unit prices and total tender

prices of the goods and services it proposes to supply against

the requirement. All the columns shown in the price schedule

should be filled up as required. If any column does not apply

to a tenderer, same should be clarified accordingly by the


12.2 If there is more than one schedule in the List of

Requirements, the tenderer has the option to submit its

quotation for any one or more schedules and, also, to offer

special discount for combined schedules. However, while

quoting for a schedule, the tenderer shall quote for the

complete requirement of goods and services as specified in

that particular schedule.

12.3 The quoted prices for goods offered from within India

and that for goods offered from abroad are to be indicated

separately in the applicable Price Schedules attached under

Section Xl.

12.4 While filling up the columns of the price schedule, the

following aspects should be noted for compliance:

12.5 For goods offered from within India, the prices in the corresponding price schedule shall be entered separately in the following manner:


The price of the goods, quoted ex-factory, ex-

showroom, ex-warehouse or off-the-shelf, as applicable,

including all taxes and duties like sales tax, VAT, custom

duty, excise duty etc. already paid or payable on the

components and raw material used in the manufacture or

assembly of the goods quoted ex-factory etc or on the

previously imported goods of foreign origin quoted ex-

showroom etc.


Any sales or other taxes and any duties including

excise duty, which will be payable on the goods in India if

the contract is awarded.


Charges towards inland transportation, insurance

and other local costs incidental to delivery of the goods to

their final destination as specified in the List of

Requirements and


The price of incidental services, as and if

mentioned in List of Requirements.

12.6 For goods offered from abroad, the prices in the

corresponding price schedule shall be entered separately in

the following manner:


The price of goods quoted FAS / FOB port of

shipment, CIF port of entry in India or CIF specified place

of destination in India as indicated in the List of



Wherever applicable, the amount of custom duty

and import duty on the goods to be imported.


The charges for inland transportation, insurance

and other local costs incidental to delivery of the goods

from the port of entry in India to their final destination, as

specified in the List of Requirements. and


The charges for incidental services, as and if

mentioned in the List of Requirements.


Additional information and instruction on

Duties and Taxes:

If the Tenderer desires to ask for excise duty, sales tax, custom duty etc. to be paid extra, the same must be specifically stated. In the absence of any such stipulation the price will be taken inclusive of such duties and taxes and no claim for the same will be entertained later.


Excise Duty:


If reimbursement of excise

duty is intended as extra over the quoted prices, the

supplier must specifically say so also indicating the rate,

quantum and nature of the duty applicable. In the absence

of any such stipulation it will be presumed that the prices

quoted are firm and final and no claim on account of excise

duty will be entertained after the opening of tenders.

b) If a Tenderer chooses to quote a price inclusive of excise

duty and also desires to be reimbursed for variation, if any,

in the excise duty during the time of supply, the tenderer

must clearly mention the same and also indicate the rate

and quantum of excise duty included in its price. Failure to

indicate all such details in clear terms may result in

statutory variations being denied to the tenderer.


Subject to sub clauses 12.8 {a)

& (b) above, any change in excise duty upward/ downward

as a result of any statutory variation in excise duty taking

place within original Delivery Period shall be allowed to the

extent of actual quantum of excise duly paid by the

supplier. In case of downward revision in excise duty, the

actual quantum of reduction of excise duty shall be

reimbursed to BRBNMPL by the supplier. All such

adjustments shall include all reliefs, exemptions, rebates,

concession etc. if any obtained by the supplier.


Sales Tax/ VAT/ CST/ GST:

If a tenderer asks for sales tax/ VAT/ CST/ GST to be paid

extra, the rate and nature of such taxes applicable should be

shown separately. Such taxes will be pad as per the rate at

which it is liable to be assessed or has actually been

assessed provided the transaction of sale is legally liable to

such taxes and is payable as per the terms of the contract.

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VDC Flooring in existing Warehouse Building for Ink Factory Project at BRBNMPL,Mysore.


Wherever Value Added Tax is applicable, the

following may be noted :


The tenderer should quote the exact

percentage of VAT that they will be charging extra.


While quoting the rates, tenderer

should pass on (by way of reduction in prices) the set off/input

tax credit that would become available to them by switching

over to the system of VAT from the existing

system of sales tax, duly stating the quantum of such credit

per unit of the item quoted for.

iii) The tenderer while quoting for tenders should give the

following declaration:

―We agree to pass on such additional set off/input tax credit

as may become available in future in respect of all the inputs

used in the manufacture of the final product on the date of

supply under the VAT scheme by way of reduction in price

and advise the purchaser accordingly."


The supplier while claiming the payment shall

furnish the following certificate to the paying authorities: We

hereby declare that additional set offs / input tax credit to the

tune of Rs…….. has accrued and accordingly the same is being

passed on to the purchaser and to that effect the payable

amount may be adjusted .

12.11 Octroi and Local Taxes: Unless otherwise stated in the SIT, the goods supplied against contracts placed by BRBNMPL are not exempted from levy of Town Duty, Octroi Duty, Terminal Tax and other Levies of local bodies. In such cases, the supplier should make the payment to avoid delay in supplies and forward the receipt of the same to the purchasing department for reimbursement and, also, for further necessary action. In cases where exemption is available, suppliers should obtain the exemption certificate from the purchasing department to avoid payment of such levies and taxes.
12.12 Duties/ Taxes on Raw Materials BRBNMPL is not liable for any claim from the supplier on account of fresh imposition and / or increase (including statutory increase) of excise duty, custom duty, sales tax etc. on raw materials and/or components used directly in the manufacture of the contracted goods taking place during the pendency of the contract, unless such liability is specifically agreed to in terms of the contract.
12.13 Imported Stores not liable to Above-mentioned Taxes and Duties: Above mentioned Taxes and Duties are not leviable on imported Goods and hence would not be reimbursed.
12.14 Customs Duty: In respect of imported stores offered from abroad, the tenderer shall specify the rate as well as the total amount of customs duty payable. The tenderer shall also indicate the corresponding Indian Customs Tariff Number applicable for the goods in question. 12.14.1. For transportation of imported goods offered from abroad, relevant instructions as incorporated under GCC Clause 11 shall be followed. 12.14.2. For insurance of goods to be supplied, relevant instructions as provided under GCC Clause 12 shall be followed. 12.14.3. Unless otherwise specifically indicated in this tender document, the terms FOB, FAS, CIF etc. for imported goods offered from abroad, shall be governed by the rules & regulations prescribed in the current edition of INCOTERMS, published by the International Chamber of Commerce, Paris 12.14.4. The need for indication of all such price components by the tenderers, as required in this clause (viz., GIT clause 12) is for the purpose of comparison of the tenders by BRBNMPL and will no way restrict BRBNMPL's right to award the contract on the selected tenderer on any of the terms offered.


Indian Agent

If a foreign tenderer has engaged an agent in India in

connection with its tender, the foreign tenderer, in addition

to indicating Indian agent's commission, if any, in a

manner described under GIT sub clause 11.2 above, shall

also furnish the following information:


The complete name and address of the Indian

Agent and its permanent income tax account number as

allotted by the Indian Income Tax authority.


The details of the services to be rendered by the

agent for the subject requirement

One manufacturer can authorize only one agent/ dealer.

Also one agent cannot represent more than one supplier or

quote on their behalf in a particular tender enquiry. Such

quote is likely to be rejected. There can be only one bid from


The principal manufacturer directly or

one Indian agent on his behalf


The foreign principal or any of its

branch/ division


Indian/ Foreign Agent on behalf of

only one Principal.


Firm Price / Variable Price

14.1 Unless otherwise specified in the SIT, prices quoted by

the tenderer shall remain firm and fixed during the

currency of the contract and not subject to variation on any


14.2 In case the tender documents require offers on variable

price basis, the price quoted by the tenderers will be subject

to adjustment during original Delivery Period to take care

of the changes in the cost of labour and material

components in accordance with the price variation formula

to be specified in the SIT. If a tenderer submits firm price

quotation against the requirement of variable price

quotation, that tender will be prima-facie acceptable and

considered further, taking price variation asked for by the

tenderer as zero.

14.3 However, as regards taxes and duties, if any,

chargeable on the goods and payable, the conditions

stipulated in GIT clause 12 will apply for both firm price

tender and variable price tender.

14.4 Subject to provisions of Clause 11 above, where prices

are quoted in foreign currencies, involving imports -

Foreign Exchange Rate Variation (ERV) would be borne by

the Purchaser within the original Delivery Period. The offer

of the Tenderer should indicate import content and the

currency used for calculating import content.

14.5 Base Exchange rate of each major currency used for

calculating FE content of the contract should be indicated.

The base date of ERV would be contract date and variation

on the base date can be given up to the midpoint

manufacture, unless firm has already indicated the time

schedule within which material will be imported by the


14.6 In case delivery period is refixed/ extended, ERV will

not be admissible, if this is due to default of the supplier.


Documents for claiming ERV:


A bill of ERV claim enclosing working sheet


Banker's Certificate/debit advice detailing F.E.

paid and exchange rate


Copies of import order placed on supplier


Invoice of supplier for the relevant import order


Alternative Tenders

Unless otherwise specified in the Schedule of Requirements,

alternative tenders shall not be considered.


Documents Establishing Tenderer's Eligibility

and Qualifications

16.1 Pursuant to GIT clause 10, the tenderer shall furnish, as

part of its tender, relevant details and documents

establishing its eligibility to quote and its qualifications to

perform the contract if its tender is accepted.

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VDC Flooring in existing Warehouse Building for Ink Factory Project at BRBNMPL,Mysore.

16.2 The documentary evidence needed to establish the

tenderer's qualifications shall fulfill the following



In case the tenderer offers to supply goods, which

are manufactured by some other firm, the tenderer has been

duly authorized by the goods manufacturer to quote for and

supply the goods to BRBNMPL. The tenderer shall submit the

manufacturer's authorization letter to this effect as per the

standard form provided under Section XIV in this document.


The tenderer has the required financial, technical

and production capability necessary to perform the contract

and, further, it meets the qualification criteria incorporated in

the Section IX in these documents.


In case the tenderer is not doing business in India, it

is/ will be duly represented by an agent stationed in India

fully equipped and able to carry out the required contractual

functions and duties of the supplier including after sale

service, maintenance & repair etc. of the goods in question,

stocking of spare parts and fast moving components and other

obligations, if any, specified in the conditions of contract and/

or technical specifications.


In case the tenderer is an Indian agent quoting on

behalf of a foreign manufacturer, the Indian agent is already

enlisted under the Compulsory Enlistment Scheme of Ministry

of Finance, Govt. of India, operated through Directorate

General of Supplies & Disposals (DGS&D), New Delhi.


Documents establishing Good's Conformity to

Tender document

17.1 The tenderer shall provide in its tender the required as

well as the relevant documents like technical data, literature,

drawings etc. to establish that the goods and services offered

in the tender fully conform to the goods and services specified

by BRBNMPL in the tender documents. For this purpose the

tenderer shall also provide a clause-by-clause commentary on

the technical specifications and other technical details

incorporated by BRBNMPL in the tender documents to

establish technical responsiveness of the goods and services

offered in its tender.

17.2 In case there is any variation and/ or deviation between

the goods & services prescribed by BRBNMPL and that

offered by the tenderer, the tenderer shall list out the same in a

chart form without ambiguity along with justification, and

provide the same along with its tender.

17.3 If a tenderer furnishes wrong and/ or misguiding data,

statement(s) etc. about technical acceptability of the goods and

services offered by it, its tender will be liable to be ignored

and rejected in addition to other remedies available to

BRBNMPL in this regard.


Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)

18.1 Pursuant to GIT clause 10.1(d) the tenderer shall furnish

along with its tender, earnest money for amount as shown in

the List of Requirements. The earnest money is required to

protect BRBNMPL against the risk of the Tenderers

unwarranted conduct as amplified under sub-clause 23.23.2


18.2 The tenderers who are currently registered and, also, will

continue to remain registered during the tender validity

period with DGS&D or with National Small Industries

Corporation, New Delhi are exempted from payment of

earnest money. In case the tenderer falls in these categories, it

should furnish certified copy of its valid registration details

(with DGS&D or NSIC as the case may be).

18.3 The earnest money shall be denominated in Indian


18.4 The earnest money shall be furnished in one of the

following forms:


Account Payee Demand Draft or


Fixed Deposit Receipt or


Banker's cheque or


Bank Guarantee, only in the case of Global


The demand draft, fixed deposit receipt or banker's cheque

shall be drawn on any scheduled commercial bank in India, in

favour of Account specified in the Clause 3 of NIT. in case of bank guarantee, the same is to be provided from/confirmed by any scheduled commercial bank in India as per the format specified under Section XIII in these documents. 18.5 The earnest money shall be valid for a period of forty five days beyond the validity period of the tender. 18.6 Unsuccessful tenderers' earnest monies will be returned to them without any interest, after expiry of the tender validity period, but not later than thirty days after conclusion of the resultant contract. Successful Tenderer’s earnest money will be returned without any interest, after receipt of performance security from that tenderer.
18.7 Earnest money of a tenderer will be forfeited, if the tenderer withdraws or amends its tender or impairs or derogates from the tender in any respect within the period of validity of its tender. The successful tenderer's earnest money will be forfeited if it fails to furnish the required performance security within the specified period.


Tender Validity

19.1 If not mentioned otherwise in the SIT, the tenders shall

remain valid for acceptance for a period of 90 days (Ninety

days) in case of single bid tender system and 120 days in

case of two-bid system after the date of tender opening

prescribed in the tender document. Any tender valid for a

shorter period shall be treated as unresponsive and rejected.

19.2 In exceptional cases, the tenderers may be requested by BRBNMPL to extend the validity of their tenders upto a specified period. Such request(s) and responses thereto shall be conveyed by surface mail or by fax /email /telex /cable followed by surface mail. The tenderers, who agree to extend the tender validity, are to extend the same without any change or modification of their original tender and they are also to extend the validity period of the EMD accordingly. 19.3 In case the day up to which the tenders are to remain valid falls on/ subsequently declared a holiday or closed day for BRBNMPL, the tender validity shall automatically be extended up to the next working day.
19.4 Compliance with the Clauses of this Tender Document: Tenderer must comply with all the clauses of this Tender Document. In case there are any deviations, these should be listed in a chart form without any ambiguity along with justification.


Signing and Sealing of Tender

20.1 An authenticated copy of the document which

authorizes the signatory to commit on behalf of the firm

shall accompany the offer. The individual signing the

tender or any other documents connected therewith should

clearly indicate his full name and designation and also

specify whether he is signing,


As Sole Proprietor of the concern or as attorney of

the Sole Proprietor;


As Partner (s) of the firm;


as Director, Manager or Secretary in case the of

Limited Company duly authorized by a resolution passed

by the Board of Directors or in pursuance of the Authority

conferred by Memorandum of Association.

20.2 The authorized signatory of the tenderer must sign the

tender at appropriate places and initial the remaining pages

of the tender.

20.3 The tenderers shall submit their tenders as per the

instructions contained in G1T Clause

20.4 Unless otherwise mentioned in the SIT, a tenderer shall

submit two copies of its tender marking them as "Original"

and "Duplicate".

20.5 The original and other copies of the tender shall either

be typed or written in indelible ink and the same shall be

signed by the tenderer or by a person(s) who has been duly

authorized to bind the tenderer to the contract. The letter of

authorization shall be by a written power of attorney,

which shall also be furnished along with the tender.

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