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Prajapita Brahma Baba Life Story
World remembers him as Aadi Dev (first deity) or Adam, as written in many texts. In Vedas, Brahma is described as the creator of the world. We now understand that through Brahma, the incorporeal God (Shiva) creates the new world. On this official biography, you will learn on how simple and serving the life of Brahma baba was, from the beginning as it is told by elder Dadis, came in Murlis and revealed from the letters.
Background and Childhood
His loukik name was Lekhraj, who was born on 15 December 1876 in Sindh, Hyderabad (in present Pakistan) to father Khubchand Kriplani, a head-master in a village school. When mother passed in his early childhood, Lekhraj's interest towards devotion grown. After his father passed, Lekhraj started working at his uncle's grocery shop. Leaving the village he went to Bombay (Mumbai) to learn diamond polishing. With time and hard work, he could open his own jewellery shops ad went on to become a famous diamond merchant.
As written on history page, it was during mid-1936 that Dada Lekhraj started receiving visions from God. He was a strong devotee of Vishnu (a Hindu deity). Upon divine inspirations, he started a day boarding school for local children where he would sit and explain spiritual versions of Geeta along with the regular subjects. It started with an explanation of true God of Geeta being the incorporeal God Shiv, and not Shri Krishna (a deity in Satyug). The name 'Brahma' was not yet given, nor the name 'Shiv' was known. Further, upon divine inspirations, Dada Lekhraj surrendered all his wealth to a trust made of five surrendered mothers and unmarried girls (kumaris). Here was the beginning of a divine journey. Dada, along with the group of 282 people, came and settled in Karachi

(Pakistan) and they spent 14 years in Tapasya (penance). It was around 1948 that Dada Lekhraj was given the name 'Brahma baba' during murli classes. Please watch the Full video, telling from the early story to what happens around 1936 and the creation of the 'Om Mandli' available on our website and on YouTube.
In 1950s, services grown across India as new centres opened in many states. BaapDada's letters were a guide for angels living at centres around India.
Personality and Virtues
Brahma baba, as named in 1948, was a special soul who played the most special part as a human being. He becomes the medium for God to impart the true knowledge (Murli) and to create the new world. Such special soul had an un-matching virtue of Tyaag (renunciation). Whether it is material wealth, fame, or comforts, Brahma baba renounced everything upon Shiv baba's directions.
''His personality was very royal'', often remembered by many Dadis (elder BKs) who lived with him. Whenever someone visits him, he would give something to them and would ask them about their likes and dislikes, to make a personal connection. Baba's royalty was shining on the face. He had an intoxication of the future birth as Krishna in the new world. This was incognito and thus baba remains free from ego. Living the simplest life possible, Brahma baba showed the path of God to many and his virtues are remembered in the hearts of those who witnessed him.
Being the world father, Brahma baba was full of mercy. Baba didn't have sleep for some nights when he used to get letters from children who are in pain. Brahma baba would awake whole night and give Sakaash to them to make them powerful. Brahma baba faced many problems in Yagya having undivided faith in God (Shiv Baba) and following his directions, and also inspiring others to do the same.
Responsible and Loving
When Mamma became Avyakt in 1965, responsibilities on Brahma baba increased. On the other hand, new centres were opened which needed to be taken care of. Letters of children use to come every day. BapDada will respond to them. There was never any time

to waste. Brahma baba's daily life was so busy, and yet he was always open for meeting and greeting. His loving and caring nature is remembered by senior BKs a video documentary titled: “God’s Letters (English)”, which you can search on google.
In the last days, baba started becoming detached from his responsibilities. Distributing tasks to elder Dadis, baba stayed in Madhuban for the last one year for intense meditation (Tapasya). In January 1969, baba reached his complete angelic stage (which we call 'Karmateet') and left the corporeal world. He fulfilled his task in the corporeal world and thus joined the incorporeal father (Shiv Baba) in the task of establishment of the Golden age. BaapDada (a combined form of incorporeal Godfather Shiv, and first human being Brahma) continued to speak Murli (through their chariot Dadi Gulzar) to enhance the spiritual stage of children and speed up the task of establishment. Thus we understand that Brahma baba is now playing a part in the subtle world.
Brahma baba (Prajapita) has left footprints on which today millions of people have walked in the pathway to self-realisation and an ideal way of spiritual living as directed and taught by the incorporeal god, the supreme soul, Shiv Baba.
"Nirvikari, Nirahankari, Nirakari" (Be Viceless, Egoless, Formless) ~ were
the last words of Brahma Baba
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Prajapita Brahma Baba Life Story