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Social Science and Science.
(ii) There will be only one paper of Admission test of 3 Hours duration & 100 marks comprising Hindi, English, Maths, Social Science and Science each of 20 marks.
(iii) Candidates must secure 33% marks in aggregate to qualify. Students belonging to SC/ST/Divyang category (PH) will be eligible for admission on securing 25% in aggregate.
KV Students:
Admission in different streams viz Science, Commerce, Humanities of Class XI in KVs for KV students will be based on aggregate marks scored in class X exams as under:
(i) Science Stream: A minimum of 60% Marks in aggregate of all subjects. (ii) Commerce: A minimum of 55% Marks in aggregate of all subjects. (iii) Humanities Stream: All students of KV if declared successful in class X exam
Note: If seats remain vacant in class XI even after admitting the children of KV/ neighboring KVs then the admissions to non - KV children may be granted on the same criteria, in the sequence of categories of priority.
However, there could be instances of lower enrolment in Class XI in some KVs, especially those located in hard stations and remote areas after applying the above criteria for admission. In such an eventuality, Principal of the KV concerned should send the proposal of lowering the eligibility criteria for various streams along with the details of registration, No. of eligible students, etc. to the Deputy Commissioner of the region. The Deputy Commissioner may use her/his discretion in lowering the eligibility criteria to the extent as indicated below.
Concessions wherever applicable shall be incorporated while preparing the Merit List.
a. In case of two or more candidates obtaining equal marks in aggregate of all subjects, the inter-se merit of such candidates may be determined as follows:
(i) Candidates obtaining higher marks in Maths will get precedence in admission.
(ii) If two or more candidates have got the same marks in Maths, then the candidates securing higher marks in Maths and Science taken together will get precedence over the others.
(iii) In case of a tie between two or more candidates obtaining same marks in Maths and science taken together, the student older in age as per the D.O.B will be given precedence over the other.
b. Principal may admit non-KV children to class XI only upto the permitted class strength (40). In case of KV Children, normally the class strength be restricted to 55. However, to accommodate the eligible KV students over 55, efforts 18

should be initiated to open additional sections.

c. A student who was earlier not found eligible for admission to a particular stream may be allowed fresh admission to a particular stream in class XI in the next academic session, if he/she improves his/her performance within one year from the same Board.

Note: Informatics Practices as an elective subject is offered to all streams. Admission to this would be granted as per the combined merit list. Computer Science / BioTechnology, wherever available as an elective subject, is to be offered to students of Science Stream and admission would be granted as per combined merit list. Multimedia & Web- Designing Technology (wherever available) as elective subject may be offered to students of all the streams (Commerce, Humanities & Science) as per combined merit list.



The following concession will be granted to students for admission who

participated in Games & Sports meet/Scouting & Guiding/NCC/Adventure activities

at various levels. The certificate needed for this purpose can be of any of the preceding



Sports &




Scouting/ Guiding

Adventure Activities

a. Participation at ‘A’ certificate and Rashtrapati



participation in Puraskar award

equivalent level. Republic/PM Rally certificate

b. Participation at ‘A’ certificate and Rajya Puruskar NIL

KVS National/ best Cadet in award certificate

State level.

Distt/State level with 07 proficiency


c. Participation at ‘A’ certificate KVS Regional/ District Level

Tritiya Sopan certificate with 05 proficiency badges

Participation in at least One 10 days adventure activity

Concession of marks for
admission 6% Marks in aggregate
4% Marks in aggregate
2% Marks in aggregate

(B) Students belonging to SC/ST/OBC/ Divyang (PH) would be given up-gradation in aggregate by 4% Marks for the purpose of admission to class XI.
Note: Maximum concession under Sports/Games/NCC/Scout/Guide/Adventure will not exceed 6% Marks in aggregate. In case of eligibility for more than one concession under different categories as mentioned at (A) and (B) above, only one concession having maximum advantage to the candidate will be allowed. (The same benefit may be extended to non-KV Students for fresh admission in KVs.)


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Social Science and Science