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Shift Allowance User Manual
Capgemini, India June 2021
Version 9.0

Shift Allowance User Manual | Version 9.0

Document Information

Version 1.0

Date July ‘18

1.1 April ‘18


October ‘18

Updated By Rameshwari Bhujbal


Changes applied

Added ● Employees as well as approver access and process flow with screenshots.

Smita Banerjee Alethea Richard

Updated ● Dates for employee as well as approver to enter or update shift details. ● New Shift Allowance amount. Removed ● Shift Policy: To know more about Shift Policy, added the link to Employee Handbook.
Updated ● Updating the User manual as per the new shift allowance application modules


January ‘19

Alethea Richard Updated document based on the shift policy changes


August ‘19

Alethea Richard Updated the application logo – Rebranding activity


Updated document with the Hard Control implementations and



Alethea Richard integration with Empulse application

Added ● Extending the application to NON FS BSV



April ‘20

Alethea Richard


● Approval process – only one level of approval would be there

● Report view





April ‘21


July ‘21

Ninad Sane Ninad Sane Ninad Sane

Added: ● Extending the application for BSv employees
Updated: ● New report for BSv
Added: ● New policy effective 1st May 2021 ● Updated shift definition and allowance for NON BSv ● Updated Shift allowance for BSv Added: ● New process effective 1st July 2021 ● Shift and OnCall feature ● Attendance regularization feature

Updated: ● New UI/UX

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Document Name
Shift Allowance User Manual

Controlled By Name: Ninad Sane Role: Product Owner E-mail: [email protected]

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Shift Allowance User Manual | Version 9.0
Table of Contents
1. Introduction 1.1 Overview
2. Shift Allowance Process Flow 2.1 Workflow 2.2 Shift process for Employee 2.3 For Supervisor 2.4 For Project Manager 2.5 Reopen Shift Claim
3. Reports
4. Delegate

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Shift Allowance User Manual | Version 9.0
1 Introduction
Shift Allowance is an internal application used within Capgemini (India) by its employees to claim the shift/oncall allowance. Employees are eligible for the shift allowance only when they work in shifts, apart from the defined working hours. The amount of compensation is based on the type of employment and also the type of shift worked in. Employees are also eligible for OnCall allowance when they work for extra hours apart from the working hours and also when the work on weekends. Application admins and supervisors have the access to roster Shift and Oncall to any employee in the application.
1.1 Overview
Shift allowance application can be accessed from:  iConnect → Application Section → Finance → Shift Allowance  IndiaAppsPortal → Finance → Shift Allowance application  Shift allowance application (
Shift Allowance application is best viewed in IE11 and Google Chrome. Following screenshot illustrates the Home Page view of the Shift Allowance application

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Shift Allowance User Manual | Version 9.0
2 Shift Allowance Process Flow
This chapter provides detailed information on Shift Allowance Process flow for an Employee and Project Manager.
2.1 Workflow
 The system pulls − the Empulse details like Swipe information to Shift application − the LMS details like Employee vacation, tagged holiday.
 In Shift allowance application the month roster is pre filled with the details from LMS  Employee, if working from home will mark manual attendance in the Shift application  Employee will select the project code task code information and submit for shift.  Following validations are done before submitting the shift request
− Is shift roster available,  Yes, then shift request can be raised against the tagged shift only  No, then On-call shift request can be raised if rostered (Only applicable for NON FS BSV and FS).
− Is Swipe information is available from Empulse or from the manual attendance in Shift application
 Yes, then check further validations  No, then don’t allow submitting shift
− Is the shift standard timings and the employees in-out timings are within +- 1 hr buffer limit
 Yes, then check further validation  No, then don’t allow submitting shift
− If the difference between swipe in and swipe out greater than 8.30 hrs
 Yes, then allow submitting shift
 No, then don’t allow submitting the shift.  Once shift is submitted, the request is sent to Supervisor and then to the Project manager for
 Supervisor and Project Manager can perform following action
− Approve → the request is ready to be sent to PICS application for payment processing − Reject → the request is rejected and the roster is available for the employee for refilling it
 On 15th of every month, the closed and approved requests is sent to PICS for payment processing. Hence all the approvals should be in place before 15th of every month

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Shift Allowance User Manual | Version 9.0
2.2 Shift process for Employee
Following is the Shift Allowance process flow for an Employee: 1. Employees are allowed to enter shift details for previous three months.
The following snapshot shows the Shift/Oncall Allowance Roster:
2. Current month shift roaster would not be visible for shift entry. However, for employee who are serving notice period would be able to enter shift for the last working month until last working date.
3. Supervisor can roster his/her direct reports for shift, the same information would be pre-populated in Shift allowance application.
4. Employees working from home are mandated to regularize their attendance in the Shift application as per the rostering done by the supervisor
Non FS BSv and FS shift timings: Till 30th April 2021:

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Shift Allowance User Manual | Version 9.0 Effective 1st May 2021:
BSv shift timings: Till 30th April 2021:

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Shift Allowance User Manual | Version 9.0 Effective 1st May 2021:

5. In Non FS BSv and FS, On call allowance can be applied for employee in Shift allowance application, On call shift type applied on Weekday would be termed as OnCA and On call shift type applied on Weekend would be OnCH and the allowance differs for both. (On Call policy is not available for BSv employees in this tool)

For e.g. if the employee is on call, outside his regular working hours and on weekday, it is called On Call: Weekday. But if the employee is on call and on weekend, it is called On Call: Weekend/Holiday.
6. Employee can apply for shift request on expired project codes and task codes which were expired in past 45 days from current date.
7. In NON FS BSV and FS, employees would be able to enter shift details only against those project codes to which he/she is allocated to during that month. In BSv, project tagging is not mandatory, employee can choose the respective project by entering the project code in the project detail box.
8. Employee would be able to submit manual attendance, if…
a) Shift roster has to be available : It is imperative to have a Shift rostered in advance by the Supervisor
b) Manual attendance can be submitted from the following screen under Attendance Menu

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Shift Allowance User Manual | Version 9.0

9. Employee would be able to submit shift details successfully, if…

c) Shift roster has to be available ; it is imperative for the Supervisor to roster his/her direct reports in the Shift application for them to apply request for shift allowance in application.
d) Employee’s swipe information has to be available from Empulse application for the available months in Shift allowance application.
e) Employee’s manual attendance has to be approved (if working from home) for the available months in the Shift allowance application.
f) The rostered shift timing and the employee swipe information should match, allowed limit is +- 1 hour.
g) Employee has completed at least 8.5 hrs for the day [difference between swipe-in and swipe-out is 8.5 hrs].
h) The project code is active.

10. Employee can enter/edit shift details day wise, by clicking the day for the month.

icon against each

a) NON FS BSv and FS: On clicking the , enter icon, a pop-up appears, where the employee is required to select the Project Code, and the respective Task Code.
BSv: On clicking the , enter icon, a pop-up appears, where the employee has to enter the project code and the same would appear in the drop down list and have to select the respective Task Code.

b) Upon entering the details, Employee can either save the Shift details, by clicking the ‘Update’ button or click ‘Close’ button, in order to discard the changes.

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Shift Allowance User Manual | Version 9.0

c) On click of ‘Save’ button, the Shift detail for that particular day is saved and Shift roster displays the details of the shift for that day
The following screenshot illustrates the same:

d) Employee can similarly fill up Shift details for the days they have worked on the shift. e) Employee can directly delete shift details by clicking the delete icon on the Shift roster.
11. Separate approval request is generated for shift details entered under each project code for a month. E.g., in a particular month associate enters shift details under two projects – “Project A” and “Project B”, in such a case two requests will be generated for approval.
12. Upon entering the shift details, employees can Save, Submit or Reset the form
a) Save: On clicking the button, the shift details are saved only, and following message is displayed

b) Submit: Once the button is clicked, the Shift Roster would be available for edit for the month until supervisor approves the request. Upon submission, it goes to Supervisor and then to Project Manager’s queue for approval. The following snapshot shows the confirmation message which gets displayed when an employee submits the Shift Roster form.

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Shift Allowance User Manual