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MI6 – The British Secret Intelligence Service Task 1 – Missing words Can you write the missing word in the circle?




_ _ _

Secret Identity

Invisible Ink

Task 2 – Quiz What do you know about the world of spying? Do the quiz.
Spy Quiz 1. A double agent is: a) A spy who has two names b) A spy who secretly works for two countries c) Two agents who are identical twins
2. You can make invisible ink from: a) Lemon juice b) Blood c) Nail varnish

3. James Bond was: a) a real spy b) A fictional spy c) A writer
4. How many Bond films are there? a) 23 b) 51 c) 7
5. Which one of these organisations is British? a) KGB b) CIA c) MI6
Task 3 – MI6: Read
Read the text and write the headings in the correct place.
a. How old is MI6? b. MI6 Agents c. MI6 online d. Secret Missions e. What is MI6?
You might have heard of MI6 through the man known as 007. James Bond doesn’t exist of course, but what about MI6?
1 ___________
MI6 is very real. It is an organisation that recruits agents who collect ‘human intelligence’, or information, from countries around the world in order to protect the security of the UK. The official name for MI6 is the Secret Intelligence Service, or SIS.
2 ___________
MI6 has recently celebrated its 100th anniversary. The agency started life in a small rented office

in London in 1909 but it wasn’t officially recognised by the British government until 1995!
3 ___________
The agency has its present headquarters in a huge building at Vauxhall Cross on the banks of the river Thames. The building is shown in a recent James Bond film The World Is Not Enough. In the film, a bomb, hidden in a suitcase full of money, explodes inside the MI6 headquarters.
4 ___________
The first chief of MI6 was Sir Mansfield Cumming. He always signed his name as ‘C’ in green ink. This tradition is continued today by Sir John Scarlett, the present chief, who also signs documents with a green ‘C’. John le Carré, famous for his spy novels, is a former MI6 agent. He changed his name from David John Moore Cornwell because agents weren’t allowed to publish books under their own names.
5 ___________
During the Second World War (1939-1945), MI6 communicated with agents through coded radio messages broadcast on the BBC. MI6 was also involved in the work of the code breakers who collected important enemy information at Bletchley Park in the south of England. Modern computers didn’t exist at that time and the code breakers had to use huge noisy machines to help them break the codes.
6 _________
MI6 now has an official website where anyone can learn about its history, read a glossary of Secret Intelligence Service words, have a virtual tour or even apply for a job.
Task 4 – False information
Sentences 1-5 contain false information. Correct the information with a partner then read the text again to check your answers.
1 The Secret Intelligence Section is MI6’s real name.
2 The British government officially recognised MI6 100 years ago.
3 The present chief of MI6 signs documents with his name in green ink.
4 MI6 sent coded messages to the enemy during the Second World War.
5 Only agents can access the MI6 website.

Task 5 – Secret Agent Identity Card Your teacher will give you a Special agent identity card with some missing information. Your partner has the information that you need to complete your card. Ask questions about the agent to complete your card. Don’t let your partner see your card!
Task 6 – Secret codes Can you decode these secret messages? Work with a partner. Ask your teacher for help.
1) WHE CIRST OETTER PF KACH EORD JS ZRONG ____________________________________________________________________ 2) THS MSSG LKS VRY STRNG ____________________________________________________________________ 3) TLUCIFFID SI SDRAWKCAB GNITIRW ___________________________________________________________________ 4) 23,8,1,20 9,19 25,15,21,18 14,1,13,5? _____________________________________________________________________
With a partner, write another secret coded message here: ____________________________________________________________________
Task 7 – Discussion Discuss these questions:
• What are pros and cons of being a spy? • Do you know any famous spy stories from your country? • Is James bond a realistic spy? Why/ Why not? • Would you spy for your country? Why?/ Why not?

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The British Secret Intelligence Service Student Worksheet