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Completing Your Timesheet
There are 14 important steps that you and your provider need to follow to correctly complete and submit a timesheet to avoid payment delays.
1. As the provider, make sure you and your recipient are clear on how many hours you worked before you sign the timesheet. If you do not agree with the number of hours you actually worked, do not sign the timesheet.
2. You may only enter time spent doing authorized services that you specifically worked. You will receive a letter from your county IHSS office explaining your recipient’s authorized services for the entire month. This letter is called the IHSS Provider Notification. Remember, you will not be paid more than the number of hours authorized for your recipient. If you also provide care for additional IHSS recipients, you will need to fill out and submit a separate timesheet for each recipient.
3. Do not write over preprinted information or alter the timesheet in any way, including changing pay periods, dates, names, remaining hours, or folding the timesheet.
4. You must only use black ink when filling out your timesheet. Some examples of things you cannot use are a pencil, red ink, or blue ink. You also cannot use correction tape or fluid to fix an entry. If you make a mistake, you should neatly cross out what is wrong, and neatly enter the correct information.
5. Timesheets are only valid for the person and pay period listed. Do not cross out or change the names or pay periods in the boxes at the top of the timesheet. Do not write anywhere on the timesheet, except in areas designated for hours, minutes, signatures, and dates. If you make a mistake, do not initial the correction.
Neatly cross out the wrong number and enter the correct number. Write only one number per box and stay within the lines. It is suggested that you test your pen before completing your timesheet and press down firmly so the writing can be read by the equipment used for timesheet processing.

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6. If you did not work on a certain day, you should leave the box for that day blank. You should not write over pre-printed zeroes as this may cause extra delays in processing your timesheet. Preprinted zeroes may exist in instances where you begin working in the middle of the pay period, and the boxes prior to your start date have zeroes entered into them.
If you mistakenly write over pre-printed zeroes, you will need to contact your county IHSS office to request a new timesheet.
7. Write in the time you worked in hours and minutes each day. For example, if you worked 4 hours and 45 minutes, you would enter 4 in the “Hours” box and 45 in the “Minutes” box. There is a box provided for each number. Please write neatly, clearly, and press down firmly with only a black ink pen.
8. When the pay period is complete, you should add up, and then enter the total hours you worked for the pay period in the total box. Make sure you have correctly entered your daily hours and minutes worked. You should write neatly, clearly, and press down firmly with a black ink pen. If the numbers are hard to read, your paycheck may be delayed.
9. Both you and your recipient must sign and date the timesheet. Timesheets submitted without both signatures will be rejected for payment, and another timesheet will have to be resubmitted. This will cause a delay in receiving your paycheck.
These signatures and dates must also be after the pay period for which the work was done, and the timesheet cannot be submitted before the last day in the pay period.
Finally, remember the space for recipient and provider signatures is on the back of the timesheet. Never sign an incorrect or blank timesheet.
10. You should gently tear the timesheet from your pay stub along the dotted lines. Please be careful not to tear off important information, such as signatures, hours, and dates. If this happens, it will delay your payment as you will need to request a new timesheet from your county IHSS office, and then complete and submit a new timesheet. When

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you separate your timesheet from the pay stub, you should be careful not to make any other tears to either document.
11. Once your timesheet is complete, you should make a copy of the timesheet and mail the original to be processed. After you have sent in your timesheet for processing, you should receive your paycheck within 10 working days of receipt by the Timesheet Processing Facility. Remember, your timesheets are not viewed by a live person; they are computer scanned so any of the above mentioned mistakes may delay your payment. Please review your timesheet for errors before sending it to the Timesheet Processing Facility.
12. You should not submit any additional documents with your timesheet, such as change of address forms, post-it notes, information for your county IHSS office, or any other legal documents such as copies of death certificates, social security cards, or driver’s licenses. These types of documents should be mailed directly to your county IHSS office. The Timesheet Processing Facility will not process any other information. If you send any additional documents intended for your county IHSS office, there will be a delay in your county receiving them.
13. Timesheets are due as soon as possible after the 15th and the last day of each month. You should mail your timesheets to the Timesheet Processing Facility, located in Chico, California. This address is located on the timesheet envelope. If you lose your return envelope, the Timesheet Processing Facility address is also located on the back of your timesheet above the signature line. It is important to note that timesheets are not processed at the county IHSS office.
14. If you move, you must contact your county IHSS office or Public Authority to request an address change form. You must complete and return this form to the county IHSS payroll office within 10 days of moving. IHSS paychecks will not be forwarded by the post office. If the payroll system does not have your correct address, your paycheck will be returned to the State Controller’s Office as undeliverable.
If you follow these 14 steps in completing your timesheet, you can avoid unnecessary payment delays. Remember, your timesheets are not viewed by a live person; they are computer scanned so any of the above mentioned mistakes may delay your payment.

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Completing Your Timesheet