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Regular Travel Voucher DocuSign Submission Instructions (Revised 9/30/2020) Form 13.10.10
Please Note: Travel Related to COVID-19 must be submitted on the “COVID-19 Travel Voucher” and not the Regular Travel Voucher. In addition, travel policies and procedures are in Section 11.0 of the Administrative Manual that can be found on the agency Intranet.
1. From the link provided on the MSDH website under Employee Documents, click to open the initial page. The Power Form Signer page will open.
570 East Woodrow Wilson ● Post Office Box 1700 ● Jackson, MS 39215-1700 601-576-8090 ● 1-866-HLTHY4U ● Equal Opportunity in Employment/Services

2. In the Requester portion: Employee must provide their name and email address. 3. In the Verification portion: Enter the name and email address of the individual that verifies
travel for your area. 4. In the Approval portion: Enter the name and email address of your supervisor. 5. Click the “Begin Signing” at the bottom of the screen. The document will open.
6. Click on the yellow “Continue” box. This will bring up the document to complete. 7. Enter all your travel information (Miles, meals, hotel, or other authorized expenses). All totals
will be calculated for you.
Note: If you are claiming the rental car cost from the trip optimizer system instead of actual mileage, record the rental cost amount from the trip optimizer system as “Other Authorized Expenses”. However, on the front of the travel voucher you will record this as “Total Rental Cost” (per DFA instructions). 8. Once all your information is entered, go the bottom of the page, click on the drop-down box, and select the correct mileage rate (.575). The Total Mileage Dollar Amount- Non-Taxable will be calculated automatically.

3|Page 9. Scroll down to the second page and input all employee information including Last 4 of SSN, PIN/WIN #, PID # and address. Also, check the box on the right-hand side about your employment status with MSDH (employee, contract worker or board member) AND check the appropriate Trip Optimizer information. If you check “No” you must select a reason in the dropdown box next to the date field.
10. Indicate the dates of the travel and check the appropriate box for “In-State, Out-of-State, Outof- Country or PTE Request”.
11. Enter any amounts from the Previous Page in the appropriate box. Make sure all totals match on both sheets!

12. You must also enter the ORG Code, Reporting Category and Project Number that will be used to pay the travel. If the employee does not know this information, it can be entered at the Verifier or Approval level.
13. Hotel receipts, the trip optimizer and other required documents must be attached to the document. Select the paper clip at in the top right-hand corner.

5|Page 14. You can then upload the necessary files.
15. Select the “Upload a File” and then select the location and file of where the documentation is located. The file will now be shown in DocuSign. Select “Done” once all necessary documentation has been uploaded. The uploaded documentation will appear on the screen after the actual travel voucher form.
16. Click on the yellow “Sign” box at the bottom of the page to insert your signature and type in your title. The date and time are automatically entered by the system.
17. Click on the yellow “Finish” box at the bottom or top of form.

18. This will complete your section of the travel voucher and it will be sent to the verifier and approval person you entered on the initial screen for review and approval. Once those two individuals have verified and approved the travel voucher it will be automatically sent to [email protected] for review and payment processing.
19. If you need to save your document and work on it later, select “Finish Later” at the top of the screen.
20. Enter your email address and you will receive an email with the link to return and finish your travel voucher later.
IMPORTANT!! Travel Vouchers will automatically be rejected and returned to you for the following reasons before any detailed review is performed by MSDH Travel:
• Missing funding codes

• Incorrect funding codes used – must be ORG, Reporting Category and Project Code – not cost center, internal order number or functional area
• Missing signatures • Totals on page one and page two do not agree • Missing documentation, if required • Two state fiscal years reported on the same form – they must be reported separately. • Employee verifies or approves their own form

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Regular Travel Voucher DocuSign Submission Instructions