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Journal of Civil Engineering and Urban Planning (2022) Clausius Scientific Press, Canada

DOI: 10.23977/jceup.2022.040101 ISSN 2616-3969 Vol. 4 Num. 1

Discussion on Construction Technology of Building Engineering
Yong Yang Jinan Engineering Vocational Technical College, Jinan, Shandong Province, China
Emai:[email protected]
Keywords: Building engineering, Construction technology, Discussion
Abstract: With the development of economy, people's quality of life is also improving, and the requirements of living environment are gradually diversified and personalized. Among them, the accommodation environment is an important factor that affects the comfort of personal life. Therefore, the requirements of building construction technology are also improved. In order to win more opportunities in the industry and seize the development opportunities, building construction enterprises' own management level and construction skills are the foundation. But more importantly, the improvement of building construction technology is beneficial to improving the construction quality of building engineering and the high efficiency of work, and it is also an important guarantee for building engineering. This paper analyzes the development status and importance of construction technology of building engineering and its improvement measures.

1. Introduction
The forward development of economy brings the innovation of science and technology level, and the level of construction technology is also improved. The development of traditional construction technology has also been impacted. The new construction equipment and construction technology have injected new vitality into the development of building engineering. The influence of foreign construction company's rich management experience and mature engineering construction technology is two sides. On the one hand, Chinese enterprises can learn their management experience and construction technology, so as to improve the efficiency of engineering technology. On the other hand, the entry of international construction companies has also hit Chinese construction industry to a certain extent. However, due to its strong competitiveness, the domestic construction industry has begun to explore more appropriate technology and management experience, and move forward to scientific management, intelligent construction technology and intensive mode. The development of new construction technology is needed by the times, which can solve the problems of backward construction technology, low efficiency and high energy consumption of traditional construction engineering. The Ministry of Construction of the People's Republic of China is also actively promoting the deep foundation pit support technology, high-efficiency reinforcement, prestressed concrete technology and other new technologies, so as to promote the healthy, scientific and sustainable development of Chinese construction industry.

2. The Importance of Construction Technology of Building Engineering
The construction period of building engineering is long, the capital investment is also large, the safety requirements are high, and the process is more complex, a little careless, the efficiency of the project completion will be low. More importantly, its quality can not reach the due standard. In addition, building engineering is also vulnerable to weather, capital and other external factors. Construction technology of building engineering is not only seen by the public at the construction site, it also includes the feasibility analysis of the project in the early stage, the exploration and design of the project, the construction of the project site in the middle term and the acceptance of the project in the later stage, and these links are indispensable. For example, if the acceptance is not passed, no matter how long the process takes and it needs to be rebuilt or modified if it fails to meet the acceptance standard. It can be seen that strict and high standard of building engineering, after all, is related to the service life of the building and the life safety of residents. If it does not meet the standards, it will threaten people's personal safety, and the reputation of the construction enterprise will be affected, or even destroyed. Therefore, to test whether a housing construction project is qualified, we should not only pay attention to its quality, but also start from the root of technology. In today's era, the requirements for the construction technology of building engineering are higher and higher. The construction technology of building engineering has greatly affected the quality of people's life, and is directly linked with the development of national economy. From the above, it can be seen that in the construction technology of building engineering, the construction quality and construction technology have an important impact on the building engineering industry. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously improve the construction quality and improve the construction technology of building engineering.
3. Improvement Measures for Construction Technology of Building Engineering
3.1 To Strengthen the Management of Construction Site
All duties are used in all work, especially for construction sites. And building engineering is also important. Only by performing their duties can work efficiency be improved. As far as the management department is concerned, it is first necessary to clarify its responsibilities, divide the construction division into each responsible person, and implement the accountability system. On the one hand, it should strengthen the supervisory of workers to understand the trend of workers and understand the construction situation on the construction site in real time. On the other hand, it is necessary to coordinate the relationship among workers and the person in charge to provide guarantee for the orderly progress of construction. Technically, in order to strengthen the supervision of project construction, computer Internet technology can be introduced to provide external technical support for the quality of building engineering and improve the overall level of building engineering.
3.2 To Learn New Construction Technology of Building Engineering
Construction technology of our country is constantly developing, and the content of high-tech technology is constantly improving. Modern building construction technology must not only strictly require construction companies to construct in accordance with industry standards and specifications, but also improve related responsibility systems and establish standardized construction procedures to ensure safety of the construction. By learning advanced construction techniques and applying more scientific construction management techniques, the knowledge will be transformed into powerful productivity, so that the completion of building engineering will

exceed the established standards. For example, with the use of steel structure prestressing technology in the construction of building construction, steel structure grids, reticulated shell cable arches, cable nets, cable membranes, and cable-stayed systems are suitable for buildings with large spans. It not only saves costs, but also makes the building look more concise, more convenient and simple to use, and more in line with the needs of modern people. The management and construction workers should learn new engineering construction techniques for better construction, and they will be more comfortable in using them. The promotion of new technologies is conducive to promoting the innovation of construction technology of building engineering and making up for the shortcomings of traditional construction technology.
3.3 To Strengthen the Control of Construction Schedule
There are generally three situations in housing construction competition: completion ahead of schedule, completion on time, and construction delay. First of all, the efficiency of early completion is worthy of recognition, but in most cases, their quality and labeling may be much worse. Supervisors find that the reason this problem continues may be to complete the work ahead of schedule and do the next task. In recent years, many problematic buildings have appeared. Therefore, supervisors need to act in accordance with standards and put the safety of residents first. There are also many delays in construction progress. The reason for this phenomenon may be that the construction is not active, and the funds cannot be in place in time. In response to these problems, we must formulate detailed and complete implementation plans and evaluation plans, do a good job in the collection of geological prospecting, hydrological prospecting, environmental climate and other related data. When problems occur in the construction process, we can solve them with corresponding technology, and complete the project on time. Thus it is important to do the preparatory work. In addition, in order to shorten the construction period, the most important thing is to start with construction technology, introduce more advanced construction equipment, and learn from advanced construction technology, and provide a solid material foundation for ensuring the project is completed on time. It can be seen that the Ministry of Construction focuses on promoting the concrete technology with high-strength and high-performance, deep foundation pit support technology, and new engineering construction technologies such as thick-diameter steel bar connection technology.
4. Conclusion
In a word, the improvement of building construction technology is beneficial to promoting the steady development of Chinese construction industry. But the process of technology construction of building engineering is complex. It is a long way to improve the technology, which needs to be explored in practice and gradually summed up a set of appropriate technical scheme. The improvement of construction efficiency also needs the support of various forces and the cooperation of various staff. On the other hand, the management level and quality of construction enterprises also affect the development of construction technology of building engineering. Enterprises need to formulate effective measures to promote the further development of construction technology of building engineering, so as to promote our country's building construction technology to a higher level and to strive to shorten the distance with other developed countries.
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Discussion on Construction Technology of Building Engineering