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Bangur Institute of Neurosciences – Neurology (Neuromedicine)

Teachers and medical officers

Dr. Shyamal Kumar Das


Dr. Goutam Gangopadhyay


Dr. Tejendra Narayan Kundu


Dr. Atanu Biswas


Dr. Biman Kanti Roy


Dr. Alak Pandit


Dr. Samar Biswas


Dr. Deb Sankar Guin

MD, DNB (Med), DM

Neurogenetic unit

Dr. Anindita Joardar

MSc, PhD

Mr. Sayantan Chakravarty


Mr. Sarnava Roy


Medical officers (in Neuro emergency)

Dr. Bijan Kumar Samajpati


Dr. Mridula Chakarborty


Dr. Sikha Roy


Dr. Anjana Mukherjee


Dr. Manas Kumar Sinha


Dr. Malay Das


Dr. Chandan Burman


Dr. Kuhu Diwanjee


Senior Residents

Dr. Debsadhan Biswas


Dr. Adreesh Mukherjee


Dr. Souvik Dubey


Professor & Head Professor Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor Senior Research Fellow Research Associate
Medical Officer Medical Officer Medical Officer Medical Officer Medical Officer Medical Officer Medical Officer Medical Officer
Senior Resident Senior Resident Senior Resident

Postdoctoral trainees (DM Neuromedicine) – Seven students per year

1st year DM Residents

2nd year DM Residents

3rd year DM Residents

Dr. Arghya Deb

Dr. Subhodeep Banerjee

Dr. Dinesh Saini

Dr. Aswini Bhat

Dr. Jayanta Ghosal

Dr. Anjan Debnath

Dr. Niraj Saraf

Dr. Apratim Chatterjee

Dr. Sweety Trivedi

Dr. Vishal Sawale

Dr. Sulagna Sahu

Dr. Urmila Das

Dr. Durjoy Lahiri

Dr. Mrinal Acharya

Dr. Kaushik Pan

Dr. Kumar Vijay Anand

Dr. Partha Ghorai

Dr. Anurag Satpati

Dr. Vinayak Rodge

Dr. Sumanta Sarkar

Dr. Anand Choudhari


Institutional and Department Achievement • Recently, the Bangur Institute of Neurosciences has reached within the top 15 of Neurology specialty
hospitals in India according to a survey by the Week magazine. • Awarded ‘Outstanding Paper presented’ to Sarnava Roy, Research Associate from unit of Neurogenetics
in 1st Regional Science and Technological Congress-2016, West Bengal • Awarded Young scientist award to Dr. Apratim Chatterjee, DM resident by World Stroke Congress
recently held in Hyderabad, India. • A New Campus of dedicated neuroscience at newly renovated Ramrikdas Haralalka Hospital (Annexe
building of the Bangur Institute Neurosciences) has been approved (vide GO HF/O/MERT/1165/ 7S-33/2016/PT-1 dated 24.10.2016). It has been planned to house 50 beds for Dept of Neurology followed by another 50 beds of Neurosurgery in later phase. This is going to be opened shortly. • Dr Anand Choudhari has obtained third position in National Quiz completion recently held during annual meeting of Indian Academy of Neurology. • Participants from the department have secured first position in two three-monthly quiz competitions in Movement disorders held by Movement Disorder Society of India (MDSI), Kolkata chapter. • Dr. Kaushik Pan, Third year DM resident secured first position from South-Eastern region of India in TYSA Neuro-quiz competition.
• Predictors of outcome in newly diagnosed epilepsy patients-a prospective study. (Dr. Anjan) • Knowledge attitude practice of epilepsy and marriage. (Dr. Jayanta) ƒ Dementia • Comparison of frontal lobe behavior in patient of cortical (bvFTD) v/s subcortical (PDD) dementia
with emphasis on significant discriminating symptomatology (Dr. Dinesh) ƒ Stroke
• Spontaneous IVH: clinical feature and etiological profile with special reference to DSA. (Dr. Koushik)
• Apo E polymorphism and association with stroke. (Dr. Apratim) ƒ Neuromuscular
• Chronic polyneuropathy-clinical spectrum and etiological profile in tertiary care hospital. (Dr. Sweety)
• Early electrophysiological changes in GBS within seven days. (Dr. Partha) ƒ Movement disorders
• Comparative study of clinical profile of young onset and adult onset Parkinson’s disease. (Dr. Anurag)
• A cross sectional study of non motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and correlation with motor symptoms and quality of life in a tertiary care hospital. (Dr. Sulagna)
ƒ Neurogenetics • Phenotypic and genotypic correlation of BMD. (Dr. Urmila) • MitochonDr.ial diseases a clinic-biochemical diagnostic perspective including mutation analysis in a

tertiary care centre of eastern india. (Dr. Subhodip) ƒ CNS Infection /Inflammation
• Meningoencephalitis clinical features and etiological profile (Dr. Anand) ƒ Collaborative work with the National Biogenomics Institute


Attendance at OPD
Nov 2015 Dec 2015 Jan 2016 Feb 2016 Mar 2016 Apr 2016 May 2016 Jun 2016 Jul 2016 Aug 2016 Sep 2016 Oct 2016


New 8580 9687 8467 10010 10798 10202 11232 10223 12499 10330 11514 8266 121808

Old 8750 9770 9151 10546 11287 8741 10150 10524 10584 9055 8849 7402 114809

Emergency Department (Neuroemergency)


Nov 2015 – Oct 2016


Admitted 2300 (6.8%)

In-patient Total admission 794 (predominantly from BIN OPD)
ƒ Stroke: 294 (38.68%) ƒ Metabolic encephalopathy: 36 (4.7%) ƒ Wilson’s disease: 10 (1.33%) ƒ Degenerative dementia: 20 (2.63%) ƒ Movement disorders: Parkinson disease: 23 (3.02%) Others: 25 (3.28%) ƒ Infections (Brain)
• Acute: 51 (6.42%) • Chronic: 43 • Tuberculosis: 41 (5.13%) • Fungal: 1 (0.013%) • Slow viral: 1 (0.013%) ƒ Demyelination: 30; Primary: 22 (2.89%) Secondary: 28(3.68%)


ƒ Spinal cord disease: 43; Acute 20 (2.63%) Chronic 23 (3.02%) ƒ Neuromuscular junction disorder: 21(2.76%) ƒ Peripheral neuropathy : 74 (9.72%); Acute 56 (7.36%) Chronic 18(2.36%) ƒ Muscle disease: 5 (0.65%) ƒ Seizure: 46 (6.05%) ƒ Optic neuritis:36 (4.73%) ƒ Orbital apex syndrome /multiple cranial nerve palsies:9 (1.18%) ƒ SSPE: 6 (0.07%) ƒ Leigh disease: 2 (0.026%)

Special clinic performance in 2016


Consultant in charge


Dr. Atanu Biswas


Dr. Biman Kanti Roy

Movement disorders Prof. Shyamal Kumar Das, Dr. Atanu Biswas

Botulinum Toxin

Dr. Samar Biswas


Prof. Goutam Ganguly, Dr. Alok Pandit


Prof. TejenDr.a Nath Kundu, Dr. Biman Kanti Roy


Dr. Debshankar Guin, Dr. Anindita Joardar


Dr. Alok Pandit


Prof. Goutam Ganguly


Total patients seen in special clinic: 6401

New 87 61 144 13 124 241 108 70 10 858

Old 272 118 1089 384 2281 646 319 429
5 5543

Electrophysiology laboratory performance in 2016

• EEG - 6725

EMG NCS - 6595

• Video EEG - 245

VEP, BAER - 1275

• Portable EEG - 144

Polysomnography - 36

Report of Neurogenetic Unit, Neurology Dept. from December 2015 to November 2016 Number of patients who attended the genetic clinic – 557 Number of patients for whom the following diagnostic tests were done in the genetic laboratory:

Muscle Diseases Duchene’s muscular dystrophy – 39 Becker’s muscular dystrophy – 12 Myotonic dystrophy-i – 14 Spinal muscular atrophy – 15 Movement Disoders Huntington’s disease – 13


Autosomal dominant ataxia; SCA1, SCA2, SCA3, SCA6, SCA12, DRPLA – 64 Autosomal Recessive Ataxia; Friedreich’s Ataxia – 15
Genetic Counseling is done to the adult patients, their family members and to guardians in case of minors regarding their marriage, conceiving another issue, affectation of their children etc. depending upon the pattern of genetic inheritance such as autosomal dominant, autosomal recessive, X-linked or mitochondrial inheritance.
Projects running in the Neurogenetic Unit funded by State DST 1. Assessing the prevalence of genetic risk factors-APOE and IL-6-G174C polymorphism in Alzheimer
related dementia patients of Eastern India. Three year project with a budget of Rs. 16,58,800.00; third year running. 2. Study on APO E allele in mild to moderate Head Injury in Eastern India. Two year project with a budget of Rs. 5,36,800.00; completed in Feb, 2016.
Abstract presentations • Distribution of APO E4 allele and its effect in the prognosis of mild to moderate head injury in Eastern
part of India. Sarani Nath, Nikhil Talathi, Sarnava Roy, Anindita Joardar, Samarendra Nath Ghosh. Abstract presented in 23rd Bangla Congress held at Presidency University, Kolkata. • Evaluation of APOE and IL-6 polymorphism in Alzheimer Patients in Eastern India. Sarnava Ray, Sayantan Chakravarty, Anindita Joardar, Atanu Biswas, Gautam Ganguly, Shyamal Kumar Das. Abstract presented in 1st Regional Science and Technology Congress-2016, Presidency Division, West Bengal, held at National Institute of Technical Teachers’ Training and Research, Kolkata- Mr Sarnava Roy received the outstanding paper award.
ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES • Weekly regular case presentation, seminar, journal clubs, monthly statistical meeting (auditing of death
cases) are carried throughout the year. • All third year residents participated in annual conference of Indian Academy of Neurology (IANCON)
held at Kolkata, West Bengal in November, 2016 and presented papers. • All second year residents participated in annual conference of Associations of Neuroscientist of Eastern
India held at Shillong, Meghalaya in October, 2016 and presented papers.
Publications 1. Role of apoe-ε4 allele in recovery from traumatic brain injury: study in a tertiary clinic in Kolkata.
Nikhil Talathi, Sarani Nath, Sarnava Roy, Anindita Joardar, Shubhamitra Chaudhuri, Goutam Gangopadhyay and Samarendra Nath Ghosh. Int. J of Adv. Res. 4(11):1780-1786. 2. Moumita Bagchi, Neelanjana Paul, Soumitra Ghosh, Suchitra Majumdar, Santa Saha, Arijit Roy and Shyamal K Das. Spectrum of Abnormal Movement in a Cohort of Neuro-Wilson Patients with Radiological Associations. J Neurol Disord 2016, 4:1.

3. Anindita Banerjee, Vineet Kumar Khemka, Debashree Roy, Aparajita Dhar, Tapan Kumar Sinha Roy, Atanu Biswas, Barun Mukhopadhyay, Sasanka Chakrabarti: Role of Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines and Vitamin D in Probable Alzheimer's Disease with Depression. Aging and Disease 10/2016; DOI:10.14336/AD.2016.1017
4. Ujjawal Roy, Shyamal Kumar Das, Adreesh Mukherjee, Debsadhan Biswas, Koushik Pan, Atanu Biswas, Ajay Panwar: Irreversible Hemichorea–Hemiballism in a Case of Nonketotic Hyperglycemia Presenting as the Initial Manifestation of Diabetes Mellitus. Tremor and Other Hyperkinetic Movements. 08/2016; 6. DOI:10.7916/D8QZ2B3F
5. Anindita Banerjee, Vineet Kumar Khemka, Debashree Roy, Aparajita Dhar, Tapan Kumar Sinha Roy, Atanu Biswas, Sasanka Chakrabarti: Role of Vitamin D Signaling in Sporadic Alzheimer’s Disease: A Clinico-Experimental Study. Alzheimer's and Dementia 07/2016; 12(7). DOI:10.1016/j.jalz.2016.06.1096
6. Vineet Khemka, Anirban Ganguly, Anindita Banerjee, Atanu Biswas, Sasanka Chakrbarti: Role of Adipokines and Insulin in the Pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s Disease: A Clinical- Experimental Study. Alzheimer's and Dementia 07/2016;
7. Adreesh Mukherjee, Atanu Biswas, Shyamal Kumar Das: Gut dysfunction in Parkinson's disease. World Journal of Gastroenterology 07/2016; 22(25). DOI:10.3748/wjg.v22.i25.5742
8. Kalyan B Bhattacharyya, Debabrata Pulai, DebShankar Guin, Goutam Ganguly, Anindita Joardar, Sarnava Roy, Saurabh Rai, Atanu Biswas, Alok Pandit, Arijit Roy, AsitKumar Senapati: Spinocerebellar ataxia type 6 in eastern India: Some new observations. Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology 07/2016; 19(3). DOI:10.4103/0972-2327.186823
9. Ujjawal Roy, Dinesh Satyanarayan Saini, Koushik Pan, Alak Pandit, Goutam Ganguly, and Ajay Panwar. Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder with Tumefactive Demyelination mimicking Multiple Sclerosis: A Rare Case. Front Neurol. 2016; 7: 73.
10. Tapas Kumar Banerjee, Saunak Dutta, Sujata Das, Malay Ghosal, Biman Kanti Ray, Atanu Biswas, Avijit Hazra, Arijit Chaudhuri, Neelanjana Paul, Shyamal Kumar Das: Epidemiology of dementia and its burden in the city of Kolkata, India: Epidemiology and burden of dementia in Kolkata. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry 06/2016; DOI:10.1002/gps.4499
11. Madhushree Chakrabarty, Atanu Biswas, Sandip Pal, Amita Chatterjee: Development of Bengali Audio–Visual Test Battery for Assessment of Pragmatic Skills: Preliminary Normative Data Based on Educational Level. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research 05/2016; DOI:10. 1007/s10936-016-9438-y
12. Atanu Biswas, Shyamal Kumar Das: Alzheimer and Parkinson’s Disease -Two Faces of the Same Disease? Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease & Parkinsonism 6: 222. doi: 10.4172/2161-0460.1000222
13. Dhiman Das, Atanu Biswas, Arijit Roy, Anna Sauerbier, Kalyan B Bhattacharyya: Cognitive impairment in idiopathic Parkinson's disease. Neurology India 01/2016; 64(3). DOI:10.4103/0028-3886.181533
14. Ujjawal Roy, Dinesh Satyanarayan Saini, Koushik Pan, Alak Pandit, Goutam Ganguly, and Ajay Panwar. Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder with Tumefactive Demyelination mimicking Multiple Sclerosis: A Rare Case. Front Neurol. 2016; 7: 73.

15. Asutosh Pal, Atanu Biswas, Alak Pandit, Arijit Roy, Debsankar Guin, Goutam Gangopadhyay, AsitKumar Senapati: Study of visuospatial skill in patients with dementia. Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology 01/2016; 19(1). DOI:10.4103/0972-2327.168636
16. Sourav Chakrabarty, Abhijit Das, Ananya Mandal, Samar Biswas, Tanmoy Gangopadhyay, Avijit Ganguly. Drug safety monitoring in patients attending epilepsy clinic in a tertiary care teaching hospital in rural Bengal. J. Evolution Med. Dent. Sci. 2016;5(10):407-413
17. Sourav Chakrabarty, Abhijit Das, Avijit Ganguly, Tamoghna Maiti, Samar Biswas, Ananya Mandal. A prospective, randomised, comparative study of efficacy and safety of pregabalin, duloxetine and amitriptyline in patients of painful diabetic neuropathy in a tertiary care teaching hospital in rural Bengal. J. Evolution Med. Dent. Sci. 2016;5(35):2025-2029
18. Jadab Chandra Sardar, Asit Baran Saren, Dibakar Haldar, Kaushik Chatterjee, Samar Biswas, Tutul Chatterjee, Gautam Narayan Sarkar. Obstinate diphtheria needs innovation in immunization. Int J Contemp Pediatr. 2016 Aug;3(3):902-909.

Conferences attended by faculty

Prof. Shyamal Kumar Das

• World Stroke Congress 2016 at Hyderabad (Chaired session)

• Delivered lecture on "Epidemiology of dementia and its burden in city of

Kolkata, India” at the Symposium on Brain Imaging and Dementia in ow and

middle income countries 2016 at Nairobi Kenya

• IANCON 2016 at Kolkata

• Attended National Movement Disorder society of India at Chennai held in

January, 2016

Prof. Goutam Ganguly

• ECON 2016 at Chennai (Chaired session)

• Headache update program under IANCON at Udaipur (Chaired session)

• IANCON 2016 at Kolkata

Prof. TejenDr.a Nath Kundu

• World Stroke Congress 2016 at Hyderabad

• IANCON 2016 at Kolkata

Dr. Atanu Biswas

• MDSICON 2016 at Chennai

• Delivered a lecture on 'Demyelinating disorders: Updates in diagnosis and

treatment of MS/NMO’ at the 5th IAN postgraduate summer school 2016

• IANCON 2016 at Kolkata

Dr. Biman Kanti Roy

• World Stroke Congress 2016 at Hyderabad

• IANCON 2016 at Kolkata

Dr. Alak Pandit

• IANCON 2016 at Kolkata

Dr. Samar Biswas

• World Stroke Congress 2016 at Hyderabad

• IANCON 2016 at Kolkata

Dr. Debsankar Guin

• IANCON 2016 at Kolkata


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