MATHRU Educational Public Charitable Trust for the Blind

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MATHRU Educational Public Charitable Trust for the Blind, Bangalore, Karnataka
MATHRU is a non-profitable, non-governmental voluntary organization set up to provide fundamental confidence and economic stability to the people living in dark, through education, skill development, training, placement etc. To reach this goal, MATHRU has started a free residential school for the blind. The school is duly registered under the Department of Welfare for the Disabled, working under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. MATHRU has its own building with all infrastructure constructed in the year 2006 with the support of Asha for Education, Central New Jersey Chapter, USA and also with the support of many philanthropists and educational institutions of Bangalore. MATHRU has given placement to 7 blind persons who are working as resource teachers, computer instructors, Braille instructors and mobility/physical instructors. Besides, it has provided job opportunities to one blind and two destitute women. MATHRU is also giving free food, accommodation and education to 10 orphan children who do not have parental support. These children are going to Public School and studying in different grades. MATHRU is a registered Trust under section 12 A of Income tax Act and it avails the benefit of 80 G exemption and foreign contributions are permitted under FCRA bearing No.094421195. Trustees of MATHRU are Ms. Gubbi R. Muktha and Mr. S.Shankarappa who are advocates by profession; and Mrs. Gnaneshwari Tejashwini. MATHRU is running all its activities with the support of public and so far it has not received any support by the Central or State Government. MATHRU school is duly registered and follows the prescribe syllabus of the state Government. Besides teaching prescribed syllabus, MATHRU also teaches its students daily living skills, mobility orientation, craft, fine arts, communication skill, computer, dance, drama, music, instrumental music, knitting , yoga, physical exercise, sports etc. At present, MATHRU is providing free education to 51 blind children studying from 1st to 7th grade with an increasing of one grade every year till 10th grade. MATHRU is exemplarily run by MS. GUBBI R. MUKTHA and is located at CA SITES 14, 6TH A CROSS, 5TH PHASE, NEW TOWN, YELAHANKA, BANGALORE, KARNATAKA STATE, INDIA (PH.28463992-98860-32632, email: [email protected], website: )

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MATHRU Educational Public Charitable Trust for the Blind