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(/\ (iovernn'rcnt of Raiasthan Entcrprisc)
( orporatc Ollir:c. J, \leer. )lxrs. t daipur -llJ 001 It(ili\trrcd Ofli(( : ( 89 90, t-al hothi S(hemc..,aipur. CI\ t I rl09ll.,l9l9S(;(lxX)50i
irhorc i) r,l 6j 66-67 l /\\ 01.94 :lltl/il/:118-/19 [:-\lail : itrfo.rsm rl/ raia\than.gor.i\\\ch\itt: NlrN.rsnrn!.con]


No.RSMM/CO/Pers/7CPC/6( )l20ll - 8 6l



Pursuant to thc dccision takcn b) the RSMML Board in its 405'h mceting held on
13.12.7011 in respcct of CoR's notiflcation dated 30/10/2017 and as pcr thc approval of Statc Iintcrplises Dcptt. vidc lctter No.l08l dated 27.11.2017: and amendment notification issucd on
dated 09/12/2017 thc existing pa1 scales of the RSMML emplol'ees arc hcreby revised as under .,r,.c.f 01.01.2016 in linc rvith 7')'pay comrnission recommendations applicable to thc cmployee ol'

l: xec ut ivcs

Ir-5 l:-,+

Pay Iland as pcr' 6


3 7400-67000(PB-4)

.l 7.1 00-(r 7 000( I'} l l -4
I 5600-19I 00( I'B-j) r 5600-t9 t I'll-l )

r 5600-39 t 00(PB-3 )

I 5600-t9 t 0 PB-l


_l )

( inrde l)ar
It90t) It700 tt200 7600 6lJ 00 660t) 5.100

G;ade T
Pa No.







t1 l5

Par Rcvised ( orrcsponding Lcvcl in I
.Par Malrix in 7" I t,-22







t_- t4


I f I | -rt"gor1,

ea; t;anaaspcrod'

i;rua" eai

draae l I{evised (-orlcspondinc Level in

l'it No.

Pa1 Matris in 7'r' I'a)


9:100-14800 (PB-2)





9300-i4800 PB-2




4200 w-7 2800- w-6 w:!- t

9300-i4800 (PB-2) 9300-3.1800 PB-2)
5200- 20200 (Prl -r)
5200-20200 (PB- r )

.1800 1800




l0A l0 I

L- r2 t_ I I t.-09 L-0ll

ls w-4



5200-20200 (PB- l)

I 5200-20100 PB-r) s200-20200 (PB- r )








l_-01 r.-03 r.-02

'fhc rr"rles and procedurc prcscribed undcr Ilajasthan (livil Serviccs (Revised Pay) Rulcs.
2017 *ill bc fblloricd tbr fjration of pav on ercrcisc of option under Rule 8 ol thc notitlcation
datcd l0/ I 0/10I 7 and arncndrrcrrt notillcation issued on datcd 09/ I 2i201 7 in rr ritinc in the lbrm.



The paymcnt ol salary u,ould be nrade as per thc options given b1, the RSMMI- employccs.
I When no option is received',vithin the prcscribed period liom any RSMMI- employees. thcn it will
be assumed that he/she has opted the reviscd pay scale applicable to him/her as per Rule ol'the notilication datcd 30/10/2017 and anrendmcnt notification issued on datcd 0911212017.

Non-accrual of A lrears
No arrcirr ol' Pa1 and Allor'r,anccs thereon. on an,"- accollnt shall accrLrc to RSMML ernpkryccs" whcthcr existing or appointcd bctrvcen l'' .lanuarv" 2016 to 3l't l)econbcr.20l6 (both
dar s inclusirc). lirr the period Lrpto 3 I . i 2.20 I 6

Pa\ mcnt of Arrcar
'fhe arrear under thcsc rules lor tlrc pcriod liom 01.01.2017 to i0.09.2017 shall be pal,able
in thrcc installrrcnt in the ratio of30.30 and,10. Ihc llrst. second and third installments shall be parablc on t'rr alicr 0 I .0.1.20 I tl. 0 I .07.20 I 8 and 01.10.1018 respectivcl\ in cash. lhe reviscd par
and allouarrces thcrcon in cash shall be rradc rvith ell'cct tiom 01.10.2017.

Ir irat ion F ormLrla
As pcr point no.ll olnotillcation No.l:.15(1)liD/RLrlcs/20i7 datcd .10. 10.2017 and amcndment
notillcation issr-rcd on datcd 09. 12.20I 7 ol'CioR the lixation of pa1- in the revised pay structure shall
hc :rs undcr:
'fhe pa;- in the applicable Level in the Pay Matrix shall be thc pal obtaincd bv multiplr ing the exiting basic pay by a factor ol' 2.57. roundcd o11- to thc nearest rupcc and the figurc so
arrived at rvill be located in that l,cvel in thc I)a1, Matrix and if such an identical figure
corrcsponds to any C-'ell in the applicable Levcl o1'the Pay Matrix. the same shall be thc pay.
and il' rro such Cell is available in the applicable Levcl. the pa1' shall be {lxed at the
immediatc next highcr Cell in that applicable l-evcl of the Pa1'Matrix.
2. If the rninimum pa.v or thc flrst (lell in the applicable [-evcl is rrore than thc amount arrivcd
at as per suLr-clause (i) abovc. thc pa-v. shall bc llxed at mininrurn pay or thc llrst Ccll ol'tha1 applicab le I-evcl."

Dcarncss A llorvarrcc

As per order No.F.6(3)t;D/Rules/2017 dated 30.10.2017 and amendmcnt notilication issued
on dated 09.12.2017 of Goti. thc rcvised dcarness alkrwancc rate w.e.t'. 01.01.2017 shall be as
u ndcr:-

I)atc of u hich pur ablc
Frorn 0l/01/201 7 Frorn 0l /07/20 | 7

llatcs o1'[)calni:ss ,\ llorr rtn cc
.t /o

Thc payrrcnt of [)ealness Allorlancc as shorvn above slrall be madc alicr adjusting the
anror.nt o1'l)earncss Allorrancc alreadl paid liom time to time under cristing ordcrs.
"t/ 'f hc tclnr " Pa1 " 1br thc purposc o 1' calcLrlation o l' I)earness A lkru'ance shal l be Basic Pa1 i.e. pay drarvn in thc l)av Matrix ol'the prescribcd Levels and slrall not include any othcr type (s) ol'pay likc spccial pav or pcrsonal par ctc.



I lousc Rent A llorr lnce

As per ordcr No.6(,1) IiD(Ru les)/201 7 datcd 30.10.2017 ot' CoR thc rcvised payrnent of housc rent allowance w.e.1-. 0l .10.2017 to ITSMML employees shall bc on the fbllowing rates as per
c lassillcat ion ol'e ilics as u rrdcr:

I) llccs l:or the emplol ees postcd at .laipur. .lodhpLrr.
I)ikancr. Ajnrcl and Kota. 'Y'
F'or the employces posted at [)elhi and Ko]kata olllccs. lror l:.rrplor ccs posted at otho' places i.c. 7. llcrnaining citics/ Ibuns ancl other placcs.

l6% ol'the Basic pay i.e. thc pay drawn in thc rCSC I itrcd l-cvels in thc l)ar Matr lx.
As applicable to the Govt. of Rajasthan Lnr oycer Loslqd ql!4tL& Kolkata.
8% of thc Basic paf i.c. thc pay drawn in the
rcscribcd l-evcls in thc I)a Matrix.

'fhe ratcs ol H.R.A rvill bc revised to l8% and 9% tbr Y arrd Z class citics respectively rvhen D.A crosses 2501, and t'urthcl rcvised to 20% and l0%o when D.A. crosses 507o.

e rtr{.q!lpe!salar} At lqwslrcc

As per order No. F.6(5 )FD(Ru lcs)/20 I 7 dated 30.10.2017 ot'(ioR the rcviscd pavment o1'
city compensatory allorvance w.c.L 01.10.2017 to RSMML emplol,ces shall bc on Ibllowing rates
as pcr classitication of cities as under:-

Basic pal i.c. thc pay, drarin in thc
prcscribcd l!'\cls in thc Par Matlir.
Iirnployee drau,ing []asic pay in the Pav Matrix u to 2l I 001 F.rnployee drar.ving Basic pay in the Pay Matrix above 23 I 00/-

Amount ol'CCA(Rs. Per Month)
Jaipur (tJA) Ajmer. B ikaner. I I)elh i

Jodh u r- and Kota Kolkata








.,\rrrrLral Increnrent in the Pa_r N4atrir

As pel notilication \o.lr. l5(l)lrl)/llLrlcsi20l7 datcd i0. l0.l0l7 and arncndrrcnt notillcation
issLrcd on datcd 09. 1 2.20 1 7. the incremcnt to the RS M M I - ernp loy,e-cs sha ll be as Lrnder:
l. The incrcnrcnt shall bc as specificd in the vcnical cells of the applicablc [.cvel in thc Pay,
l. Datc ol'rrcxt increrncnl in rcr''isccl pa) structurcl-
i) Thcrc will be a unilbrm date olannual incrcmcnt viz. l" Jull'ofever) 1ear. Ernplolees
complcting 6 months and above in any levcl ofthe Pay'Matrix as on l'' July everv vcar will be eligible lbr grant ol annual incremcnt. 'l'he first increment aticr fixation of pay undcr these rulcs as per option ol'the employcc will be grantcd on corrplcting 6 nrontlrs
b1'counting the pcriod of scrvice rendcred in the existing Running Pa_v- Iland and in a level of the l)ar Matrix in thesc rulcs.
ii) tivcry nerv recruit on completion ol'probation period succcssfully shall bc allor.ved tlrst
annual increment on I't July. rvhich immcdiatcly follows thc datc ol' Complction ol'
Probation Period.


f iration olpal pn plornelr-on on or aftel f'Ja!ug&2!16
As pcr notilrcation No.lr. l5(l)FD/llLrlcs/2017 datcd 30. 10.2017 and amendmcnt notillcation issLrcd on datcd 09. 12.2017. thc llxation ol'pav in casc ol'promotion liorn onc l.cvel to anothcr in thc [cvised pa\ strlrcture shall bc in thc lblloriing mar]ncr:-
One incrcrncnt shall hc given in thc level tiom u,hich thc crrployee is prornoted and hc/shc
shall bc placed at a ('cll equal to thc ligure so arrived at in the level 01'the post to rvhich promoted and iI'no such Cell is available in thc l-evel to uhich prornoted. hc/shc shall bc
placed at thc next higher Cell in that l.evel.

I:ircd Renruncration to traincc probqtioncrs

'I he ratc ol'existing I:ired Rcmunclations to thc cxisting I'r'obationer-traincc(s) as rrcll as nor rccruits shall be revised in the tblloriing pav scalcs as indicatcd in Schedulc IV appcndcd to thcse rules (Rulc No.l6) o1'Order No.l;. l5(l)ljD(Rulcs)2017 datcd 30. 10.2017 and amcrldrrcnt
notillcation issucd on dated 09. 12.2017:-

('at. Ex ist ing Gradc Pay




H- 6


It- 5




\\ir rk rn en

\.\' 8
w-6 w-4
\\'-l t w-l

-+8(X) ,1200
2800 2400 t 900 1750

I:ir ist ing (i radc Pay No.
2t t5
l.l l2 t0A

Irr isting A rnoLrnt
ol' Fixcd

('orrcspond ing Lcvcl


+ 48?lo I
35t80 22 r80

t.-21 t.-20 t.- I ,1




t.- il

I 1820


L-02 L:Qj 8910




An'rount of Ii ixed Rerruncration per Month
ri,ith cfl'cct liorr 0l /0 I /20 I 7



86200 62 300 39:100




l() r 00



l l


I r t600

The arrear under thesc rules lbr thc period fiorn 01.01.2017 to 30.09.2017 shall be pal,ablc in three installnrcrrt in thc ratio ol 30.30 and 40. 'fhe llrst. second and third installrnents shall be pay-able on or aficr 0l .04.20l 8. 0l .07.20l8 and 0l . l0.20l8 respcctivc11 in cash.

l7 'I he othcl dctail ternrs and conditions lbr probationcr traincc(s) shall bc as per note gir rn irr Schcdule IV ol' (loR ordcr No. Ir. I 5( I )lrl)/Rulcsi20l 7 datcd 10.10.20 and amendmcnt
notilication issLrcd on dated 09. l:.201 7.

1rt t[qsisq( t r.\a1ra! sl,Lal in

pLV-;t1 r-rclLrrc ol a l'rrbat ionc r-tle in cc(s_) conrp lct in

trairring period succcsslulll on ol alic_t 0 I .01 .201 t5.

robat ion

A Probationcr -traincc on successl'ul completion ot'probation training pcriod uill bc alkrrred
pay in the reviscd pay structurc as per Scheduled-l l'art 'B' applicable to thc post \tich such
errployce is appointed at minirrum of l.cvcl (first ccll) in the Pay Matlix.



ASSLIrcd ( arqcr Progrcssion (A(iPJ
.l hc existing A('P scheme is hcrcbl rcvised as pcr (ioR notillcation datcd 30. 10.2017 and
amendnrcnt notilication issued on dated 09.12.2017 in line uith thc 7'h pav conrrnissiorr
rccorn nrcndat ions applicable on employcc of GoR.

'fhe existing rates/charges of lollorving recovcrics arc hereb), rcvised as undcr u,.c. t-.

l. lloLrsc rent rccovc r_r tou ard s- r'csidcnl ia l accommodation (r1,9rkrlcn)

'I,vpc o1' I llx isting Recovcry Qlraltcr' l
S ingle Room On linc with GoR

Rcvised Rccovcry
In linc * ith GoR directivcs

"A" Tl pe
rro' [:4"

0.75% of the pay bclow 13000/- PM I .5% ol the pay Rs. I 3000/- to Rs.19000/-PM

0.75% ol thc basic pay below 26000/- PM I .5% of the basic pay Rs.26000/- to

2Yo ol- pay lbr abovc Rs. I 9000/-PM Rs.38000/-PM

2% of basic pa1.' lbr above


2. llousc Rent llccolcr'1 (Sinqlc Roor.r.r Accorr rnodation s at Limestonc t jnit lbr
exccutive/workman )

'I-r pc of Quartcr S in.gle Room

Iix isting Recovcry
i50/- Pcr Month

lRevised Rccqli!ry 700/- Pcr Month

i. ln case of housc rcnt recover) liom executivc rcsiding in acconrmodation providcd b\
('ornpanv ratc ol'pcrcentage shall bc as per norms ol'GoR. applicability,ol'such reviscd rate
shall bc as pe[ Govcnrment order. llorvcver. till issuancc ofrevised ratc fiorn GoR dcduction
shall be rnade on thc existinc ratc ot'2oh.

4. Recovery of 'l'ransport Charees

Iixisting Rccovcrl

Revised Recovcry

t.lda i Lll to.]halnilrkotril
Kurabad to Jhamarkotra
K harr'va Chandsa. Mamadev. Ila dara Colon ..IK I
( r'rlon Bus
School Il us .laisalrner - Sanu
ur - Kasnua Matasukh Ilarmer - Giral


l Rs.240/-Pcr Montlr Rs.240/-Pcr Month Rs. 120/-Per Month
Rs.25,/- Pcr Month Rs. I 0/-Pcr Month/Child Rs.360/-Pcr Nlonth Rs.360/-Per Month Rs.360/- Pcr Month

Iis..1ll0/- l)e l Vonth
Rs..1801 Pcr Morrth R s.240/- Pcr Month
Rs.50/ l'er Month ILs.20i - I'cr Nlonth Rs.720l- Pcr Month Rs.720/- Per Morrth Rs.720l- Pcr Month

5. Ilccorerr ol'Nlcal (iharges.

l) lacc
I At (lanteen
.\r I;icld

Ilx ist irr Ilecovc Rs. 12.001 I'er'f hali
Rs.8.001 Pcr l'hali Rs. L001 Pcr l-ca

] Rer i.etl l{ccorerr


] ttt.:+ - l'eI lhali

Rs. I 6/- Pcr 'l hali

Rs.2.00/- Pcr 'lta


6. Rccover of E. lectricity C!41ges.

Accomnrodation [] lect. [ ]n its

Existin Recovery Revised Recoverv

S in slc Room

tJpto 45 tJn its

Nornral Rate

Normal Rate

Above 45 [Jnits Norrnal Rate of

Normal Rate of

"A" I"r pc

Flat Ratc Upto 70 LJ n its

Rs.]i00.00/-l'M Normal Ratc

I{s.(r00.001PM Nornral llatc

Abovc 70 Units Norrnal Rate o1'

Norrnal Rate of

"B" 1_vpe

Flat Ratc Upto 90 [Jn its

t Rs.400.00/-PM
Normal Rate

Norn-ral Ilate

Abovc 90 Units Normal Ratc of

Normal Rate of

['lat Rate


Rs. I 100.00/-PM

l l Notc : Normal rate means Normal rate of respective DIS(IOMS

7. Rccove ol Cablc ('ha rgc s.

I I)articu lars
Rccovcll Per Paid Channcl
C'able (--onnection Charges (non rcfirndable )

I I1s.20.001 Per Month

Rcviscd Recovery Its.:10.00/- Pcr Month Rs. 1500.00/-

Ot.hcr' A lkrri ances/ Ad" anccs
'I-hc ernployecs shall continuc to drari the fbllorring allouanccs and avail thcmscllcs ol'
lacilitics etc. as pcr thc eristing ordcr orr thc basis ofthe pre revised scalcs till lunher orders:-
i) Iiavelling Allou ancc. ii) Medical.
i ii) IIouse building advancc. iv) Conveyancc advancc.
v) Any othcr allowance cxccpt DA payablc on thc Lrasis olpay.

'lhe Nlanaging l)ircctor. IISMMl. r ould be the cornpetcnl authoritv to issue necessarl, directivcs to rcsolve anr anomalics arising out ol'adoption/irnplelrlcrltatioir ol'the Revised ParMltrir t7"' pa1 commissiorr's lce o rn mcndal ion ) as abo\c as per thc ( io\ t. ol'Ra.iasthan dircctircs issucd vidc notification dated 30.10.2017 & amendment notiflcation datcd 09.12.201 7.

This bcars approval ol'thc compctcnt authorit).

qqpl tq:-
l. PS to MD 2. I-.A. C.O.
3. All SBU IIeads/GGMs
.1. GM(Sys)/DGM(P&A)/SM(P&AySM(PGIy.CO
5. Niitice Board

Y( R'


at Llr

IixccLrtivc Director (Adrrn.)

a8qnrcC [.,xecutivc€@A dmn.l


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