Mobile Health and Health Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

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Mobile Health and Health Rewards Frequently Asked Questions
How do I register for Mobile Health? You can download the Mobile Health Consumer app from the App Store® and Google Play™, or access it on the web at Open the app and select Register Now. Then enter your first and last name, last four digits of your Social Security number, and birthday (example: 05/23/1985). If you access Mobile Health online, select Login in the top right of the website and then Register Now.
I am registered for Mobile Health but I forgot my username and/or password? After you open the Mobile Health app or visit the website to log in, select either the Forgot Username or Forgot Password prompt to begin steps to reset.
I understand I have to complete the Health Assessment Tool (HAT) before I can begin earning Health Rewards. How do I do that?
To take the Mobile Health HAT, log in to the Mobile Health app or website, select “Health Assessment” on the left menu, then answer the questions. Once complete, click Submit. Completing your HAT in Mobile Health is an important part of personalizing your app. Upon completion of the HAT, active employees become eligible to earn up to $300 in Health Rewards.
Additionally, if you are an active employee subscriber in the medical plan, completing the Mobile Health HAT provides a $200 Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) through ASIFlex. You will receive the $200 HRA in your ASIFlex account within 7-14 business days. Your ASIFlex account will post the balance automatically and if this is your first time completing the HAT, ASIFlex will mail you a debit card for easy access to your HRA fund balance, generally within 30 days
Updated: May 2022

Is there a deadline for me to earn or cash in my Health Rewards? Yes, Health Rewards earned but not redeemed in the Mobile Health Store expire on December 31 each year. If an employee has not cashed in any earned Health Reward by December 31st, the Health Reward expires and is forfeited for that calendar year.
The only exception to this is for those employees who undergo a claims based incentive activity (flu shot, wellness exam, mammography, colorectal cancer screening) in the month of December which has been submitted for processing to the Health Plan AND IS PAID by the Health Plan on or before December 31st. In this situation, the employee will have until January 31st to cash in any earned Health Reward.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Employees need to plan accordingly when scheduling claims based incentive activities toward the end of the calendar year. It’s possible that a claims based incentive activity incurred in mid to late December is not received AND PAID by the Health Plan on or before the December 31st deadline. Again, in this case, due to the year ending, the claim would not be considered “complete” as it was not processed and paid by the December 31st deadline.
Where can I learn about available Health Reward Incentives? Health Reward incentive activities can be viewed by selecting “Home” on the top left corner of your Mobile Health app, then selecting “Incentives”. Once on the Incentives page, click on the tab labeled “Available” to view available incentive activities. Mobile Health also tracks the Health Reward activities that you have finished on the “Completed” tab.
Updated: May 2022

As you complete Health Reward activities, you’ll then receive Credits which appear under “Store” that you can cash in for either an or MasterCard gift card. What is the difference between Health Reward “points” and Health Reward “credits”? You can earn points by completing certain activities in the Mobile Health App or Mobile Health online website. Once you earn the required points, the points may be converted into credits, which you redeem in the store to purchase a gift card. For example, you need to accumulate 5,000 points to earn a $100 gift card. Who do I contact if I have additional questions? Additional detail and information on how to register for Mobile Health and the current Health Reward Incentive activities can also be viewed on the State’s Employee Portal website at If you have questions about app functionality or navigation, or if you are receiving an error message from the app, contact [email protected]
Updated: May 2022

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Mobile Health and Health Rewards Frequently Asked Questions