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Quick Reference Guide: CA Clarity PPM Time Entry

Logging into Clarity
1. In your browser window, navigate to your organization’s Clarity URL. 2. Save the link as a favorite, or create a shortcut on your desktop. 3. Enter your User Name and Password. 4. Click Login or press Enter. Users are typically required to change their
password upon their initial login. Once the password has been successfully entered, the default Personal Overview screen appears.
Changing Your Password
1. Click Account Settings from the Home menu. 2. In the Change Password portlet at the bottom of the page, enter your old
password, new password, and confirmation of your new password. 3. Click Save.

Reviewing, Approving & Returning Timesheets
Once the timesheet has been submitted, it is typically the Project or Resource Managers’ responsibility to review the timesheet for accuracy, and approve it prior to the agreed-upon approval deadline.
1. To review a timesheet, click the Timesheets option under the Home link in the navigation bar. Use the filter to identify the resource, time period and status of the timesheet you wish to review. Click the Blue Clock icon to access the selected timesheet.
2. Review the timesheet; if the data appears correct, click Approve (or indicate your approval in an alternate method as dictated by your organization). The approved timesheet will be posted the next time the Post Timesheets job is run.
3. If the timesheet data is incorrect, return it to the submitter by clicking the Return Timesheet button located at the bottom of the screen. Add a timesheet note as an explanation for the returned timesheet.

Accessing Your Timesheet

1. Click the Timesheets option under the Home link in the navigation bar to display available timesheets.

2. Click the Blue Clock icon

to the left of the time period you wish to

submit. The timesheet is displayed.

Adding Tasks
Clarity provides two ways in which tasks may be added to a timesheet. The first automatically populates the timesheet with all the tasks to which you are assigned within a time period specified by your Clarity administrator (typically one week in the past through one week in the future). The second simply allows you to manually add tasks to the timesheet, regardless of when the task is scheduled.
Populate Tasks
1. With the timesheet displayed, click the Populate button to add all tasks to which you are assigned within the specified time window. These tasks will automatically appear on the timesheet
Manually Add Tasks
1. Click the Add Task button. The Select Tasks screen is displayed, providing a list of available tasks.
2. Update the filter criteria, if necessary to locate the task(s) you wish to add. If enabled by your PM, update the Show Tasks filter to All to display tasks to which you are not specifically assigned but for which you are a member of the project team.
3. Click the checkbox beside one or more tasks, then click either Add or Add and Select More:
· Add adds the selected tasks and returns to the timesheet.
· Add and Select More adds the selected tasks and stays in the Select Tasks screen.

Deleting Tasks
1. To remove a task from your timesheet, select the checkbox of the associated task.
2. Click the Delete button. The task will be deleted from the timesheet only, not from the project.

Entering Time
1. Once you’ve populated all the relevant tasks, enter your hours in the fields provided.
2. If more or fewer hours are needed to complete the task, modify the ETC value for that task by adjusting the value provided to the right of the task. The project Manager will be notified of the requested change.
3. Click the Save button to calculate the hours that have been entered. It is good practice to enter and save time on a daily basis.
4. Once time entry is complete, click Submit for Approval.

Modifying Returned Timesheets

You will likely receive an email notification if your timesheet is returned. Follow the steps below to modify a returned timesheet:

1. Click the link in the email notification to access the timesheet directly, or navigate to the Timesheets link in Clarity. Filter for Open timesheets, then locate the timesheet with a status of Returned. Click the Blue Clock icon to access the returned timesheet.

2. Click the Notes icon

in the upper right to review any comments

provided by the PM regarding the returned timesheet.

3. Make any necessary changes, then click Submit for Approval.

Adjusting Posted Timesheets

Approved timesheets are posted when the posting job is run If a correction or modification to a timesheet is required after posting, you will be required to create and submit a Timesheet Adjustment.

1. Click the Timesheets option under the Home link in the navigation bar.

2. Utilize the filter criteria to locate the timesheet you wish to adjust. In the Timesheet Status field, select the Posted option.

3. Click Filter to display all posted timesheets for the available time periods.

4. Click the Blue Clock icon adjustment.

to access the timesheet requiring

5. Click the Adjust button to open an Adjustment Timesheet. You may toggle to the original timesheet by clicking the Adjusted Timesheet link at the top of the screen.

6. Make the necessary changes and click Save to save your changes and update the totals. The Delta View link at the bottom of the page allows you to compare both the Adjusted (original) Timesheet and Adjustment Timesheet (new) on the same screen.

7. Click the Submit for Approval button. Adjusted timesheets will be posted at the next time the posting job is run

8. Note that two versions of the timesheet will now exist – the original, or Adjusted timesheet, and the new Adjustment timesheet.

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Quick Reference Guide: CA Clarity PPM Time Entry

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Quick Reference Guide: CA Clarity PPM Time Entry