Capitol Albums, 1101 to 1200 Full Dimensional Stereo

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Capitol Albums, 1101 to 1200 and Full Dimensional Stereo


Capitol EAP-1-1101

Stan Freberg

Released August, 1958.

In spring, Freberg recorded a 6:38 commercial for Butter-Nut

Coffee, which was based in Omaha. The successful commercial

came out as Capitol Custom KB-2236/7. He decided to expand the

concept into an EP soundtrack that served basically as a parody of

Oklahoma while promoting Omaha. The city loved him, asking that

he conduct the Omaha Symphony Orchestra in July – in a

performance of his musical.

The Most Mishige Mickey Katz Released January, 1959.
Freshmen Favorites Vol. 2 The Four Freshmen Released January, 1959.

Capitol T-1102 Capitol T-1103

Polka Night Ray Budzilek Released January, 1959.

Capitol T-1104

Andy Griffith Shouts the Blues and Old Timey Songs Andy Griffith Released January, 1959.

Capitol T-1105

Country Love Ballads The Louvin Brothers Released January, 1959.

Capitol T-1106

From The Hungry i The Kingston Trio Released January, 1959.

Capitol T-1107

18th Century Jazz The Jack Marshall Sextette Released January, 1959.

Capitol T-1108

Some Came Running Soundtrack Released March, 1959.

Capitol (S)W-1109

Meredith Willson’s Marching Band Meredith Willson Released January, 1959.

Capitol T-1110

Favorite Waltzes Hank Thompson Released January, 1959.

Capitol T-1111 1112

Church in the Wildwood Various Artists Released January, 1959.

Capitol T-1113

The Song Is June! June Christy Released January, 1959.

Capitol (S)T-1114

Jonah Jumps Again Jonah Jones Quartet Released February, 1959.

Capitol (S)T-1115

Salute to the Smooth Bands Freddy Martin Released February, 1959.

Capitol T-1116

African Jazz Les Baxter Released February, 1959.

Capitol (S)T-1117

Garland at the Grove Judy Garland Released February, 1959.

Capitol (S)T-1118

M.T.A. Kingston Trio Released c. June, 1959.

Capitol EAP-1-1119

Welcome to the Club Nat “King” Cole Released February, 1959.

Capitol (S)W-1120

Dancing Room Only Guy Lombardo Released February, 1959.

Capitol (S)T-1121

Praise Him Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians Released February, 1959.

Capitol T-1122

This Thing Called Love Tommy Sands Released February, 1959.

Capitol (S)T-1123

Blue Chiffon George Shearing Quintet Released February, 1959.

Capitol (S)T-1124

Light of the Lord Tommy Collins Released February, 1959.

Capitol T-1125

Lonesome Love Jean Shepard Released February, 1959.

Capitol T-1126

The Frank Moore Four The Frank Moore Four Released February, 1959.

Capitol T-1127

Mister Pipe Organ Eddie Dunstedter Released February, 1959.

Capitol T-1128

The Tijuana Jail The Kingston Trio Released April, 1959 (stereo only).

Capitol SEP-1-1129

Lush Interlude Stan Kenton Released January, 1959.

Capitol (S)T-1130

I Like MEN! Peggy Lee Released February, 1959.

Capitol (S)T-1131

Strictly Prima! Louis Prima Released November, 1958.

Capitol T-1132

Take One! Donna Hightower Released January, 1959.

Capitol T-1133

Willie and the Hand Jive Johnny Otis Released c. February, 1959.

Capitol EAP-1-1134 1135

Tom Dooley Kingston Trio Released c. February, 1959.

Capitol EAP-1-1136

The Secret Gordon MacRae Released c. February, 1959.

Capitol EAP-1-1137

Non Dimenticar Nat “King” Cole Released c. February, 1959.

Capitol EAP-1-1138

Lazy Summer Night The Four Preps Released c. early 1959.

Capitol EAP-1-1139

New In Town Ed Townsend Released January, 1959.

Capitol ST-1140

Pope Pius XII Pope Pius XII Released November, 1958.

Capitol W-1141

Star Spangled Banner and Themes of Our Armed Forces Capitol EAP-1-1142 The Military Band (Felix Slatkin) Released c. February, 1959.

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Capitol Albums, 1101 to 1200 Full Dimensional Stereo