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The last revision to the list was made on 16th. February 2010.
The original has no edition numbers making it very difficult to find the right music. Where I have added edition numbers the music is in stock or has been ordered. Some titles are virtually impossible to obtain and others are subject to a long delay. The blanks will gradually be filled and errors corrected as I discover the missing information. Many titles are less popular editions of 'best sellers' that you may already have. These alternatives are generally acceptable exam use. I would be happy to use them myself, but the final decision must be yours, I am not an examiner.


The overall length of the examination is ATCL - 40 minutes

LTCL - 45 minutes

FTCL - 50 minutes

The duration of pieces must be: ATCL - 32 to 38 minutes

LTCL - 37 to 43 minutes

FTCL - 42 to 48 minutes

Duration of pieces refers to the time taken in the examination to play all of the pieces on the programme, and does not include time taken arriving and departing, setting up, tuning/adjusting instruments or pausing/breaking between items or movements.

At least two different sizes of recorder must be used for these examinations.

Candidates planning accompaniment on harpsichord or other continuo grouping must discuss arrangements with the Centre Representative well in advance of the closing date for the session concerned. Candidates are responsible for providing/insuring and tuning any harpsichord used. The instrument must be installed before the first examination at the day and must not be removed until a point at which the examination timetable will not be disrupted, which might be after the last examination of the day.

The programme must consist of at least two works, and must display a range of moods, styles and tempi. The music performed can be either:

a) be drawn entirely from the appropriate repertoire list below or b) mix pieces from the list with own-choice pieces or c) contain only own-choice pieces

Any own-choice repertoire must be of a similar level of demand to that on the indicative list and any programme which includes own-choice repertoire must be pre-approved, using the procedure on pages 10-11, before an entry is made.

A written programme including programme notes must be handed to the examiner at the start of the examination. Spoken introductions are not permitted. For details see page 13. Copies of all music played must be provided for the examiner’s use.

The performance receives 90% of the available marks; presentation skills/programme notes receives 10% (ATCL & LTCL only).

ATCL Recital

Soprano !Alto!Chopin Cima de la Barre Fontana Krähmer Krähmer Montalbano Sammartini Van Eyck Van Eyck
Alto !Soprano !Altmann
J S Bach
J S Bach
J S Bach
J S Bach Bassano

Variations on Non Piu Mesta (from Extraordinary Encores) Sonata in G minor Suite in G L’inconnue (soprano or tenor) Sonata Prima (from Sechs Sonaten Vol.1) Introduction & Variations Brillantes Op.23 (omitting variations 3 and 4) Rondeau Hongrois Op.28 Sinifonia quarta geloso (from Masters of the Early Baroque) Concerto in F major, 2nd and 3rd movements Malle Symen (from Der Fluyten Lusthof Vol.3) (unaccompanied) Philis schoone Harderinne (from Der Fluyten Lusthof Vol.1) (unaccompanied)

Dolce Amadeus Amadeus Moeck Dolce Dolce Schott Schott XYZ XYZ

Sonatine, 2nd and 3rd movements


Allemande from Partita II BWV 1004


(from 11 Movements from the Sonatas and Partitas)

Gavotte en Rondeau Partita lll BWVl006


(from 11 Movements from the Sonatas and Partitas)

Sonata in D minor. BWV 1017 1st movement: Siciliano and 2nd movement: Allegro Zen-On

(From 4 Sonatas for Violin. & Harpsichord. arr. for Alto Recorder and Harpsichord.)

Sonata in F major BWV 1035


Ricercarta 3 (unaccompanied)


DOL 119 BP 680 BP 798 EM 2109 DOL 209 DOL 211 OFB 153 OFB 1021 XYZ 1023 XYZ1013
FL 23 M 2233 0442 9
M 2233 0442 9
M 2233 0460 3
UE 18749

Tenor Bass Various

L Berkeley Castrucci P Danican PhiIidor Diethelm Dodgson Finger Gal Hotteterre Hotteterre Jacob Linde Monteclair Sammartini Sieber Staeps Steenhoven Telemann Telemann Telemann Telemann Veracini Vivaldi Vivaldi Vivaldi
Nordin Shinohara
Yun Isang
Fortin Gregson Rose Zahnhausen

Sonata in C minor Op.3/8
Sonatina Sonata in C major. Op.1/6 Cinquieme Suite (Sept. 2008. Believed to be out of print.) Concerto Pastorale, 2nd and 3rd movements Shine and Shade Sonata in G minor Op.3/4 Concertino, 1st. and 2nd movements Suite in D minor, Op. 5/4 Suite in F Op. 5/3 Variations (omitting variation 5) Fantasien und Scherzi (unaccompanied] Suite in D minor, any five movements Sonata in B flat, Sib. 21 Sonata II in G minor (from Sechs Sonaten) Furioso Gigue and Aria (this piece is accompanied) Siri (from Three Solos) (unaccompanied) Fantasia 5 in E flat (from 12 Fantasias) (unaccompanied) Fantasia 6 in F minor (from 12 Fantasias) (unaccompanied) Methodical Sonata No.7 in D minor Sonata in C major TWV41:C5 (from Essercizii Musici) Sonata XII in C minor (from12 Sonatas Vol.4) Concerto No. 2 in G minor ‘La Notte’ Op.10/2 RV 439 Concerto No.1 in F ‘La Tempesta di Mare’ Op.10/1 RV 433 Sonata in F minor RV 8 from Four Sonatas for Recorder and Basso Continuo (originally for Violin) Minimal Music (from Flauto Dolce Solo) (unaccompanied)

EMA Nova
Schott Universal Hug Amadeus Forsyth Breitkopf Universal Amadeus Amadeus Breitkopf Schott Amadeus Peacock Amadeus Doblinger Moeck Amadeus Amadeus Moseler Amadeus Peters Schott Schott EMB

Inevitabilini (unaccompanied) Fragmente (unaccompanied)

Moeck Schott

The Hermit at the Water (from Chinese Pictures) (unaccompanied)

Bote & Bock

Vogel-Ronde (from Top Fourteen) (unaccompanied sopranino or alto) Three Matisse impressions (sopranino and alto) Bass Burner (base/treble recorders and tam-tam - candidate to supply tam-tam) A selection of movements from Jahreszeichen books I-IV totalling 5-6 minutes (unaccompanied soprano and alto) Hommage an Hildegarde von Bingen (soprano and alto) or Who’s Bar Three (tenor) (from The Delayed Flute) (candidate to supply microphone, speaker & delay effect)

Doblinger Forsyth Carus Moseler

LTCL Recital

EMA 120 or NM 120 OFB 1040 UE 19931 Pelican 867 BP 2473 FDS 01 EB 8388 UE 12644 BP 788 BP 788 MR 1110 OFB 46 BP 742 PAR 203 BP 935 FL 37 EM 2817 BP 425 BP 425 M 22013 BP 2052 P 4965d FTR 80 FTR 79 Z 14130
04 457
EM 1610 TMR 3
BB 1746
04466 FGE 02
MOS 224'xx'


Castello F Couperin F Couperin Fontana Lorenz Niewkerk Rognoni Schubert Thomessen Van Eyck
Yun, Isang

Sonata prima (from Venetian Music around 1600) Neuvieme concert (complete or a selection of movements) (soprano or tenor) Quatorzieme Concert (soprano or tenor) Sonata quarta (from Sechs Sonaten Vol. 2) Theme and 1st set Variations (from Variations) Voci, Voci (unaccompanied soprano or tenor) Vestiva i colli, Diminutions on a madrigal by G. P. Palestrina The Bee The Blockbird (unaccompanied) Derde, Doen Daphne d’Over or Pavan Lacryme from Der Fluyten Lusthof Vol. 2 (unaccompanied] The Actor with the Monkey (from Chinese Pictures) (unaccompanied)

Alto J. S. Bach
J. S. Bach J. S. Bach J. S. Bach

Allegro from Sonata II BWV 1003 (from Eleven Movements from the Sonatas and Partitas Giga (from Partita No. II, BWV 1004) (unaccompanied) Partita in C minor BWV 1013 (unaccompanied] Sonata in A minor. BWV 528

J. S. Bach Barsanti Boismortier

Sonata in G minor. BWV 1034 Sonata in F major,Op.1 No. 5 Cinquieme Suite

Schott Moeck Moeck Moeck Moeck Ascolta Moeck Hansen Hansen XYZ
Bote & Bock
Moseler Amadeus Barenreiter LPM Universal Schott Peacock

OFB 122
EM 518
EM 2547 WH 29917 WH 29680 XYZ 1021
BB 1746
M 2233 0442 9
M 22613 BP 773 BA 8077 o/p DOL 273 UE 30382 OFB 1027

Tenor Basso

Corelli P. Danican Philidor Hirose Hotteterre Lefanu Linde Linde
Linde Michel Telemann Telemann Telemann Zahnhausen

Sonata Op. 5 No.12 La Follia Quatrieme Suite Meditation (unaccompanied) Suite in G minor. Op. 2 No. 3a Dawns Dove (unaccompanied) Amarilli mia bella (from Hommage a Van Eyck) (unaccompanied) Nos.1, (Anklange) 5, (Bizzarria) 7, (Ornamente) and 8, (Magic Moment) from Blockflote Virtuos) (unaccompanied) Una Follia Nuova (unaccompanied) Gedampfte Schwingung (unaccompanied) Concerto in C TWV 51:C1 Concerto in F TWV 51 F:1 Fantasia No. 11 in Bb (from Twelve Fantasias) (unaccompanied) Musica lnquieta (unaccompanied)

Schott Hug Zen-On Nova Novello Schott Schott
Schott Mieroprint Schott Peacock Amadeus Doblinger

Hirose Leenhouts

Illusion of the Crescent (unaccompanied) Big Baboon (unaccompanied)

Moeck Moeck

Bassano or Spadi McCabe
Meijering Vivaldi Zahnhausen

No.2 (decant or tenor). No.6 (descant or tenor) or No.9 (bass) (from Divisions on ‘Ancor che partir’) Desert Vista IV (from A Birthday Book for Thomas Pitfield) (sopranino and tenor) Please Tell Me More (soprano, alto and tenor) Concerto in C RV 443 (sopranino or alto) (Candidates may elect to play the transposed soprano version in G if they wish.) Lux Aeterna (unaccompanied alto and tenor)

FTCL Recital

Moeck Amadeus Amadeus Moseler

OFB 121
M 2233 1401 5 NM 171 NOV 950327 OFB 133 OFB 156
OFB 165
OFB 152 PAR 012 BP 425 04 461
EM 1604 EM 2809
Rep 11
FZZ 02
EM 1613 BP 820 BP 800 22448


Dalla Casa Fontana

Alto Andriessen C. P. E. Bach J S Bach J. S. Bach

Berio Detri Heppener Lara Tsoupaki Vivaldi Zahnhausen


Ishii Janssen Stockhausen

Bass Various

M. Eggert Vivaldi Vivaldi

Divisions on Petit Jacquet (from Divisions or Chansons) Sonata seconda (from Sechs Sonaten Vol.1)

LPM Moeck

EM 2109

Sweet (unaccompanied) Sonata in C minor Wq 132 (unaccompanied) Ciaccona (from Partita No.II BWV 1004 (unaccompanied) Sonata in C minor BWV 1030 (candidates can elect to play the untransposed flute version in B minor it they wish) Gesti (unaccompanied) Solo Flute a bec Toonladder (unaccompanied) Icaro (unaccompanied) Charavgi (unaccompanied Ganassi alto in G) Concerto in C minor RV 441 A selection, but must include Toccata and Take Five (from Flauto Dolce Solo) (unaccompanied]

Schott Barenreiter Moseler Universal

TMR 2 BA 8087 M 22613 UE 17295

Universal Edition baroque Donemus Moeck Moeck Breitkopf Doblinger

UE 15627 EM 1591 04 457

East-Green-Spring Largo In Freundschaft

Moeck Moeck Stockhausen Verlag

M 2233 1404 6 EM 1552

Voice of the Crocodile


EM 2561

Ausser Atem ‘Breathless’ (soprano, alto and Ganassi alto in G)


Concerto in C major RV 444 (sopranino or alto)



Concerto in A minor RV 445 (sopranino or alto) (candidates can elect to play the EMB

transposed soprano recorder version in E minor if they wish) Concerto In-E

minor RV 445


OFB 192 MR 1529A
BP 858

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