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Important Guidelines for Online submission of Soft copies of Assignments June TEE 2020

Dear Learner,

In view of the unprecedented situation to contain COVID-19 outbreak, all IGNOU learners are hereby informed that they can submit scanned copies of Hand written assignment through e-mail.

Due to submission of large no. of Assignments, inbox is showing full on the email ID of some of the Study Centres. To resolve this issue and providing better support services, with the help of IGNOU HQ, RC has generated new e-mail ids with sufficient space on IGNOU Portal for selected Study centres.
Please note that with effect from 9th May 2020, Learners are requested to submit the Scanned Copies of Handwritten Assignment/s at their Study Centres ONLY through new e-mail.

Revised Mail ids of different Study Centres for submission of Handwritten Assignments are given below:

S N. Code and Name of Learner Support Centres E-mail ID for submission of


Assignments June TEE 2020 ONLY

1. 1002R : Hindu College Sonepat 2. 1005R : C.R. College of Education, Rohtak 3. 1009R : Govt. P.G. College, Hisar

[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]

4. 1014R : Govt. P.G. National College, Sirsa 5. 1031R : Govt. College for Women, Bodiakera

[email protected] [email protected]

6. 1069R : Jeevan Chanan Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Assandh, Distt. Karnal

[email protected]

7. 1070R: Rajiv Gandhi Mahavidyalaya, Uchana, Distt. Jind

[email protected]

8. 1075R : Guru Nanak Khalsa College, Karnal

[email protected]

9. 1079R : GDC Memorial College, Bahal, Bhiwani [email protected]

10. 1034P: Guru Nanak Girls College, Yamunanagar [email protected]

11. 1039P: Div. of Dairy Technology NDRI, Karnal [email protected]

12. 1047P: Div. of Diary Microbiology, NDRI, Karnal [email protected]

13. 1051P : National College of Education, Sirsa

[email protected]

14. 1064P : Budha College of Education Rambha

[email protected]


15. 1078D : Sunrise College of Education, Kundli,

[email protected]

Nangal Kalan Sonepat

16. 1081P : NIFTEM, Sonepat)

[email protected]

Guidelines for submission of Soft Copies of Assignments:
1) If you have already submitted the scanned copies of Handwritten Assignment/s to the Regional Centre through e-mail on [email protected] Or earlier provided email ID of Study Centres on Gmail platform Or Offline at your Learner Support Centre/Study centre, NO need to submit the Assignment/s Again…
2) Legible Scanned copies of Handwritten Assignments along with Question paper/s in PDF format (Course Wise) to be submitted ONLY at the above mentioned e-mail I D of your study centre.
3) Subject of the e-mail written clearly with Name of the learner, Programme Code, Study centre code as well as Course code/s.
4) Name of the Learner, Enrollment Number, Study Centre Code, Programme Code (Registration Status as available IGNOU Website) and Course Code should be mentioned clearly on the Scanned Copy of the Assignment/s.
5) Each PDF copy (COURSE WISE) should be named as Programme Code (i.e. BA, BAG, MAH, MEG), Course Code (EHD01, FST01, BEVAE101), 9 or 10 Digit of Enroll No. and 4 Digit Study Centre Code.
For example: If, Enroll No. 123456789, Programme code BAG, Study Centre Code 1002 and Course Code BEVAE181, then give the name of each PDF file as
6) Do not send scanned copy of assignment/s more than once for a particular course/s.
7) Please note those who have already submitted their assignments. No need to submit Soft copy/hardcopy of assignments AGAIN at your study centre if you have already submitted assignments for June TEE 2020.
8) Don’t submit/forward soft copies of the Assignment/s to any other e-mail/s EXCEPT above said LSCs wise specific e-mail. If you submit the assignment/s to any other email/s, your assignment/s will not be considered for evaluation as well as University will not be responsible for the same.

9) The scanned copies of assignment/s should be clear, no intimation will be given to submit again and evaluation will be done accordingly.

Please note last date for submission of Assignments for June TEE 2020 has been extended up to 30th June 2020 through email.

You all are requested to follow Govt. guidelines and instructions to prevent spread of COVID-19. Stay home, Stay Safe.

Best wishes,

Regional Director

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