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Cake sizes

The size of your crowd will determine the number of servings you’ll need. You can have one large cake, multiple small cakes, sheet cakes, cupcakes, or a combination of options! Our wedding consultant will be happy to help you determine the best options for guest lists of any size.

Common Sizes:

30-130 guests













Serves: 37 Round

Serves: 44 Square

Serves: 51 Round

Serves: 68 Square

Serves: 76 Round

Serves: 100 Square

Serves: 100 Round

Serves: 128 Round

131-270 guests
6” 9” 12” Serves: 131 Square

6” 8” 10”
Serves: 132 Round

6” 8” 10”
Serves: 153 Round

6” 10”
14” Serves: 166

6” 8” 10” 12”
14” Serves: 209

6” 8” 10”
12” 14” Serves: 270 Square

other shapes
Oval tiers: 37-154 servings Hexagon tiers: 51-209 servings Emerald tiers: 85-319 servings

270+ guests
Round tiers: 6”-8”-10”-12”-14”-16” serves 309 Square tiers: 8”-10”-12”-14”-16” tiers serves 380 Emerald tiers: 8”-10”-12”-14”-16” tiers serves 319

Sheet cakes & Cupcakes
Half Sheet: 48 servings Full Sheet: 96 servings Cupcakes available

All about
Cake flavors
basic flavor package: $3.50 per serving
This flavor package includes any of our traditional cake flavors, icings, and fillings. Classic combinations include white cake with raspberry filling, chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling, and yellow cake with strawberry filling.
Cake flavors: white, yellow, chocolate, or marble Fillings: strawberry, raspberry, white chocolate raspberry, chocolate mousse, white
chocolate mousse, peanut butter mousse, chocolate fudge Icing flavors: ivory buttercream, white buttercream, white almond
specialty flavor package: $3.75 per serving
With this package you can create a flavor combination that goes beyond traditional. Popular choices include lemon cake with lemon cream, strawberry cake with buttercream, and dark chocolate fudge cake with white chocolate mousse.
Cake flavors: red velvet, lemon, carrot, dark chocolate, strawberry, almond, strawberry swirl, chocolate chip, pink champagne,
Fillings: fresh strawberry, fresh raspberry, strawberry, raspberry, white chocolate raspberry, chocolate mousse, white chocolate mousse, peanut butter mousse, chocolate fudge
Icing flavors: whipped cream
gourmet flavor package: $4.00 per serving
Want to wow your guests? This flavor package includes any of our gourmet options as well as the ability to customize your own cake flavor. Favorites include raspberry Italian cream, strawberries and champagne, and chocolate caramel frappé.
Options: dark chocolate raspberry, blueberry lemonade, strawberries and champagne, caramel frappé, peanut butter chocolate chip, raspberry Italian cream

All about
Cake Designs
silver design package: no additional cost
This package offers a variety of clean and classic cakes. Silver design elements include piped designs such as scrolls, Swiss dots, monograms, and more. The package also includes textured buttercream to create beautiful, modern cakes.
gold design package: additional $.50 per serving
Small embellishments go a long way and this package offers a variety of additional details to take your cake design to the next level. The gold design package includes fondant embellishments such as bows, stripes, whimsical flowers, drapes, and more.
platinum design package: additional $1 per serving
From contemporary to glam to elegant, this package offers an abundance of stunning cake design options. Platinum design elements include more lavish and intricate details such as fondant swags, custom molded pieces, handmade sequins, stenciling, and more.
diamond design package: additional $2+ per serving
For a one-of-a-kind edible masterpiece, this is the package for you. Diamond design elements include sculpted layers, the finest details, and more. Our consultants will work closely with you to design the perfect cake for your event! All diamond designs are individually priced based on the level of detail and intricacy in the design.

example: Silver

example: Gold

example: Platinum example: Diamond

F.A.Q. and additional information

q: When should I book my wedding cake?
A: Our peak wedding season is May through October. If your wedding date falls within this time frame, we suggest you book five to six months in advance. If your wedding occurs in the off-season, two to three months is sufficient.
q: do you create custom cakes?
A: We love making custom cakes! If you have a specific vision for your wedding cake, be sure to bring any inspiration or ideas with you. Our consultant will work with you to determine what package your design will fall under, what frostings and decorating techniques will work best, and how to bring your cake to life for your wedding day.
q: What should I bring to my consultation?
A: We suggest you bring any important information that will affect the planning and the design of your wedding cake. Some examples would be inspiration photos, color swatches, venue details, and vendor contact information.
q: do you offer sheet cakes or cupcakes for weddings?
A: Yes! If you would like to have sheet cakes or cupcakes at your event, we have that option available. We offer various size and flavor options for both. Our consultant can help you determine the best option to fit your needs.

q: do you deliver?
A: We deliver! We have a delivery radius of approximately 30 minutes from our West Carrollton location.
q: What about my toP tier?
A: No need to freeze! If you order a 2-tier or larger wedding cake, we will make you a complimentary anniversary cake. Just give us a call a month before your anniversary date and you can pick it up for your one-year celebration.
additional information
During your consultation, you’ll sample six different cake flavors, frostings, and fillings. If you would like to sample specific cake flavors or other dessert options, please call ahead of time and your consultant will let you know our current offerings and availability.
A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your event date.
We suggest that you order your wedding cake at least 6 months in advance. Please call 937-384-2253 to
set up your cake consultation.

q: do you provide flowers or cake toppers?
A: We can place your topper or flowers on your cake at no additional cost, however, we do not provide or sell these items. We can work with your florist to coordinate the details of your flowers and determine the best time for placement.

contact information
elé Cake Co. 810 East Dixie Dr. West Carrollton, Ohio
937-384-2253 [email protected]

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