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Off Campus Student Timesheet Entry
Log in to the portal  My UW System portal:  A link is available from the Human Resources Home Page and the Faculty and Staff Home Page.  Select UW-Green Bay in the drop-down menu.
 On the next screen, enter your UW-Green Bay username and password and then click the Login button. Please use your UWGB student account and password (same account as SIS, D2L, Outlook).
 You should now be on the My UW System Portal page for UW-Green Bay. Select the Time and Absence module by clicking Launch full app.



 To access your timesheet, click on the red Timesheet button.
 If you have more than one position, you will be taken to a screen that asks you to select which timesheet you would like to enter time on. Navigate to the Select Job tab for easier viewing.
 Note: If your positions share the same job title, it might be helpful to look at the Department column to determine which position to select.
 You should now be on the Timesheet screen. Make sure the correct date is listed. If it is not, you may switch between pay periods by selecting Previous Period or Next Period.



 Hours, minutes and seconds may be entered in one of two ways: using the 24 hour clock or standard clock. o Using the 24 hour clock, enter 0745 and the time will display as 7:45:00AM after clicking Submit. An entry of 1630 will display as 4:30:00PM. o Using the standard clock, hours may be entered as 4p, 4pm, 4P, or 4PM. After clicking Submit, the time will display as 4:00:00PM  If minutes and seconds are included, hours/minutes/seconds must be separated by colons (ex. 12:45p will display as 12:45:00PM, 8:30:15a will display as 8:30:15AM)
 The four “IN” and “OUT” boxes should be used as follows: o FIRST IN: Enter the time you first report to your job. o FIRST OUT: Enter the time that you leave your job for lunch, class, or any other reason and plan on returning. o SECOND IN: Enter the time you return to your job. o SECOND OUT: Enter the time you leave your job for the day and will not return for another shift.

 It’s common for student workers to work multiple shifts in one day, often breaking for classes or short breaks. When only one break occurs, no extra steps need to be taken aside from filling in all four IN/OUT boxes on the timesheet screen. However, sometimes students may work for a short time, leave for a class, return to work, leave again (usually for a lunch break or another class), return to work again, and then leave for the day.
 In the image above, the student took only one break on Monday (3/13) from 11:00AM until 11:30AM and then left for the day at 2:00PM.
 On Tuesday, the student came into work at 8:00AM, left at 10:00AM, returned at 10:30AM, left again at 12:30PM, returned at 2:30PM, and stayed at work until 4:30PM. As you can see, the student needed to add another row in order to fill in the last two punch times. o To do this, scroll over to the right on the Timesheet screen. Next to the Date column, you should see a column that contains plus signs. Select the plus sign next to the date that you need to add



another IN/OUT time to add a row. (In this case, a row was added under 3/14). o There will now be four more IN/OUT boxes, like in the image above. Remember to fill in the First In
and Second Out box to record a single shift.
 You must click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page when you are done entering your hours.  The Punch Total column and total Reported Hours will be updated after clicking submit.  After you have submitted your hours for the current pay period, you will need to print off a copy of your
completed timesheet and submit it to your supervisor.  Right-click on the Timesheet screen and select Print Preview.

 Make sure your Name, Employee ID, and all IN/OUT times are visible. (Note: You may have to adjust the settings by using the indicated drop down menu on the toolbar.) When it looks good, print the page by clicking on the Printer icon on the toolbar.



 Submit your printed timesheet to your Supervisor.  Please note: Your supervisor is in charge of turning in your timesheet to UW-Green Bay’s Payroll
Department. o Timesheets can be faxed to Payroll at (920) 465-5104 or an electronic copy can be scanned and emailed to [email protected] o Timesheets must be turned in by 4:30 pm on the Monday following the last day in the pay period. Contact Student Employment at 920-465-2556 or [email protected] with questions.
 The Student Payroll Schedule is available on the Payroll Schedules webpage:
 Please note that punches will be rounded to the nearest quarter hour (ex. 0, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1), as shown on the Time & Absence webpage:
Please contact [email protected] or ext. 2390 if you have any questions.



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Off Campus Student Timesheet Entry