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AzadikaAmritMahotsav “Wood protection practices: Way forward”
October 30 2021
A Webinar on “Wood protection practices: Way forward” was organized by Institute of Wood Science and Technology, Bengaluru on 30th October 2021. The event was a part of series of events being conducted by Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education, Government of India under Azadika Amrit Mahotsav celebrating 75 years of India’s Independence. The event was co-hosted by Ply Reporter.
Dr. K.K. Pandey, Head, Wood Processing Division, IWST Bengaluru welcomed all the participants and briefed about the purpose of the webinar and importance of wood protection technologies including wood seasoning, preservation and wood modification. The presentations included topics on wood seasoning. Seasoning is one of the most important wood processing techniques and is a first step for protection and value addition in wood. This was followed by presentations and experience sharing on wood preservative and wood modification technologies. The webinar was attended by more than 500 participants representing wood based industries, researchers, foresters, architects, wood users and students.
In his inaugural address, Dr. M.P. Singh, Director, IWST Bengaluru stressed on the need for adoption of proper processing technologies for rational utilization of wood material. He stated that the twenty first century is witnessing sea changes in the environment and climate profile of the globe and that forests are the saviours and trees are the answers to this malady. The key to a sustainable future is the rational utilization of wood. He further stressed that there is a need to introduce legislation on using treated timber.
Dr. Anil Kumar Sethy of IWST made a presentation on timber seasoning relevance and opportunities. He discussed wood seasoning technologies and their importance for producing

quality wood products and value addition. This was followed by experience sharing by experts from the industry Mr Sanjay Goel, Sri Dwara Ramakrihna, Sri Anil Kumar and Dr. C.N. Pandey. Mr.Dwara Ramakrihna shared his experiences about solar seasoning of wood and various difficulties faced by saw millers and industries in this regards. Mr. Sanjay Goel stressed on the need to educate the people in this topic.Sri Anil Kumar opined that wood protection technology to be propagated and made compulsory. Dr. C.N.Pandey shared his experience on industrial perspective on timber seasoning and its importance for wood protection. Most of the speakers suggested to make wood seasoning a compulsory practice for wood products manufacturing with some kind of enforcements so that wood can be utilized in an optimum way and wood wastages can be avoided.
Mr Srinivasan Director, Laghu Udyog Bharathi, Karnataka expressed the need for creating Common Facility Centers on wood seasoning and preservation technology and stressed on problems of getting proper raw materials from the forest departments to artisans.
In second session Mrs C.N. Vani of IWST made presentation on wood preservation technologies. She emphasized on the importance of wood preservation for increasing the service life of less durable wood by using suitable preservative and method of preservation. Sri Anil Kumar Sethy stressed on the importance of storage of the seasoned and treated wood and importance of raised platforms above the ground level. Mr Sanjay Gorai presented wood preservative treatment technology followed in furniture industry in India.
Third session was devoted to wood modifications technologies. Mr Sanjay Goel made a presentation on thermal modification technology and discussed various steps involved and precautions to be taken in thermal modification at industrial level. This was followed by a presentation by Dr. S.R.Shukla on overview of wood modification technologies. Dr. Andy Pitman, Former Director Lignia discussed advantages of various chemical modification technologies for protection and enhancing the dimensional stability of wood and its application in different sectors including building construction, bridge construction etc.
The webinar concluded with vote of thanks by Mr.Ritesh D Ram, Scientist E, IWST.

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