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Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Average Arrival Dates for Spring Migratory Birds

Arrival dates for bird species recorded at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and the surrounding area. List does not include species that regularly winter in the area.

Swans, Geese, and Ducks Species Greater white-fronted goose Snow goose Ross's goose Tundra swan Blue-winged teal Cinnamon teal Northern pintail

Earliest Arrival Date 2/Feb/94 29/Jan/70 2/Feb/79 25/Jan/98 27/Feb/83 4/Feb/72 20/Jan/90

Latest Arrival Date 14/Mar/77 6/Mar/56 14/Apr/69 25/Feb/66 5/May/58 21/Apr/78

Average Arrival Date 18/Feb 13/Feb 9/Mar 11/Feb 10/Apr 28/Feb 8/Feb

Grebes Species Pied-billed grebe Horned grebe Eared grebe Western grebe Clark's grebe

Earliest Arrival Date 19/Jan/84 6/Apr/98 19/Jan/56 22/Feb/79 15/Mar/98

Latest Arrival Date 10/Apr/73 30/May/64 20/Apr/62 25/Apr/91 20/May/89

Average Arrival Date 11/Mar 20/Apr 30/Mar 20/Mar 4/May

Pelicans Species American white pelican

Earliest Arrival Date 21/Feb/91

Latest Arrival Date 16/Apr/68

Average Arrival Date 24/Mar

Cormorants Species Double-crested cormorant

Earliest Arrival Date 5/Feb/84

Latest Arrival Date 14/Apr/59

Average Arrival Date 16/Mar

Bitterns, Herons, and Egrets Species American bittern Great egret Snowy egret Cattle egret Black-crowned night heron

Earliest Arrival Date 22/Feb/81 19/Mar/85 12/Mar/84 26/Apr/88 1/Mar/85

Latest Arrival Date 29/Apr/93 16/Apr/68 2/May/70 13/May/95 24/Apr/80

Average Arrival Date 4/Apr 26/Mar 18/Apr 6/May 28/Mar


Earliest Arrival Date Latest Arrival Date Average Arrival Date

Ibises and Spoonbills Species White-faced ibis

Earliest Arrival Date 7/Apr/95

Latest Arrival Date 24/May/67

Average Arrival Date 28/Apr

New World Vultures Species Turkey vulture

Earliest Arrival Date 18/Feb/76

Latest Arrival Date 5/Apr/62

Average Arrival Date 15/Mar

Osprey, Kites, Hawks, and Eagles Species Osprey Swainson's hawk

Earliest Arrival Date 15/Mar/56 5/Mar/90

Latest Arrival Date 25/May/62 27/Apr/76

Average Arrival Date 15/Apr 5/Apr

Rails Species Virginia rail Sora

Earliest Arrival Date 1/Mar/98 19/Mar/96

Latest Arrival Date 13/May/67 20/May/64

Average Arrival Date 20/Apr 20/Apr

Cranes Species Sandhill crane

Earliest Arrival Date 7/Feb/59

Latest Arrival Date 28/Feb/57

Average Arrival Date 17/Feb

Plovers Species Black-bellied plover Snowy plover Killdeer

Earliest Arrival Date 5/Apr/95 27/Feb/68 31/Jan/71

Latest Arrival Date 13/May/90 13/Jun/65 27/Feb/72

Average Arrival Date 27/Apr 27/Apr 17/Feb

Stilts and Avocets Species Black-necked stilt American avocet

Earliest Arrival Date 20/Mar/84 11/Mar/80

Latest Arrival Date 18/Jun/57 14/Apr/67

Average Arrival Date 16/Apr 26/Mar

Sandpipers and Phalaropes

Species Species Greater yellowlegs Lesser yellowlegs Willet Spotted sandpiper Long-billed curlew Marbled godwit Western sandpiper Least sandpiper Dunlin Long-billed dowitcher Wilson's phalarope Red-necked phalarope

Earliest Arrival Date Earliest Arrival Date
22/Jan/63 4/Apr/91 21/Mar/58 21/Apr/79 15/Mar/98 19/Mar/90 2/Apr/66 11/Apr/77 28/Mar/85 22/Feb/75 2/Apr/64 17/Apr/85

Latest Arrival Date Latest Arrival Date
7-Apr-67/73 26/Apr/96 21-Apr-65/67 13/May/84 5/Apr/82 25/May/81 5-May-73/98 6/May/88 16-May-66/71 13/May/80 7/May/60 28/May/73

Average Arrival Date Average Arrival Date
17/Mar 13/Apr 10/Apr 2/May 26/Mar 27/Apr 21/Apr 25/Apr 27/Apr 2/Apr 25/Apr 12/May

Skuas, Jaegers, Gulls, and Terns Species Franklin's gull Bonaparte's gull Ring-billed gull California gull Caspian tern Forster's tern Black tern

Earliest Arrival Date 11/Mar/88 14/Apr/84 26/Jan/93 14/Feb/85 27/Mar/96 9/Mar/83 23/Apr/59

Latest Arrival Date 3-May-58/64 30/May/64 19/Mar/67 2/Apr/66 16/Jun/70 4/May/63 12/May/61

Average Arrival Date 13/Apr 2/May 22/Feb 7/Mar 27/Apr 23/Apr 3/May

Pigeons and Doves Species Mourning dove

Earliest Arrival Date 31/Jan/93

Latest Arrival Date 23/Apr/91

Average Arrival Date 3/Apr

Typical Owls Species Burrowing owl

Earliest Arrival Date 18/Feb/90

Latest Arrival Date 20/Apr/67

Average Arrival Date 27/Mar

Nightjars Species Common nighthawk

Earliest Arrival Date 28/Apr/75

Latest Arrival Date 29-May-76/88

Average Arrival Date 24/May

Species Common poorwill
Swifts Species Vaux's swift
Hummingbirds Species Calliope hummingbird Black-chinned hummingbird Rufous hummingbird
Woodpeckers Species Lewis's woodpecker Red-naped sapsucker
Tyrant Flycatchers Species Olive-sided flycatcher Western wood Pewee Willow flycatcher Dusky flycatcher Say's phoebe Ash-throated flycatcher Gray flycatcher Cordilleran flycatcher Western kingbird Eastern kingbird
Vireos Species Plumbeous vireo Warbling vireo

Earliest Arrival Date 5/Mar/98

Latest Arrival Date 31/May/82

Average Arrival Date 14/May

Earliest Arrival Date 24/Apr/88

Latest Arrival Date 1/Jun/94

Average Arrival Date 7/May

Earliest Arrival Date 2/May/98 26/Apr/98 21/Apr/59

Latest Arrival Date 2/May/98 26/Apr/98 28/Jun/65

Average Arrival Date 2/May 26/Apr 7/May

Earliest Arrival Date 14/Mar/70 8/Feb/96

Latest Arrival Date 6/May/91 4/May/87

Average Arrival Date 26/Apr 6/Apr

Earliest Arrival Date 2/May/81 16/Apr/68 29/Apr/69
22-Apr-62/66 18/Jan/41 21/Apr/84 20/May/98 23/Apr/70 13/Mar/98 1/Apr/98

Latest Arrival Date 1/Jun/88
21-May-60/65 14/Jun/66 26/May/98 16/Mar/73 4/Jun/98 20/May/98 17/Jun/65 3/May/67 29/May/60

Average Arrival Date 17/May 10/May 14/May 2/May 22/Feb 18/May 20/May 14/May 23/Apr 19/May

Earliest Arrival Date 18/Apr/71 24/Apr/84

Latest Arrival Date 15-May-67/83 29/May/72

Average Arrival Date 30/Apr 10/May

Species Crows, Jays, and Magpies Species American crow

Earliest Arrival Date Latest Arrival Date Average Arrival Date

Earliest Arrival Date 7/Feb/92

Latest Arrival Date 22/Mar/93

Average Arrival Date 6/Mar

Swallows Species Tree swallow Violet-green swallow Northern rough-winged swallow Bank swallow Cliff swallow Barn swallow

Earliest Arrival Date 6/Feb/77 24/Feb/82 6/Mar/68 21/Apr/66 28/Feb/82 27/Feb/67

Latest Arrival Date 11/Mar/90 28/Apr/62 22/Apr/60 13/Jun/65 28/Apr/65 19/Apr/62

Average Arrival Date 2/Mar 27/Mar 7/Apr 9/May 7/Apr 5/Apr

Nuthatches Species Red-breasted nuthatch

Earliest Arrival Date 6/Mar/93

Latest Arrival Date 21/May/86

Average Arrival Date 3/May

Creepers Species Brown creeper

Earliest Arrival Date 5/Mar/82

Latest Arrival Date 6/Jun/83

Average Arrival Date 27/Apr

Wrens Species House wren

Earliest Arrival Date 16/Apr/98

Latest Arrival Date 16/Apr/98

Average Arrival Date 16/Apr

Kinglets Species Golden-crowned kinglet Ruby-crowned kinglet

Earliest Arrival Date 19/Apr/98 2/Feb/79

Latest Arrival Date 19/Apr/98 25/Apr/87

Average Arrival Date 19/Apr 31/Mar

Thrushes Species Western bluebird Swainson's thrush Hermit thrush

Earliest Arrival Date 24/Jan/79 30/Apr/84 14/Mar/98

Latest Arrival Date 15/Mar/73 16/Jun/65 31/May/61

Average Arrival Date 28/Feb 26/May 5/May

Species Varied thrush
Mimic Thrushes Species Sage thrasher
Wagtails and Pipits Species American pipit
Wood Warblers Species Orange-crowned warbler Nashville warbler Yellow warbler Yellow-rumped (Aud)warbler Yellow-rumped (myr) warbler Black-throated gray warbler Townsend's warbler American redstart MacGillivray's warbler Common yellowthroat Wilson's warbler Yellow-breasted chat
Tanagers Species Western tanager
Sparrows and Towhees Species Green-tailed towhee Spotted towhee Brewer's sparrow Vesper sparrow

Earliest Arrival Date 10/Feb/84

Latest Arrival Date 10/Apr/64

Average Arrival Date 5/Mar

Earliest Arrival Date 30/Jan/81

Latest Arrival Date 5/May/62

Average Arrival Date 23/Mar

Earliest Arrival Date 13/Feb/69

Latest Arrival Date 28/Apr/95

Average Arrival Date 28/Mar

Earliest Arrival Date 5/Apr/98 14/Apr/93
16-Apr-71/89 20/Mar/80 4/Mar/98 23/Apr/79 21/Apr/92 2/May/74 15/Apr/61 13/Apr/84 24/Apr/81 4/May/98

Latest Arrival Date 11/May/59 8-May-64/76 8/May/64 22/Apr/63 15/May/65 29/May/96 19/May/88 5/Jun/90 19/May/90 20/May/64 15/May/67 20/May/78

Average Arrival Date 25/Apr 26/Apr 26/Apr 6/Apr 23/Apr 12/May 8/May 23/May 5/May 1/May 2/May 12/May

Earliest Arrival Date 10/Apr/77

Latest Arrival Date 15/May/61

Average Arrival Date 3/May

Earliest Arrival Date 21/Apr/79 17/Feb/77 6/Apr/74 28/Feb/75

Latest Arrival Date 24/May/66 19/Mar/62 19/May/64 6/May/98

Average Arrival Date 11/May 2/Mar 1/May 26/Mar

Species Lark sparrow Savannah sparrow Fox sparrow Sagebrush sparrow Lincoln's sparrow White-crowned sparrow Golden-crowned sparrow

Earliest Arrival Date 19/Mar/71 1/Mar/87 6/Feb/98 8/Feb/86 22/Mar/87 13/Feb/98 19/Mar/72

Latest Arrival Date 5/May/67 12/Apr/62 30/Apr/84 13/May/61
14-May-60/85 19/Apr/83 28/May/61

Average Arrival Date 25/Apr 23/Mar 10/Apr 21/Mar 23/Apr 22/Mar 1/May

Cardinals, Grosbeaks, and Allies Species Black-headed grosbeak Lazuli bunting

Earliest Arrival Date 20/Apr/64 24/Apr/66

Latest Arrival Date 2/Jun/68 25/May/65

Average Arrival Date 11/May 3/May

Blackbirds and Orioles Species Bobolink Red-winged blackbird Western meadowlark Yellow-headed blackbird Brewer's blackbird Brown-headed cowbird Bullock's oriole

Earliest Arrival Date 30/Apr/77 29/Jan/98 28/Jan/72 9-Mar-79/81 3/Feb/72 4/Apr/82 25/Apr/59

Latest Arrival Date 10/Jun/68 29/Jan/98 19/Mar/88 13/Apr/65 16/Apr/88 13/May/60

Average Arrival Date 19/May 29/Jan 25/Feb 27/Mar 10/Mar 24/Apr 5/May

Finches Species House finch Pine siskin American goldfinch

Earliest Arrival Date 21/Feb/69 1/Mar/90 17/Jan/79

Latest Arrival Date 19/May/88 6/Jun/67 21/May/73

Average Arrival Date 6/Apr 25/Apr 20/Apr

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Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Average Arrival Dates for