Update: Service Delays in CSE Accounts Payable

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Chico State Enterprises Announcements Monday, June 13, 2022
Update: Service Delays in CSE Accounts Payable
CSE Accounts Payable
CSE Accounts Payable is the unit responsible for the processing of check requests, foreign travel requests, insurance requests, purchase orders/vendor contracts, P-Cards, and CSE vehicle requests. In April CSE announced that service delays in the Accounts Payable unit should be expected due to staffing transitions from a combination of turnover and new hires, as well as a spike in the volume of travel and hospitality related transactions.
Due to staff recruitment challenges, the extensive training that is underway with multiple new hires starting simultaneously, combined with fiscal year-end, this is to advise that processing times will continue to take longer than our standard as per the chart below. New and existing AP staff are working hard to address any backlogged transactions as well as new incoming requests. We anticipate continued processing delays through July, with gradual improvement thereafter.
Your efforts to submit properly completed and documented requests can greatly facilitate and streamline processing times! Details are provided below.
Check Requests and P-Card Packets Please take the necessary time to ensure that check requests and P-card packets are complete before submitting, including:
1) The total dollar amount of the check request matches the amount of the vendor invoice (or total dollar of the receipts that support the reimbursement request)
2) Required hospitality information (if applicable) is included 3) The project number and object code are correct 4) The appropriate signer(s) approved the request 5) The request with supporting documents is combined and saved as one .pdf
(a) for P-card packets the receipts should be saved in order as listed on the credit card statement when submitted
6) Requests are sent to the correct unique inbox identified in the table below
Please note that, with over 100 P-card packets to review monthly, the few extra minutes spent up front helps expedite the review and posting process times. Unfortunately, P-card packets that are not fully or correctly completed will be returned. Returned P-card packets may be considered late and subject to your P-card being placed on hold until after the corrected and resubmitted P-card packet has been reviewed and marked complete.
Processing Priorities We are seeing a significant volume of all category of requests with incomplete and missing documentation. Incomplete requests will be returned by AP and must be resubmitted for processing.

RUSH Requests We are receiving an increasing number of last-minute rush requests for expedited processing. We typically strive to accommodate such requests when possible, but unfortunately we are unable to expedite rush requests at this time.

To assist projects with planning, the table below lists the most frequent transaction requests and the anticipated processing time to complete (these times apply to complete requests only):

Transaction Check Requests CSE Vehicle Requests Request for Procurement Purchase Order Requests Vendor Agreements Foreign Travel Requests New P-Card Requests P-Card Training

Estimated Processing Time 10-12 business days 3-5 business days 5-7 business days 10-15 business days 10-15 business days, or varies based on complexity Submit 45 days in advance with proper documentation and approvals 10 business days once/month, if needed; dates TBA

Additionally, to help keep Accounts Payable incoming requests moving more efficiently, please send fully completed requests to the appropriate CSE AP inbox:

[email protected] - Requests for procurement approval, i.e., Competitive Bid forms  [email protected] - Agreements and contracts for services, i.e., purchases with terms
and conditions such as consulting services, speaking engagements, venue rentals  [email protected] - General AP questions  [email protected] - Purchase order requests including POs for reimbursed time  [email protected] - P-card requests, temporary limit increases, and month-end statements  [email protected] - Check requests for UF projects starting with 1 through 4  [email protected] - Check requests for CSE projects starting with 5 through 8 or JL  [email protected] - Check requests for Sponsored Projects starting with SP  [email protected] - Check requests for University Farm projects only  [email protected] - Requests for Enterprise Rent A Car
If you need assistance in tracking a transaction, please do not hesitate to contact Vance Kelly directly at Ext. 6362, or preferably by email @ [email protected]
Thank you in advance for your assistance and patience as we work through these transitions.

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Update: Service Delays in CSE Accounts Payable