Human: Lifestyle diseases and their remedies

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Human: Lifestyle diseases and their remedies

Sanyasi Brahmamurti Bihar School of Yoga Munge, India


•Everyone wants to become healthy, happy and peaceful. •Human born in different family, culture, environment, and different part of the world. •Human consists of three parts 1.Physical body, 2.Energy to activate physical body and 3. Mind to run and control the activated body. •Physical body consists of 4 elements 1. Earth, 2.Water, 3.Fire and 4.Air and different organs. •Everyone have different habits of thinking, eating, walking, sleeping, talking, working, daily routine etc. according to their lifestyle. •The habits affected on their body, energy and mind. •Bad habits causes bad effects and bad effects causes different diseases. •80% diseases are psychosomatic diseases cause of stress. •To remove diseases need to correct habits. •To correct habits need to educate our mind which is our driver to be aware about our body organs and its functions as well as abnormalities. •Must to do servicing and maintenance of our body. •Servicing consists of cleaningnot only from outside but inside too and need to do weekly or half yearly. •Maintenance is daily routine of oiling, greasing, charging, etc. as per daily need. •Right eating and drinking habits •Right Breathing with awareness •To become healthy, happy and peaceful need to practice Eight fold path.

Dr. Beniram Koche spiritual name Sanyasi Brahmamurti is disciple of Paramhansa Niranjanand Saraswati from Bihar School of Yoga Munger. In the age of 24 since 1989 he become a monk and studied and work hard in the guidance of his first master Swami Gyanvijay Saraswati. He has his expertise and passion in improving the health and humanity. His open and contextual evaluation model based on humanistic values like liberty, equality, fraternity and justice creates new pathway for improving healthcare. He has built this model after years of experience, evaluating, teaching, his own social and practical lifestyle and administration both in therapy and education institutions. He gave treatment through yoga and naturopathic treatment of many serious patients of chronic diseases who had no way to recover from disease like diabetes, Spondylitis, asthma, hypertension, eosinophilia, bronchitis, arthritis, stomach problem, headache, stress, drug addiction etc.

1. Correct effort: Abandoning negative states of mind that have already arisen, preventing negative states that have yet to arise, and sustaining positive states that have already arisen,
2. Correct mindfulness: Awareness of body, feelings, thought, and phenomena (the constituents of the existing world)

Citation:- Sanyasi Brahmamurti; Human: Lifestyle diseases and their remedies; Infectious Disease 2021; July 30-31, 2021; Paris, France
J Clin Path Lab Med 2021 Volume 3 Issue 3

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Human: Lifestyle diseases and their remedies