Improvement In Deoxidation Practice With The Introduction of

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Improvement In Deoxidation Practice With The Introduction of High Dimensional
Aluminum Cored Wire at SMS-II, Rourkela
Steel Plant, Rourkela

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S. Ghosh, Dr. S.R.Ghantasala S.K.Srivastava

RSP : D.S.Pastay

Cored Wire Injection
Injection of a thin steel tube containing the additive into the metal bath of a ladle refining station. Generally used for volatile or toxic elements such as calcium, boron, carbon, sulphur, lead etc. with 9-13 mm diameter.

For special quality steelmaking EAF is no longer essential ; BOF with faster ladle refining facilities being used worldwide more & more.
Gradually shifting major refining operation to ladle for increasing shop productivity

Development of High Dimensional Cored Wire and
High Speed Wire Feeding Machine

The project was sponsored by Dept. of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), New Delhi under PATSER ( Programme Aimed at Technological Self Reliance ) assignment.
Project executed at Rourkela Steel Plant with the help of RDCIS, SAIL and M/S Ardee Business Services Pvt. Ltd.


The maximum diameter of cored wire used in the world was 13-16 mm.

Developed high dimensional cored wire of 25 mm diameter.
25 mm diameter allows for feeding around four times the material per meter of wire as compared to 13 mm wire

Designed compatible wire feeder machine

to feed the wire


Since the wire was difficult to bend, the vertical wire feeder machine designed with vertical flipping wire wound from inside.
Installed in the existing facilities without major modifications.

25 mm High Dimensional Al Cored Wire
Filled with Al in granular form of min 98% purity Bulk density : 1.7 g/cc. Powder content 650g ±5 g per meter length Al Granules of max. 2 mm size.

Wire Feeder Machine
Suitable for feeding wire Dia. upto 25mm. Maximum wire feeding speed of 300 mts/min i.e. 195 kg Al /min. It consists of : Gear Box, Drive Rolls, Pinch Rolls, Pneumatic Cylinders etc. AC Infinitely variable speed drive. PLC for automatic control and for interlocking with plant operations. All necessary electrical and mechanical accessories.

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Improvement In Deoxidation Practice With The Introduction of