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DEPARTMENT FOR CURRICULUM, LIFELONG LEARNING AND EMPLOYABILITY Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes Educational Assessment Unit
Annual Examinations for Secondary Schools 2019



Name: _____________________________________

Class: _______________

1. Write your name and class on each paper. 2. Answer all questions. 3. You have around 40 minutes to finish this paper. 4. This paper carries 100 marks. ________________________________________________________________________________
1. Look at figure 1 and answer the questions by ticking  next to the correct answer.

Figure 1

a. Characteristic A in figure 1 shows

an arch. a cave. a crack in the rocks.

Geography (General) – Year 9 – 2019

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b. Characteristic B in figure 1 shows

a wave-cut platform. a cave. cliffs.

c. Characteristic C in figure 1 shows

cliffs. a wave-cut notch. a stack.

d. Waves erode first the

arches. caves. cracks in the rocks.

e. The characteristics of figure 1 formed by

sea erosion. sea deposition. sea transportation.

f. In the Maltese Islands we find similar characteristics as shown in figure 1 in

Sliema. Ramla l-Ħamra, Gozo. Dwejra, Gozo.


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Geography (General) – Year 9 – 2019

2. Write the following phrases under the correct diagram.

deposition collection of sand and pebbles

sand and pebbles erode the rocks bay

Geography (General) – Year 9 – 2019

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3a. Put the following phrases in the correct place in figure 2.

present position of cliff

cliff retreating

wave-cut notch

wave-cut platform

original position of cliffs

Figure 2 (5)
b. With the help of figure 2, fill in the blanks by using the following words.

erode Globigerina Limestone

falls Delimara

retreats wave-cut platform

Cliffs made up of soft rocks such as _________________________ are eroded

quickly by waves. Waves start to _________________________ underneath the cliffs

and by time the upper part of the cliff remains unsupported and


After thousands of years, the cliff

__________________________ and a _________________________ is formed.

An example of a wave-cut platform can be found at _________________________.


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Geography (General) – Year 9 – 2019

4. On the map of the Maltese Islands in figure 3, mark four of the following bays.

Mellieħa Bay (Għadira Bay)

Xlendi Bay

Birżebbuġa Bay

Għajn Tuffieħa Bay

Ramla l-Ħamra Bay

Figure 3 (4)
5. A report from the Statistics Office in 2017 about aquaculture in Malta, shows that 15,700 tonnes of fish grown in fishfarms were sold in the Maltese Islands. The most popular fish sold was tuna.

a. What is aquaculture? _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ (3)
b. Write two advantages and two disadvantages of fish farming.

Advantages of fish farming 1.

Disadvantages of fish farming 1.




Geography (General) – Year 9 – 2019

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c. Match these sentences by inserting the correct numbers in the middle column.

1. Hatching eggs and growing of fish occurs
2. This process takes about 120 days
3. The small fish are then transported 4. Fish farms consist of a number of
cages 5. The size of the cages is important

to cages in the sea to continue growing in fish farms. of a circular shape with a diameter of about 20 metres and around 10 metres deep. so that the fish will have enough space where to swim and move.
at St Lucian’s Aquaculture Centre.
until the fish weigh around 2 grams.

6a. Give one reason why the Mediterranean Sea is more vulnerable to pollution than other seas.


_________________________________________________________________ (3)
b. Name two sources of sea pollution.



_________________________________________________________________ (4)
c. Mention two problems caused by pollution in the Mediterranean Sea.



_________________________________________________________________ (4)
d. Name one way how Malta is trying to decrease sea pollution in the Mediterranean Sea.



_________________________________________________________________ (2)

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Geography (General) – Year 9 – 2019

7. Refer to figure 4 and match the correct numbers to the correct names of the waterfalls.

Name of waterfall Niagara Rhine Falls


Name of waterfall Angel Falls Victoria Falls

Number (4)

Figure 4 8a. Name three fresh water valleys found in the Maltese Islands.
1. 2. 3.
b. Write True or False. Most of the valleys in the Maltese Islands fill up with rainwater during autumn and winter. Due to the uncontrolled buildings and roads next to valleys, plants and organisms living in certain valleys are almost destroyed. The Maltese freshwater crab and the frog are two species which do not live in freshwater valleys.
Geography (General) – Year 9 – 2019

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9a. Underline the country which is frequently hit by floods.






b. Explain one natural cause of floods in the country which you chose in question 9a. _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ (4)

c. In the table below write one advantage and one problem faced by farmers as a result of flooding.

Advantage of floods to farmers

Problem of floods to farmers


d. A number of countries are taking measures to decrease the impacts of floods. Briefly explain two methods from the table below.


Planting of trees

Levees at the sides of the


Dredging of the river bed

_________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

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Geography (General) – Year 9 – 2019

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Year 9 Geography (general)