Guidelines for German as a Foreign Language 2020

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Hochschule Heilbronn • Max-Planck-Str. 39 • D-74081 Heilbronn
Guidelines for the Subject German as a foreign language at Heilbronn University

Zentrum für Studium und Lehre
Hochschule Heilbronn Max-Planck-Str. 39 74081 Heilbronn Telefon: +49 (0)7131 504-267 [email protected]

Attendance In all German courses, attendance is mandatory. This means that you will be able to 80% must be present. - for whatever reason. If you miss, more you are not allowed to attend the exam and you will not receive any ECTS. In consultation with the lecturers, in exceptional cases written essays might compensate 1-2 missed lessons.

4. März 2020

Classification The division into courses is made according to the results of the placement test and is mandatory. Exchanges within the groups are possible only in exceptional cases during the first two weeks of a semester and after obtaining the consent of the two lecturers. After obtaining the consent of the two lecturers, an informal written request (email) must be sent to the Secretariat for languages, to Mrs. Wanek-Baumann, mailto: [email protected] Note: If you have already successfully attended a Course in German as a foreign language at Heilbronn University, you are automatically authorized to attend the next higher level.

Guest students Guest students can only be admitted if they apply for the courses in due time before the start of the semester and have to participate in the placement test. Applications have to arrive ten days prior to the date of the placement test. Any applications arriving later cannot be approved.

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Exam and grades In order to attend the final exam you must register online in time. There will be one exam date for all groups, which will be communicated to the students at the beginning of the semester. The final grade consists of 1/3 semester grades (oral and written grades obtained during the current semester) and 2/3 exam grades (grades obtained in the final exam). The final grades can be viewed online at the end of the examination period. Note: With regard to contents, the course programme in “German as a Foreign Language” of Heilbronn University is tailored to the needs of the exchange students and meets these in a sophisticated manner based on the different levels in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Due to the aims of our German language course programme Heilbronn University does not offer the DSH (German language exam for admission to a university) exam. .
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Guidelines for German as a Foreign Language 2020