Currently used phaco instrument sets

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Currently used phaco instrument sets

Moorfields set

Moorfields extras singly

wrapped in every theatre


Instrument Tray

Instrument tray

Paper wrap 110x100cm ?

Artery forceps (lift lid to drape) Prep forceps Scissors big Speculum Small forceps
Second instrument

Artery forceps


Drape scissors blunt Sharp straight scissors

Rampley sponge holder Strabismus scissors straight

Phaco speculum

Phaco speculum

Titanium corneal forceps grooved
Phaco chopper

Titanium corneal tying forceps Kelman-Macpherson forceps

Mushroom hook


Microcalibri forceps Microblocked St Martins forceps Macpherson tying forceps Micro nontoothed forceps Clayman dialler Phaco chopper



Instument S/S with silicone


instrument holders 48x25x7cm

Tray identificaiton beige

Basket 48x25cm and lid

Sterilisation container

Disposable tray list

Labels & security seal

Artery forceps


Rampley sponge holder Strabismus scissors straight Dissecting scissor straight Mellinger speculum Reverse Barraquer speculum Kelamn-Macpherson tying forceps Colibri Pierse notched forceps Microgrooved (Hoskins) forceps

Sponge holders X3 Blunt strabismus scissors
Phaco speculum
Micronotch forceps Plain microforceps Macpherson forceps

Clayman dialler

Chopper (nucleus green chopper)

Phaco chopper (triple chop nucleus



(phaco microfinger nucleus titanium)

Mushroom (Barret micromushroom)

Double ended chopper Sinsky hook

Needle holder Rhexis forceps Other Small scissors Other forceps

Castroviejo for bending Corneal needle holder insulin needle (disposable?) 2.2mm cross over rhexis forceps (disposable)
Iris repositor

Lims needleholder Castroviejo needleholder
MicroUtrata capsulorhexis forceps

nil Utrata Capsulorhexis

Castroviejo needle holder ?nil

Iris repositor Spring clip

Vectis Castroviejo anterior synechia spatula

De weckers iris scissors capsulotomy scissors scissors Moorfields forceps

Gills Westcott scissors Westcott Vannas straight scissors
Moorfields forceps

Vannas / Ongs scissors

Microscope Lens

Cap Microscopes various Monarch III Lens Introducer Castroviejo caliper and rule Phaco handpiece

Oxford Din basket

Sheffield ?


Manchester Royal Eye
Crepe paper 60x60cm Altomed box with lid soaker sheet bonded tray wrap

Manchester withington disposable in pack
Tray Geminn

nil Straight blunt scissors
Phaco speculum
St Martin microtooth forceps Micro cup notched forceps Macpherson tying forceps Straight tying forceps X2 Osher hook Mushroom manipulator Rosen chopper Sinskey hook Rosen paddle


Artery forceps X2

nil Strabismus scissors curved

Drape scissors

Kratz-Barraeur sliding speculum
Microtying (Birks Tennant) forceps Rycroft suture forceps Micronotched forceps

Kratz-Barraeur sliding speculum Temporal speculum Barraquer Colibri forceps Tying (Birks) forceps

Phaco chopper Claw chopper

Phaco chop Manipulator

Mosquito artery forceps straight Spencer Wells artery forceps Cheatle forcep

Towel clamp

Dressing scissors Conjunctival scissors Phaco speculum

Straight dressing scissors Kratz-Barraquer speculum

Bocked Hoskins forceps Colibri forceps Macpherson forceps suture tying forceps Nucleus rotator Dialler Double rotator

Colibri forceps Birks
Phaco chopper (extra)

Castroviejo needleholder Lim needleholder Calladine rhexis forceps
Towel clip
Vannas straight scissors Westcott scissors

Titanium needleholder curved
Bishop Harman 19G cannula Bag clip

Microscope caps Phaco tip spanner Phaco huandpiece

Capsulorhexis forceps Spring scissors Moorfields forceps Phaco handpieces and I/A

Castroviejo needleholder Troutman needleholder
Cross action forceps
Castroviejo measure Diamond knife
Ong scissors Vannas scissors curved Westcott scissors Moorfields forceps Squint hook
Lens introducer X2

Capsulorrhexis forceps
Phaco (reusable) and I/A handpiece Lens introdcuer (reusable)

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Currently used phaco instrument sets