Timesheet Management System TMS (Accessed via ARC POW)

Download Timesheet Management System TMS (Accessed via ARC POW)

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Timesheet Management System – TMS (Accessed via ARC POW)

1. Student logs in to ARC POW via the link on iCity with the icon https://arc.bcu.ac.uk/newpow

or by clicking on the link below :

2. Student clicks the ‘Allocations’ tab to view placement information

3. Student then clicks on the binoculars for the placement/placement period they are about to go out for.

4. The student then clicks on the ‘Record Attendance (TMS)’ button to access the timesheet
5. This brings the student to the ‘My Placement Timesheet screen. Select ‘edit’ for the week you are submitting the timesheet for (circled in red in the yellow box indicating the week the timesheet is being submitted for)
6. Student clicks on the orange box to ‘Add Supervisor / Assessor / Assessor / Supervisor

7. Student uses the dropdown box to select ‘NEW’ for the option to type in the email address of the Assessor / Supervisor, If the Assessor / Supervisor is already on the system, students should be able to select them. (Note: Assessor / Supervisor reports will be regularly received and reviewed to ensure that a qualified Assessor / Supervisor has been selected)

8. Once a Assessor / Supervisor has been selected, the student has the option select another Assessor / Supervisor if they have worked with multiple Assessors / Supervisors that week, so that they can approve the specific days linked to them
The same process is followed to add as many Assessors / Supervisors the student has worked with that week. The below picture indicates the selection of three Assessors / Supervisors.
Important point to note. If for some reason one of your Assessor / Supervisor is off and an agreement has been made for someone else with in the placement area to approve the timesheet, there is the option to ‘Unlink Supervisor / Assessor’ (displayed in blue, below the Assessor / /Supervisor details)
9. Scrolling down the screen the student can then either ‘Quick Fill’ or edit the timesheet a day at a time if necessary. If several days contain the same shift pattern then the ‘Quick Fill’ option is quicker and easier.

10. Student at this stage can ‘Fill the Day’ when using the ‘quick fill’ option, as seen in picture below. The shift can be selected or customised to the hours undertaken, breaks and any absences should also be entered. The days on which the shift was undertaken on are ticked and the Assessor / Supervisor is selected from drop down list containing the Assessors / Supervisors initially entered for the week
This then populates the main table for the week with the hours populated as seen below. Individual day edits can also be done on this page displaying the table of days for the week as indicated below. All the shifts the student has undertaken for the week are displayed below.

11. At this stage the student can save the time sheet
12. The next step once the hours for a particular week have been added is to submit the timesheet electronically by clicking ‘Submit Electronically’ You will notice all three Assessor / Supervisors worked with for this week displayed with days assigned to them for approval
13. Once a timesheet for the week is submitted the student has an option to ‘unlock’ the timesheet twice if they have made an error but after this they would need to contact [email protected] for placement admin staff to unlock
14. Once student submits, the selected Assessor / Supervisor will receive an email with a link that takes them straight to the timesheet submitted.
They can then approve or reject the timesheet. The student will receive an email once approved or rejected.

If the timesheet is rejected, student needs to address the reason for the rejection (which the Assessor / Supervisor would have added in the rejection notes and will display in a purple box in TMS – ‘Action required’) and resubmit for approval. Once approved, the status will change in the student view to ‘Approved’ as shown below. Follow the same process for all the weeks on placement within your placement. Wishing you every success on your placements an with the timesheet system
Please note, it is the students responsibility to liaise with and support their Assessor / Supervisor in relation to approving timesheets but as you will see from the video on your Practice Moodle page their task is very simple
15. Any issues please email [email protected]
16. Please note placement absences as well as being logged on the TMS system need to be reported via email to [email protected] . Follow Trust or placement area procedures for reporting absences to your placement areas.

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Timesheet Management System TMS (Accessed via ARC POW)