Post Harvest Technology Processing of Horticulture Crops

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Post Harvest Technology &
Processing of Horticulture Crops

Post Harvest Technology & Processing of Horticulture Crops
At a Glance
[Includes Previous Year Questions of JRF (ICAR) and Ph.D. (IARI)]
P.S. Pandit Bhani Ram Tanveer Ahmad
Centre of Excellence on Post Harvest Technology Navsari Agricultural University Eru Char Rasta, Navsari Gujarat - 396450
New Delhi – 110 034

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Post Harvest Technologists, Students and Scientists

India is second leading producer of fruits and vegetables but after that less than 2% of fruits and vegetables utilized in processing, it is very less as compared to developed countries, post harvest losses are very high, that is (20-40%) due to lack of proper post harvest handling. But other side of this demerit is creating a huge scope in this field not only for people those are relevant but also to others.
Contemporary time were the times of campaign, but now a days competitive examinations have became regular feature and also more and more people and organisations are becoming aware about post harvest technology and its fruitful future. So as a consequence there are a large number of aspirants who have wished to adorn their career through post harvest technology. The present book “Post Harvest Technology & Processing of Horticulture Crops : At a Glance” cover almost all valuable chapters regarding subject matter with Multiple Choice Questions and Queries. The attempt has been made to deliver a lot of subject’s information to compete at various examination like ARS, NET, JRF, SRF, Ph.D., FCI as well as competition of UPSC and State PCSs for various jobs.
The authors consider that the readers will get ample information concerned with the post harvest technology and preservation of fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices and aromatic crops. There may, however, be still some shortcomings in this book and authors will be really grateful to receive proposal from readers for incorporation in the next edition of this volume.
P.S. Pandit Bhani Ram Tanveer Ahmad

The authors are indebted to Dr. A. R. Pathak, Hon. Vicechancellor, Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari and Dr. A. N. Sabalpara, Director of Research and Dean P.G. Studies for inspiring to write a comprehensive book for graduate and post-graduates, who are preparing for competitive and various entrance examinations like; NET, ARS, JRF, GRE, SRF etc. The authors acknowledge the thanks of gratitude to Er. S. P. Shukla, Incharge, Centre of Excellence on Post Harvest Technology, Navsari Agricultural University for suggesting the name of M/s. New India Publishing Agency, New Delhi as publisher of the book. The authors are grateful to Mr. Durga Singh, Mr. Dayanand Yadav, Mr. Arvind Chita and Mr. Tarachand Simi for helping in typing the manuscript of the book.
Parag Pandit Bhani Ram
Tanveer Ahmad

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Post Harvest Technology Processing of Horticulture Crops