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Statewise Travel Guidelines and Regulations




Resort locations
Sterling Palavelli Godaveri

Tourist obligation
 Institutional quarantine for 7 days for people coming from Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Telengana & Karnataka.
 Home quarantine for 14 days for the people coming from other locations.  All people who travel to AP should enroll on website
before travelling.  Exceptions only for business travelers who can produce COVID negative
certificate taken 3 days before arrival from ICMR approved labs.  Random test on people who are travelling will be conducted in various parts
of the state.  Marriages: Not more than 50 pax allowed in Hotels/Resorts provided pre
approval from respective MRO (tahsildar).
Quarantine Regulations: 1. 14 days of home quarantine for passengers entering from non-COVID
hotspots. 2. For passengers coming from COVID hotspots, there will be an institutional
quarantine for 7 days, followed by another 7 days of home quarantine. 3. International Air Travel passengers will have to undergo 7 Days of
institutional quarantine. Test may be conducted between 05th and 7th day and based on result follow up action may be initiated as per COVID Instant Order -52.

Link to e-Pass: For train guidelines, please visit: raPradeshAdvisory.pdf

Exemption from Home Quarantine can be given for business-persons subject to their providing COVID negative certificate issued by ICMR authorized laboratory within three days prior to the date of arrival.


Resort locations Tourist obligation


Other Guidelines: 1. Testing shall be done as per the protocol communicated by MH&FW
department from time to time. The persons can be released for home quarantine once they test negative with proper intimation to village/ward level health functionaries. 2. Thermal screening shall be done for all passengers. 3. 10% of randomly selected people (preference to people of more than 60 years age and children of less than 10 years) coming by domestic air mode by taking test swab at airports itself.

Specific Guidelines for Train Travel: All passengers entering the state by Special Trains or Shramik Trains run by the Railways would be sent to the nearest DRC.

Specific Guidelines for Road Travel: 1. You must apply online for an e-Pass to travel inter-state but not inter-
district. 2. Only two people can travel with one driver. 3. All passengers need to carry a government ID which has valid address
proof. 4. Time taken to issue a pass is 24 hours. 5. Travel timing is 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. 6. It is mandatory to wear a mask while travelling. 7. People aged above 65 years, those with comorbidities, pregnant women
and children less than 10 years have been advised to stay home. 8. Restrictions are applicable in Containment Zones. 9. Spandana site has to be accessed for registration of e-Pass. 10. All incoming travellers have to take tests at the check-post and only then
can they enter the state.


Resort locations Tourist obligation



Sterling Goa - Varca

Tourist Obligation:  Tourists are expected to certify the status of their health through the
Aarogya Setu mobile app or a Self-Declaration Form.  Asymptomatic Tourists can choose from one of the following options: 1. Produce a COVID-19 negative certificate issued by an ICMR recognized lab
not more than 48 hours prior to their arrival in GOA. 2. Mandatory 14 days home quarantine. If a person does not have a proper
arrangement at his/her place of residence, he/she can opt for a paid Institutional quarantine of 14 days. 3. Opt for giving swab and getting tested, at the cost of Rs. 2000 and be in paid institutional quarantine till the test results come.

Airlines Obligation:  If Tourist found symptomatic upon arrival, airline will guide him/her along
with their bags to the dedicated medical room.

Airport/State obligation:  Thermal screening shall be done for all Tourists.  COVID test shall be done for all symptomatic Tourists.


Sterling Dharamshala Sterling Kufri Sterling Manali

 All Tourists need to download Arogya Setu app.  Though a person can come to the state through registration on Covid e-
pass software, proof of residence & the place of start of journey & destination will have to be uploaded on the portal now.  When a person wants to enter Himachal as a tourist, for business or for any other purpose, he will have to provide address proof of his house in HP or the hotel, where he will be staying.  The residents of state exiting the state to visit other states for short duration for medical, business or office purpose and coming back to state within 48 hours may also be exempted from any requirement provided they are asymptomatic.

Link to e-pass:


Resort locations Tourist obligation


Sterling Karwar  Tourists are free to travel without any E-pass.

Sterling Anaikatti Sterling Guruvayur
Sterling Munnar Sterling Rajakkad Sterling Thekkady Sterling Wayanad

 Quarantine not required only for business travelers whose stay is less than 7 days. For all others who are coming to Kerala State, 14 days home quarantine required.
 People who are travelling to Kerala should enroll themselves in Without e-pass people are not allowed inside Kerala State.
 No functions above 50 pax allowed in hotels. People aged below 10 & above 65 are not allowed to travel within the state.
 All others can travel within the state without e-pass avoiding containment and triple lock down areas.

1. Log into
2. Under public services go to short/regular visit regulations.
3. Enter mobile No and verify with the OTP.
4. Once logged in select "Short visit" under Application Type and add applicant details. After that add fellow traveler details.
5. Under application details, Purpose of visit select " Business' and fill the relevant details and save.
6. Once approved the generated e-pass can be shown at the relevant Airport, railway station, interstate check posts etc and copy of the same can be handed over to the hotel on arrival.


Sterling Kanha Sterling Lonavala

 Tourists are welcome without any restrictions. Night curfew between 8pm to 5am in Mandla district.
 No E-pass required. Senior Citizens above 60 years have a restriction to travel. Restaurants not operational as yet . Only food deliveries.

Sterling Puri

 Travellers travelling from other states/districts should show their hotel confirmation voucher at district entry checkpoints ( Naka).
 No shut downs/lock down even in the weekends for Hotel.


Resort locations
Sterling Mount Abu Sterling Atharva -
Jaipur Sterling Sariska
Sterling Kodai - Lake Sterling Ooty - Elk Hill
Sterling Yelagiri Sterling Yercaud

Tourist obligation
 Self-declaration to be given by Tourists and go through screening process.  Symptomatic Tourists will be isolated and taken to nearest health facility.
 All Tourists travelling to Tamil Nadu need to register on state website and apply for TN e-pass.
 All Tourists coming to TN state will be tested for COVID upon arrival.  Business Travelers visiting the State for short duration of three days
(72Hours) to be exempted from quarantine.
1. All guests who travel to TN state should go for 14 days home quarantine and if home quarantine facility not available need to go for institutional quarantine.
2. All people who travel to TN from other states should enroll; and get e pass by applying in TN e-Pass.
3. All people who travels within the TN districts also should carry TN e-Pass for travelling to other places.
 It is mandatory for all Tourists arriving at Uttarakhand to install the Aarogya Setu App and register on the Smart City web portal.

TN e-pass:

Sterling Corbett Sterling Mussoorie
Sterling Nainital

Tourists arriving by DOMESTIC FLIGHTS:  All Tourists without symptoms arriving from cities with high prevalence of
Covid-19 will have to undergo 7 days of institutional quarantine followed by 7 days of home quarantine. However, all pregnant women, seriously ill persons and senior citizens above the age of 65 years, or parent(s) accompanied by children below 10 years of age, will be exempted from institutional quarantine but will have to undergo 14 days of home quarantine. Such Tourists will only be exempted from quarantine if they return to Uttarakhand within 72 hours.  Tourists without symptoms arriving from flights which are transited through any of the cities with high prevalence of Covid-19 and those who have directly arrived from other states/cities (apart from the cities with high prevalence of Covid) will only have to undergo 14 days of home quarantine.

Register on the Smart City web portal:


Resort locations

Tourist obligation
 All Tourists without symptoms arriving at Uttarakhand for a short visit of up to 7 days, for exceptional and compelling reasons, such as cases of death in family, serious illness, visiting parents (old-aged)/ family members or any other reason of personal distress, shall be exempted from quarantine, but will only be allowed to move outside their homes (address provided on the web portal during registration) to attend for the aforementioned reasons.


Indian Tourists (nationals/tourist) arriving on INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS:  It is mandatory for all Tourists without symptoms arriving at Uttarakhand to
undergo 7 days of institutional quarantine followed by 7 days of home quarantine.  Tourists without symptoms who arrive in Uttarakhand on exceptional and compelling circumstances, such as pregnancy, death in family, serious illness, senior citizens above 65 years of age and parent(s) accompanied by children below 10 years or due to any other reason of personal distress, as assessed by the ARC/ State Nodal Officers/District Nodal Officers in coordination with Health Authorities, may be exempted from institutional quarantine. They will then have to undergo 14 days of mandatory home quarantine.


Sterling Darjeeling

Kolkata & Bagdogra:  Tourists to fill up and submit the declaration form using Sandhane App
developed by H&FW Department West Bengal.  Asymptomatic Tourists will be permitted with an advice for self-monitoring.  In case any Asymptomatic Tourists develop any symptoms, they shall
inform the local medical officer or state call center 1800 313 444 222/033 2341 2600, 2357 3636/1083/1085 for medical interventions.  Samples will be collected for COVID test from all symptomatic Tourists. They will be taken to the nearest health facility for sample collection and health condition assessment.  Those having mild symptoms will be asked to go for home/institutional isolation.

Web Link: Sandhane_Gen.apk

*Please note: The respective State/ District/ Local authorities’ guidelines are dynamic and subject to change anytime. Please check latest guidelines on the official website of respective State/ District government before you travel. Please contact the resort for any specific information through the contact details provided in the Confirmation Voucher.

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Statewise Travel Guidelines and Regulations STERLING TRAVEL