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Timesheet Desktop Procedures
Timesheet Corrections in Deltek Time & Expense

1. Go to https://erptime.maximus.com and log in with your employee number and Outlook password. Enter MAXIMUS in the Domain field. The MyDesktop screen will display.

2. Click Time from the top navigation menu to display the left navigation links. Click Record Time, then Timesheet to access your current timesheet.

3. Select the timesheet that requires correction by clicking the arrows in the upper right hand corner of your current timesheet. The left arrow goes back in time to a prior pay period.
A prior period timesheet will display Processed in the status window.

4. Click Reverse Timesheet to change the hours that you entered on the prior period timesheet.

5. When you view your timesheet, you’ll see duplicate lines for each project code and charge description. Do not change any of the blue numbers or the negative numbers. Only correct or change the positive numbers to show the amount of time you should have originally recorded. You can add a new line for a new project number (Management-level position) if needed. Image of the reversed timesheet
Image of the actual correction being made
6. After completing the timesheet correction, you must re-sign your timesheet. You will be required to enter your password again. Confirm that all changes are saved. When the Revision Audit screen displays, you will enter an explanation for the change, and then click OK. Below are some sample explanations for which you may need to adjust your timesheet:
• I estimated my leave and now need to adjust for the actual hours worked and leave taken. • My project charge code was not available in Deltek at the time I submitted my timesheet. • I entered the wrong project or charge description or I put my time on the wrong line of my timesheet. • I charged the correct project, but the wrong task, so I’m correcting to the proper task. Please be sure to always explain the underlying reason for moving your time.
7. Your supervisor will approve or reject your timesheet. If your timesheet is rejected, you will receive an email. 8. You will only be able to access your timesheets for the previous six pay periods. If you need to correct a timesheet prior to this time period, please open a ticket through MAXIMUS People Services Portal (https:// maximushelpdesk.freshservice.com/support/home) with a request to re-open that pay period’s timesheet. 9. Timesheet corrections will be pull and posted on Thursday and will be processed along with the corresponding pay period.
Revised: 04.22.2021

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Timesheet Desktop Procedures Timesheet Corrections in Deltek