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Korambayil Ahamed Haji Memorial
Environment Day
As part of Environment day observation, NSS units of KAHM Unity Women’s College, Manjeri conducted Plantation Programme on 05th June 2018. Our volunteers collected and brought various saplings and planted these in the college campus. All NSS volunteers were actively participated in the programme and took an initiative for a green campus.
Jackfruit Saplings Plantation
In response to the communication from the Office of NSS Officer, State Level NSS Office, Thiruvananthapuram – Letter No.: A1/500/2018/NSS – NSS units of KAHM Unity Women’s College, Manjeri conducted a Jackfruit Sapling Plantation Programme on 17th July 2018 in the campus itself. We collected 75 jackfruit saplings (grafted saplings – 10 & normal saplings - 65) from Agricultural Research Station (ARS) Anakkayam and planted these in the college campus. All NSS volunteers were actively participated in the programme and put their hands together for a green initiative.

Clean Campus
As a part of Clean Campus Campaign, NSS units of the college conducted a cleaning programme in the campus on 21-07-2018 saturday to remove plastic and other wastes from our campus. All NSS volunteers were actively participated in the programme and completed their venture within hours.
“Get in gear… Volunteers”
NSS units of our college conducted an orientation programme for new (first year) volunteer candidates to make them aware about their responsibilities as an NSS volunteer. The session “Get in gear… Volunteers” was handled by one of our Former NSS Programme Officers, Mr. Shabeer Mon, Assistant professor of History on 03rd August 2018 Friday at 1 pm in the college auditorium. More than 250 candidates were participated in the programme. The session was very essential and fruitful. The resource person conveyed the responsibilities and attitude of a volunteer with a bunch of fun and activities, which made the volunteers enthusiastic and active listeners. The session completed at 3:30pm with a boost in the minds of participants.

Nirmithi Project
“Nirmithi” is a yearly home renovation project of NSS of our institution. NSS units of our college used to select a poor and needy family in every year, and to support them to repair their home. In this academic year, we undertaken the renovation activity of the house of Kakkottil Maimoona, W/o Kakkottil Mokeri(Late) at Muttippalam, Manjeri. We started our work on 01st September 2018 Saturday at 10 am. Our 25 volunteers were actively participated in the mission. Ward member Sakkeena Pulppadan and the native people were supported and appreciated our volunteers for their helping venture.
It could not be to complete with a day…. After carpentry works, we completed our activity on 04th September 2018 Tuesday in the presence of our beloved Principal Dr. C Saidalavi, who given us a great support for our activities.
Swachh Bharath Pakwada
1st September, 2018 We organized a seminar as part of Swachh Bharath Pakwada. The audience was formally welcomed by Dr. Usman A, NSS Programme Officer and the session was handled by Dr. CM Abdul Salam, Associate Professor of Botany. He explained the significance of Swachhta in our daily lives. He delivered talk to volunteers on the importance of cleanliness starting from one’s home to the entire country The seminar was followed by Swachhta Shapath (Oath) by all the NSS Functionaries including Volunteers.
2nd - 5th September, 2018 A campus cleaning programme was conducted by NSS wing of KAHM Unity Women’s College, Manjeri on 2nd -5th September at the campus. On 2nd September 2018, we used to clean the outdoor areas of the campus. A total of 200 NSS volunteers participated in the program. Shameema PT, Program Coordinator, NSS, welcomed the gathering and initiated cleaning activities among volunteers. The entire volunteers were grouped into 10 groups and assigned them different areas of the campus. The volunteers cleaned the allotted area for them and collected all the litter in big bins for disposal. The volunteers were instructed to clean their hands with soap at the end. Refreshments were distributed to volunteers.
Our NSS volunteers were cleaned the class rooms and corridors on 3rd September 2018 with enthusiasm. They were very happy on cleaning their classes. The college auditorium and toilets were also cleaned on the same day. The lunch and refreshment had been provided.
The Laboratories of Computer Science, Physics, Botany, Zoology and Chemistry were cleaned by NSS volunteers on 4th September 2018 for their future use. The apparatus were cleaned by

students with cleaning material. The NSS Programme Officers Dr.Usman A and Shameema PT were guided the volunteers for cleaning the laboratories.
On 5th September 2018, our NSS volunteers used to clean the stacks and shelves of college library. The stacks and shelves were dusty and cob-webbed. Our Volunteers take their efforts to make them clean and neat.
6th - 8th September, 2018 The key target for the project is “Open Defecation Free” (ODF), which means that a village or community has over a certain percent of the population using toilets instead of pooping out in the open. With this target, our NSS volunteers conducted a door to door campaign in our adopted village, and convinced the villagers about the importance of keeping their surroundings neat and clean. Shared some tips for managing home generated wastes. And also conducted a survey on “Are you aware about the necessity of using toilets and are you constructed it?” with options of answers “Yes/No”. It is proud to say that the answer “Yes” got 100% votes!!!
9th - 10th September, 2018 All the NSS Units will devote Two days for intensive cleaning of the adopted villages/slums. Efforts will be made to involve local people so that they understand the dignity of labour and develop a habit of keeping their surroundings clean. The students were made their best effort for cleanliness on 9th -10th September, 2018 in adopted village Vellilamkunnu, Muttippalam, Manjeri. Some natives were also participated in the event.
11th – 13th September, 2018 The NSS volunteers of KAHM Unity Women’s College decided to visit an old age home at near town of our campus. So our volunteers visited Shalom Matha Bhavan, Cherani, Manjeri and cleaned their buildings and surroundings. The volunteers took the inmates into their activities and made them cheer with giving pleasure moments, by singing songs and playing with them. Our volunteers brought cleaning materials for the daily use of inmates, and also gave them sweets and fruits.
14th September, 2018 All the NSS Units will organize rallies in their respective cities/villages by depicting various messages of cleanliness on banners and placards to create awareness in the masses. Our NSS units conducted a rally in this regard. All volunteers were participated in the rally with extreme interest. They prepared placards and slogans which raising the importance of cleanliness. The NSS leaders enthusiastically raised the slogans and the followers repeated it loudly and energetically. NSS Programme Officers were also participated in the same.

15th September, 2018 The NSS Units had a meeting of NSS Volunteers under the Chairmanship of Dr. C saidalavi, Principal of the College and discussed the future plans of sustaining cleanliness in the campus. After the discussions, the Principal declared the institution as “Clean Institution”.
NSS units (008 & 171) of KAHM Unity Women’s College, Manjeri has observed NSS day on 24th September 2018. We organized a talk on “Personality Development”, which was handled by Dr. Usman A, Assistant Professor, Department of Botany of our College. He presented a thought provoking session, which helped the volunteers to become beware about their responsibilities as a social animal in this society. Moreover our NSS volunteers, many students from various departments were participated in this session.
We were also conducted a quiz competition as part of the NSS day celebration. 36 volunteers were participated in the initial round of the programme. Ms. Shamna Sherin, 1st BA English and Ms. Suhaila TK, 1st BA English were bagged the first and second prizes respectively. Moreover getting prizes, it was a knowledge imparting programme, especially about National Service Scheme, as most of the questions were about NSS.
Gandhi Jayanti
Our NSS units observed Gandhi Jayanthi week on October 2nd to 8th, 2018. In this week, we organized various programmes related to cleanliness. On 2nd October 2018, our volunteers were used to clean the public place in our nearby village, Parakkulam, Narukara. Our volunteers put their hands together to clean the both sides of the road. Their efforts made this venture ease and fast.
We organized a plantation programme on 3rd October 2018 as part of our Gandhi Jayanthi celebration. Our volunteers planted 23 saplings of various plants in our campus to open green umbrellas for our planet. They also put their time and effort to clean our biodiversity garden.
As part of the programme, we conducted an elocution competition exclusively for our NSS volunteers, which was conducted on 04th October 2018 on the topic “Gandhi thoughts in present scenario”. Ms. Dilsha K from 1st Semester BSc Chemistry and Ms. Jinsha Mol P from 1st Semester BSc Chemistry were bagged the first and second prizes respectively. Moreover, Ms. Raniya Sherin VM from 1st semester BSc CS - contestant in this programme- opened her heart that she had a fear to come forward and to stand in front of the audience. Also she had shivering and weak to speech. But participation in this competition gave her a courage and energy to come forward again. Actually, which was the great success of our programme. It is

sure that our volunteers will achieve a great positive change in their behaviors, when they leave this group.
On 6th and 8th October, our volunteers used to make aware the people near to our campus about the importance of cleanliness. Our volunteers visited the nearby homes and took brief conversation with the inmates. They also used to monitor the daily routines for waste management of the natives as they had already given tips for managing home generated wastes as part of the Swatchh Bharat Pakwada.
World Mental Health Day
As part of World Mental Health Day, 16 Volunteers of our NSS units were participated in a seminar conducted by Government Medical College, Manjeri on 10-10-2018. The theme of the seminar was “Young People and Mental Health in a Changing World”.
White Cane Day
The NSS units of KAHM Unity Women’s College, in association with Kerala School for Blinds (KSB) - Vallikkapatta, Malappuram Dist., organized International White Cane Day celebration on 15th October 2018 in the College Auditorium. The programme included different events such as White Cane Rally, Inaugural Ceremony, Seminar, Exhibition, and Musical Concert. 68 students from Kerala School for Blinds were our guests of the day. Besides these students, the parents and teachers were also participated. Our NSS volunteers made the day memorable to all especially for the little ones with darkness in their eyes.
White Cane Rally
The events started with White Cane Rally at 10 am, from College entrance to the Auditorium. After the welcome speech by P abdurahman (Teacher, KSB), our Chief Guest and Inaugurator of the day, Mr. Abdul Jaleel Karuthedath (Sub Inspector, Manjeri Police Station) done the flag-off of the rally. Dr. C Saidalavi (College Principal), Dr. Usman A, Shameema PT (NSS Programme Officers), Dr. CM Abdul Salam (Vice Principal), Sayyid Basheer Hussain Thangal (Librarian), and other Staff members of both Unity women’s College and KSB were leaded the rally by covering their eyes with Eye-folder, and also used White Canes (A white cane is used by many people who are blind or visually impaired. Primarily it aids its user to scan their surroundings for obstacles or orientation marks, but is also helpful for other traffic participants in identifying the user as blind or visually impaired and taking appropriate care). Students of Kerala School for Blinds and our NSS volunteers were also participated in the rally. The rally was really an eyeopener that we all are blessed by the Almighty with light in our eyes. It also made realized the difficulties of blind people to travel from one place to another.
Inaugural Ceremony

Next was the Inaugural Ceremony. The session started with a prayer by students of KSB. After the formal welcome speech by P Abdul Kareem (Headmaster, KSB), the function was formally inaugurated by Mr. Abdul Jaleel Karuthedath (Sub Inspector, Manjeri Police Station). A digital book – prepared by Mishal and Shamla AP of final year BSc. Computer Science – was also released and handed over by the Chief Guest. It was followed few felicitations by Heads of the various Departments, Hassan Kodakkadan (Ward Councilor), Amina Meetheen (Students Union Chairperson), etc. Finally the inauguration function concluded with vote of thanks by Shameema PT, NSS Programme Officer.
After the Inaugural Ceremony, there was a seminar session on the topic “Kazhcha Parimitharum Samoohavum” handled by Mr. Jaleel Parappanangadi (Special Educator). The session had a significant role to convey the message that blinds not needed others sympathy, but they opt more opportunities and facilities to overcome their limitations. The session concluded with thanks by Ms. Ramya (Teacher, KSB).
Braillex 2K18 - Exhibition
As part of this day, an exhibition named “Braillex 2K18” also was conducted, which introduced various blind-friendly-gadgets, study aids, and handicrafts

“Sahapadikoru Kaithang”
Our NSS units extended its helping hands towards a student of College of Applied Science, Vazhakkad as he was fighting against Cancer. As the request from the students of CAS Vazhakkad received, our NSS volunteers got ready to help them financially by collecting money from their friends and teachers. The collected amount handed over to student representatives of CAS Vazhakkad by the Head of the Institution Dr. C saidalavi on 25th October 2018.

01-11-2018 Our NSS Volunteers actively participated in the offstage competitions of NSS Arts Fest ‘Nisarga’ Cluster 6 programmes at Noble Women’s College, Manjeri. Our Volunteers took part in Spot Photography, Malayalam Versification, Malayalam Essay Writing, Pencil Drawing, Collage, Debate, and Poster making. Our volunteer Fida Mahanas bagged second prize in poster making.


Children’s Day

NSS units of KAHM Unity Women’s College, Manjeri celebrated Children’s Day with the little ones of Badal School, Koodakkara-Narukara on 14-11-2018. A group of 25 volunteers and NSS Programme Officers visited the Badal School with sweets, balloons, and gifts. Our volunteers conducted games like balloon gathering, musical chair,etc. for their little bros and sis. They made the day joyful with singing songs and story telling.
19-11-2018 NSS Volunteers actively participated in the onstage competitions of NSS Arts Fest ‘Nisarga’ Cluster 6 programmes at BUM Hall Mundithodika, Pappinippara. Our Volunteers took part in Patriotic Song, Nadanpattu, NSS Theme Song, Malayalam Elocution, and Mappilappattu. One of our vibrant volunteer Sana V bagged second price in Malayalam Elocution Competition.
27-11-2018 & 28-11-2018 NSS Programme Officers Dr. Usman A and Shameema PT attended “Two Days Residential Workshop for NSS Programme Officers” organized by NSS Malappuram District Co-ordination Committee at Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI) Nilambur on 27-11-2018 and 28-11-2018.
28-11-2018 Six NSS volunteers of KAHM Unity Women’s College, Manjeri has attended One Day Workshop Programme on “Student’s Palliative Culture” organized by Manjeri Paliative Care Students Movement on 28-11-2018.
Community Psychiatry
In association with Palliative Care Unit Manjeri, NSS units of KAHM Unity Women’s College, Manjeri conducted a session on “Community Psychiatry” on 29-11-2018 1pm to 4pm. The session was handled by Mr. Salam Thurakkal and Mr. Rasheed Karakkunnu (Palliative Volunteers, Palliative Care Unit Manjeri). A total of 213 students including 158 NSS Volunteers were benefitted from the session. Different types of psychiatric disorers, causes, better treatments, etc. are explained and discussed by Mr. Salam Thurakkal. Those Informations were heared first time by most of our volunteers. Also it was not discussed earlier in their regular course lessons.

Mr. Rasheed karakkunnu discussed about the attitude of society towards persons with psychiatric disorers. Most of the people are ignoring such persons and take a distance away from them. The resource person explained the need of taking care such persons and also reminded that most of the patients were normal in behaviour in their past…. So, it is not sure that… one day….we will not too….
The NSS programme Officer Shameema PT welcomed the session and Ms. Fathima Afva, 3rd Semester BA English delivered the vote of thanks.
World Aids Day - Awareness Rally
As part of World Aids Day observance, NSS units of KAHM Unity Women’s College, Manjeri conducted an awareness rally in Manjeri Town on 01-12-2018 Saturday at 10 am. The flag off of the rally done by Vallanchira Muhammadali, Standing Committee Chaiman, Manjeri Municipality. NSS Programme Officers - Dr. Usman A and Shameema PT, and Mr. Kanniyan Muhammedali delivered falicitations for the rally. 73 NSS volunteers were took part in the rally with placards and posters. They raised the theme of World Aids day 2018 “Know Your Status”. The rally started from infront of the Govt. Girls HSS Manjeri and winded up at Thurakkal Rajiv gandhi Bypass Junction.

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Korambayil Ahamed Haji Memorial UNITY WOMEN’S COLLEGE