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UKG Ready Instructions —The Supervisor’s Guide
This guide was created for supervisors who manage employees that record work hours and accrue leave. These instructions cover the Team Dashboard, how and when to approve a timesheet, and more. If this is a responsibility of your position,
please read these instructions to prepare for the UKG Ready upgrade.
To refresh from our UKG Employees Guide, please check out the instructions below if you need assistance locating UKG Ready. If not, you may skip to the Dashboard section.

Step One

After you login through your OneLogin portal, click your UKG portal icon.

Step Two

On your UKG homepage, click the menu in the top left corner. Click “Workforce Management.” Workforce Management stands for UKG Ready in the system.
TIP : Current employees — When you are looking for this option on your menu, you will notice that “Workforce Management” replaced the location for “Time Management.”


Step Three

After clicking the “Workforce Management” item on your UKG menu, you will see your UKG Ready Dashboard.

If you experience an issue or error when locating this new upgrade, please contact Human Resources: Email: [email protected] Phone: 601-318-6126
Please do not contact IT if you are experiencing an issue with UKG/UKG Ready.
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How Each of These Widgets Can Help You Manage Your Team
As a supervisor, you have two different dashboards in UKG Ready to assist you in your role as an employee and as a supervisor. These are separated by two different tabs:

Personal Hub — This tab is where your personal items regarding time & attendance live such as your own personal timesheet, your accruals, your time-off requests, etc.

My Team—This tab is where all team related tasks regarding your supervisor responsibilities such as approving timeoff requests and timesheets, managing missed punches, team lists, etc. will live. This tab is broken down below:

Start Menu — This menu acts as a central hub for your widgets to help you in managing your team’s attendance routines. Each icon opens lists that will help you navigate to your most frequently used items in UKG Ready: your personal items, your team’s timesheets, your team’s time-off requests, and missed punches from your team’s timesheets.
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How Each of These Widgets Can Help You Manage Your Team
Missing Punches —Click this icon for a quick shortcut to your team’s timesheets that contain missing punches for the current pay period. This helps identify employees who missed a punch in their day-to-day recordings of their work hours. Click the “Missing Punches” title in the box. You will navigate to a list of your team members who reported having a missing punch in the system. Click the pencil to the left of their name to view their timesheet and to begin editing. Please see “Missing Punch Help Notes” for more information.
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How Each of These Widgets Can Help You Manage Your Team Time Off Awaiting Approval— Shows list of all pending time-off requests from your team members awaiting your approval
 You will need to check the box beside each request and click the button at the top of the Time Off Awaiting box to approve, reject, or delete the request sent to you
 If you need to view the request, click the pencil icon beside the pending request Timesheets Awaiting Approval— Shows list of all pending timesheets from your team members awaiting your approval
Please see the Timesheet Approval Process section for further details.
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How Each of These Widgets Can Help You Manage Your Team My Mailbox— Notification system for all incoming items in need of attention/approval. While items can be acted upon within the mailbox system, we strongly encourage you to open each item to thoroughly review what you are approving, declining.
 Review pending timesheets  Review missed punches  Review pending time-off requests
My Team— List of your team member which includes their timesheets and personnel details
Should you have any questions about these items on your TEAM dashboard, please contact Human Resources.
If you have questions concerning your PERSONAL dashboard, please refer to the UKG Ready Employee Guide.
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Timesheets no longer will be submitted and approved on a weekly basis. The university now submits timesheets per pay period. • If you are a supervisor over Biweekly employees, your team submits their timesheets at
the end of every two weeks for your approval. • If you are a supervisor over Non-Exempt or Salary Exempt employees, your team submits
their timesheets at the end of every pay period. The timesheet process is on a deadline-oriented schedule rather than a weekly schedule. The timesheets now conform to our university payroll schedule. With this in mind, your role in the process is critical for your team’s time being pulled into the upcoming payroll.
 Employees should submit timesheets IMMEDIATELY after their final punch of the pay period.
 All supervisory approvals for timesheets are due should be completed by the following business day after the pay period ends. These approvals should be completed no later than the two business days after the pay period ends.
 If for any reason you will be unable to fulfill your supervisor responsibilities due to a conflict/absence, please contact Human Resources in advance to make arrangements for delegation procedures.
 Work hour totals for Non-Exempt employees will fluctuate based on the number of days of the pay period. Human Resources will send out reminders each pay period to confirm these totals.
 Overtime procedures HAVE NOT changed. Approval from the president is still required, and must be forwarded to Human Resources once received. In the event you have a need to seek overtime approval, please make this request AT LEAST one week in advance in order for us to remain on schedule for payroll.
TIP : All automatic notifications/reminders from UKG Ready will be sent to you from this email address:
[email protected]
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What You Need to Know
Remember that the timesheets will now be on a SEMIMONTHLY PAY PERIOD SCHEDULE rather than a weekly schedule  All Non-Exempt employees are STILL RESPONSIBLE for working 8
hours per day Monday—Thursday and 7.5 hours per day on Friday’s for a total of 39.5—40 hours maximum per week.
 The pay period’s total amount of hours WILL FLUCTUATE due to the amount of days per pay period
 Human Resources will send reminders out to notify you of how many hours to be expecting at the end of each pay period.
Please pay attention to these notices to help you manage and approve your team’s timesheet.
Should you have any additional questions about working in UKG Ready, please contact the Office of Human Resources at
[email protected]
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Before beginning the timesheet approval process please make sure that you have:  Reviewed the new changes for the timesheet processes. See previous page for details  Have approved all pending leave requests and corrected any missed punches.
See training sections for Missed Punches and Leave Requests in this packet for details STEP 1) On your dashboard, locate the box that says “Timesheets Awaiting My Approval.”
STEP 2) Click the title to open the Pending Timesheets box to see the full list and to view all pending timesheets.
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STEP 3) Click the pencil beside each employee’s name to view the pending submitted timesheet
STEP 4) Review the timesheet  Check for any errors/missed punches. See instructions further in this packet  Confirm that all pending leave requests were approved and added to the timesheet prior
to approving this timesheet  Confirm that the total hours for the timesheet reflect the correct total work hours for the
pay period. See Human Resources reminders sent to your email for pay period details STEP 5) Approve the timesheet by clicking the “Approve” button
Please make sure you review EVERY WORK DAY ON THE TIMESHEET before you approve any timesheet to correct any missed punches and to ensure all pending leave requests approved/ declined during the pay period were added to the timesheet. Please see the missed punches section and approving leave requests section for further details.
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UKG Ready Instructions —The Supervisor s Guide