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Student Employment At Oregon State University
Information for new student employees

My Employee Dashboard
• NON-OSU STUDENTS • Must activate ONID and DUO in order to access any OSU system
• • Resources  Employment • GRA, GTA, & Student Employee FERPA training • Paystubs • Resources  Financial • View W2’s and direct deposit information • Login access to OSU systems • EmpCenter • Canvas • MyDegrees • DocuSign • Box

How many hours can I work? When do I get paid?
• Total allowable hours are a combination of all positions held by student • Can work up to 20hrs/week while their classes are in session during any term. • Includes on-campus, e-campus, and hybrid classes • Can work up to 40hrs/week during any break • Winter break, Spring break, Summer break or taking a term off
• Pay periods go from the 16th of the month to the 15th of the following month. • Paid on last working day of the month • Example: pay period 9/16/20-10/15/20, paid on 10/30/20 • Pay checks are either mailed to current address on file or direct deposited

Do you have Work-Study; if so, how does it work?
• Work-Study Awards are handled by the Office of Financial Aid • Most hourly student positions are eligible to use the work-
study award • The award is automatically applied to eligible positions. • You and your supervisor will receive an email from the Office of Financial Aid with Conditions of Federal WorkStudy Employment information
• You will still receive a regular paycheck • Work-Study award does not reduce your loan or tuition balance
• If you don’t use your entire award balance, you will lose it. It cannot be applied to another academic year • Is tracked on your timesheet

How do I clock in/out for work?
• EmpCenter is OSU’s timekeeping system • Must select correct timesheet (Listed by Job Title) • Select clock in/out • Manual entry requires a comment to be added • Balance tabs located at bottom of timesheet • Oregon Sick Leave • Work-Study • Must enter all meal (lunch) periods but not rest (breaks) periods • Must be finalized and submitted by noon on the 16th of the month, otherwise will be paid based on what is entered • Read the EmpCenter User Guide, link on last slide

If I’m out sick, do I still get paid?
• Oregon “Mandatory” Sick Time Law does apply to student employees • Available to use on the 91st calendar day of employment • Accrue one hour of sick leave for every thirty hours worked • Balances are tracked on your timesheet in EmpCenter • Able to use up to 40 hours of sick leave per academic year (July-June) • Those using their Work-Study award are not eligible for accrual or use of sick leave. • Remaining sick leave is not paid out upon termination

Is there mandatory training for all student employees?
• All student employees are required to complete the Critical Training provided by University Human Resources • Completed in the Bridge Training Management System • Must be completed within 60 days of receiving enrollment notification via email • Training counts as time worked and is to be recorded on your timesheet. Coordinate with your supervisor on training times
• Topics are: • Ethics • Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse • Information Security • Equal Opportunity & Access

What else am I required to do?
• Must maintain Student Employment Eligibility during duration of employment • Enrollment, Minimum credit requirements, VISA, etc
• Must follow Maximum Allowable Work Hours • Term off, Breaks, Overtime, etc
• All employees and students are required to comply with the university’s COVID-19 Vaccination Program. Please visit for additional information about OSU’s plans for safety and success, as well as options for compliance with the vaccination program.
• Must complete EmpCenter timesheet accurately and timely
• All hours worked must be entered on the correct timesheet • Manually entered time must include a comment • Must correct all Red-level Exceptions, otherwise you will not
be paid for any shift(s) in which this error is present
• You will receive notifications from EmpCenter when you have a Red-Level Error. Most common reason is missing in/out punch
• Timesheet must be submitted no later than noon on the 16th of the month

Who do I contact if I have questions??
• The Student Employment Center • Hourly Employment Email: [email protected] .edu • Graduate Assistants Email: [email protected]
• Location: University Plaza suite 150, Corvallis.
• Phone: 541-737-2915 • Website:

Resources and Links
• Activate ONID • • FERPA Training Module • Student Employment Manual
• Direct Deposit • Office of Financial Aid • EmpCenter User Guide • Oregon Law regarding meal and rest periods • Holiday Schedule and Pay • Benefits: Oregon Sick Leave • Bridge Talent Management System • OSU Critical Training Program • OSU’s Student Employment Program

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Student Employment At Oregon State University