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India Climate Collaborative
Annual Report
January 2022

Letter from
For the past two years, the ICC has accompanied India’s most vulnerable on a path away from the compounding impacts of climate change. We have worked with remarkable organisations changing the landscape of possibility for local communities, and shared hard-earned learnings about listening across lines of seemingly unbridgeable difference. We have moved towards understanding climate change as something larger and more complex than solitary actions, and are working to define success by something larger and more complex than environmental solvency and public acclaim. We invite constructive conflict — within ourselves and among ourselves in order to balance the needs of the individual with the needs of the community, the need for climate solutions with the need for livelihoods, to continually hone and refine the instrument of social change toward a more equitable and dignified world.
“The longer the lever, the less perceptible its motion,” Henry David Thoreau had written once in contemplating the long timescales of social change. Yet,on the timescales of our civilisation, a decade is an astonishingly short period for a radical transformation so profound. And yet this is the decade that matters most. India’s climate ecosystem is fertile, there are so many individuals and organisations sowing the roots of building resilience and reducing our emissions, but we need to bring these solutions upto speed with the challenges we still face today. The fulcrum of the ICC’s lever for change has to do with finance, or greater flows of capital, towards solutions that prioritise for scale, capacity, and collaboration.
This report is our journey, our goals and motivations, and our approach to a world that is changing by the second. It offers a glimpse into how we aim to accelerate the amount of finance flowing into the climate space, enable new channels of collaboration between disparate stakeholders, and drive the climate solutions being developed by our extensive network of partners to fruition.

We offer deep dives into various sectors that affect climate action, ranging from land use to communications, to paint a clear picture of the barriers facing rapid action; we profile Indian philanthropy’s current engagement with the climate ecosystem; we reflect on our work and growth over the past two years from a team of two to nearly 20 full- and part-time members, our engagement with over 30 philanthropists, and more than 100 partners in India and across the globe, and we look forward to our plans for the future, with your support.
Of our many achievements these past two years, what I am most proud of, is the ICC team; people alongside whom I live and serve every day. Along the path of our shared devotion to combating climate change, I have come to know a number of outstanding human beings, many of them radically different from myself. Yet what they have in common, is the willingness to encounter another, to make someone feel valued and seen, bettered for knowing you, never belittled. I believe the ICC will change the world because these individuals exhibit a voracious curiosity about the world and other people, and a willingness to listen and empathise with those unlike them. They stand apart because of their reservoirs of courage, and because they stand for their beliefs, even if they stand alone.
Despite the incredible drive and dedication I see within the ICC team, I know that we would never be able to solve for this challenge alone. Climate action needs us all to come together, and we have derived our strength from our network of funders and partners. The success of the ICC is only a mirror for the incredible efforts and achievements of our community - together, we are much greater than the sum of our parts. We depend on your continued support and are grateful to be a part of this community.
I thank each and every single one of you for being part of the ICC’s journey. It has been the best part of ours.
With immense gratitude, Shloka Nath Acting CEO

The India Climate Collaborative at a glance
The India Climate Collaborative is a first-of-its-kind, Indiafocused, India-led organisation working to accelerate funding to, and engagement with, the climate ecosystem. We work with diverse actors – governments, philanthropies, businesses, civil society organisations, and research institutions – to mobilise funding, scale impactful solutions, and facilitate collaboration across the ecosystem to enable broad-based climate action. Here is a glimpse into our impact numbers over the last two years.

Galvanised nearly
₹45 crore ($6 million) in commitments
30+ domestic and international
philanthropic partners
100+ technical partners
25 fundable opportunities

10 thematic convenings
and workshops
Climate adjacency workshops for
7knowledge pieces


The Tata Trusts recognised the need for India to engage on climate change deeply while prioritising vulnerable communities, who are often ignored in the global climate discussion. To do this, the Trusts incubated the ICC to become a focal point for collaboration among philanthropies and the climate-linked ecosystem in India to solve critical gaps in the ecosystem like insufficient and misdirected funding, weak societal awareness, and inadequate research and data.
The ICC, registered as the Council of Philanthropies for Climate Action, has partnered with the EdelGive Foundation to accelerate climate action in the country by identifying key fundable opportunities in mitigation, adaptation, and building the capacity of different stakeholders within the climate ecosystem.

Vidya Shah, Executive Chairperson, EdelGive Foundation
India’s diverse topography, dependence on agriculture, and rapid industrialisation, provides a large opportunity to reflect on the dramatic impact that climate change can have on its economic growth. The discourse on climate change needs to move beyond the international and national arenas into the heartlands of rural India, where its impact has already led to dramatic loss of livelihoods. EdelGive Foundation has continued to invest in solutions that will reduce such losses and build resilient communities. We see ICC as a fantastic platform that can take this goal even further.

Mapping India’s
Climate Ecosystem

Ratan Tata, Chairperson, Tata Trusts
Climate change is one of the most pressing crises facing our world and our nation today and has become an integral part of India’s development journey. Adverse climate impacts impede socio-economic progress and threaten marginalised communities disproportionately; climate solutions, on the other hand, are the future of the global economy.
Yet to take on a challenge of this scale and complexity, we need the collective strength of diverse stakeholders along with accelerated ambition. Recognising the need for an apex Indian institution that can enable this, the Tata Trusts incubated the India Climate Collaborative, to enable funding and ambition to flow towards the critical gaps and opportunities in the climate ecosystem. We believe that the ICC can empower India’s philanthropies to become leaders in climate action, both within the country and globally.




India played a significant role at COP26 in Glasgow, deemed the ‘last best chance’ at catalysing decisive climate action globally. PM Narendra Modi announced ambitious and ramped-up commitments, ranging from tripling non-fossil fuel electricity capacity in under a decade to
Coupled with the significant progress we have already made on our Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) in the Paris Agreement, India has truly set the stage for decisive climate action. However, we remain the third-largest emitting country in the world, and the seventh-most vulnerable country to the impacts of climate change1. 09

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India Climate Collaborative Annual Report