The Accomplishment Of Deathlessness

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", ,:.A<-3*3-3J.-?$?-0R-.%-eJ-.?-3HJ/-eJ-]R-PR?-3,:-;?-?R$?-GA-z$-
0:A- z- 3(R$- eJ- 24/- ;A.- 28A/- :#R<- =R:A- o/- IA- i=- :LR<- HJ<- 2.J- :(A- 3J.- P2- 08J?- L- 2- 28$?- ?R,
The Accomplishment Of Deathlessness
The Daily Practice of Noble Wish-fulfilling Wheel
A White Tara Sadhana by
Jamgon Kongtrul

White Tara Practice Courtesy of

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White Tara (Tib. Jetsün Drolma)
White Tara Practice Courtesy of

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", S/-0?-2..-28A:A-:)A$?-2&R3-3, :(A-3J.-:1$?-3<-$?-2+.-/?, (I bow with devotion to the deathless Noble Lady. Just the thought of her conquers the fears of the four maras. I will explain her daily practice so that the supreme accomplishments of long life and son on can be attained.)
,R- <%?- ?3- }- SR:A- (- =- 22- 0:A- 5K- 2.J- 2:A- $/?- =- 2?3- $+/- IA- (R?- .%- w/- 0?- :#R.- /?- 2o.- 0:A- $?R=- :.J2?- /A,
(At daybreak, or sometime early in the morning, we seat ourselves in the vajra posture, upon a comfortable seat. The following is the lineage supplication.)
1R=- .!<- o/- HJ<- IA- 2o.- 0:A- $?R=- :.J2?- :.A- 28A/,
(the following is the lineage supplication for the daily practice of white Tara.)
<- J!A- ?A- K),
OM SVASTI SIDDHAM OM May good fortune be attained
/-3R-$-<-AF-+-<-;J, ,
NAMO GURU ARYA TARA YE Homage to Guru Arya Tara!
1R=-3-%$-$A-.2%-K$-$?J<-\A%-0, ,
DROL MA NGA GI WANG CHUK SER LING PA Tara, Vagishvara, Suvarnadvipi,
)R-2R-:VR3-!R/-,/-}-1J-0:A-82?, ,
JO WO DROM TÖN CHEN NGA DRE PAY ZHAB Atisha, Dromton, Chen-nga, Drepa,
?$?-0R-.?-3HJ/- DAG PO TÜ KHYEN RE CHEN POM DRAK PA Dhagpo, Dusum Khyenpa, Rechen, Pomdrakpa,
P2-(J/-(R?-GA-]-3<-$?R=-2-:.J2?, ,
DRUP CHEN CHÖ KYI LA MAR SÖL WA DEB Mahasiddha Chokyi Lama, I pray to you.

White Tara Practice Courtesy of

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AR-o/-0-.%-<%-L%-$;%-!R/-o=, ,
ORGYEN PA DANG RANG JUNG YUNG TÖN GYAL Ogyenpa, Rangjung Dorje, Yungton Gyal,
J$?, ,
ROL DOR KHA CHÖ WANG PO DE ZHIN SHEG Rolpay Dorje, Khacho Wangpo, Deshin Shekpa,
RIG RAL TÖN DEN BEN GAR GO SHRI JE Rigpe Raldri, Tongwa Donden, Benkar, Lord Goshri,
(R?-P$?-o-35S:A-82?-=-$?R=-2-:.J2?, ,
CHÖ DRAK GYAMTSÖ ZHAB LA SOL WA DEB Chodrak Gyamtso, I pray to you.
?%?-o?-3*/-0-3A-2*R.-.!R/-3(R$-:2%?, ,
SANG GYE NYENPA MIKYÖ KÖNCHOK BANG Sanggye Nyenpa, Mikyo Dorje, Konchok Bang
.2%-K$-hR-eJ-(R?-.2%-i3-.$-35/, ,
Wangchuk Dorje, Chokyi Wangchuk, Namdag Tsen,
!k-($?-3J.-.=-3R-.0=-(J/-0R, ,
KARMA CHAGME DÜLMO PALCHEN PO Karma Chagme, Dulmo, Palchenpo,
2!/-0:A-*A/-3R<-LJ.-=-$?R=-2-:.J2?, ,
TENPAY NYIN MOR JE LA SOL WA DEB Tenpay Nyinche, I pray to you.
2..-:.=-hR-eJ-0E-*A/-LJ.-.2%, ,
DÜNDÜL DORJE PEMA NYINJE WANG Dundul Dorje, Pema Nyingje Wangpo,
White Tara Practice Courtesy of

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YA.-8A:A-$4$-o/-,J$-3(R$-hR-eJ-.%, ,
SI ZHI TSUK GYEN THEG CHOK DORJE DANG Tegchok Dorje, who is the crown-adornment of samsara and nirvana,
o=-2?-=%-2!/-;R%?-mR$?-2!/-0:A-2.$ ,
GYAL WE LUNG TEN YONG DZOG TEN PAY DAG Lodro Thaye, who was prophesied by the Buddha
]R-PR?-3,:-;?-82?-=-$?R=-2-:.J2?, ,
LODRÖ THAYE ZHAB LA SOL WA DEB And is the Lord of the entire Teachings, I pray to you.
hR-eJ:A-{-2fJ?-3#:-H2-hR-eJ-.%, ,
DORJEY KU NYE KHA KHYAB DORJE DANG Khakhyab Dorje, who attained the vajra-body,
3HJ/-2lJ:A-:R.-9J<- KHYENTSE ÖZER RIG PAY DORJE SOG Khyentse Ozer, Rigpay Dorje, and the others,
l-2o.-]-3-!/-.%R?-eJ-24/-3, ,
TSA GYU LAMA KÜN NGÖ JETSUN MA Bhaddarika, who is the embodiment of all root and lineage gurus,
$%-$A-(A/-PR=-2!:-22-2o.-0:A-YR=, ,
GANG GI MIN DRÖL KA BAB GYU PAY SÖL All those who hold the six traditions of her instruction lineage
RIM PA DRUK DEN NAM LA SOL WA DEB That ripens and liberates, I pray to you.
2*J.-}$?-mR$?-0:A- KYE NGAG DZOG PAY RIM PA THAR CHIN TE Give your blessings, that I may perfect the phases of creation, mantra and completion,
White Tara Practice Courtesy of

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:(A-3J.-;J->J?-hR-eJ:A-{-3(R$-:P2, ,
CHI ME YE SHE DORJE KU CHOK DRUP Attain the supreme Vajra-Body of wisdom and deathlessness,
o=-2-!/-2*J.-;A.-28A/-:#R<-=R-.%-, ,
GYAL WA KÜN KYE YI ZHIN KHOR LO DANG Be indivisible from Chitachakra, who gives birth to all the Buddhas,
.LJ<-3J.-.R/-$*A?-z/-P2-LA/-IA?-_R2?, ,
YER ME DÖN NYI LHÜN DRUP JIN GYI LŌB And spontaneously accomplish the benefit of myself and others.
1R=-.!<-o/-HJ<-IA-2o.-0:A-$?R=-:.J2?-:.A-28A/, ..-.3-^-V=-!k-z-.0=-,$?-28J.-v<-!k-%$-.2%-;R/-+/-o-
35R?- VA?,

[This prayer to the lineage of the daily practice of White Tara was composed by Karma Ngawang Yonten Gyamtso (Jamgon Kongtrul), in accordance with the wishes of Karma Lha Pal, one of unequaled pure faith.]

MANGALAM May there be good fortune

*2?- ?J3?- /A,


.!R/-3(R$-!/-:.?-]-3<-*2?-?-3(A, ,

KÖN CHOK KÜN DÜ LA MAR KYAB SU CHI I take refuge in the guru, the union of all the jewels.
:PR-=-1/-KA<-;A.-28A/-:#R<-=R-212, ,

DRO LA PHEN CHIR YI ZHIN KHOR LO DRUP In order to benefit beings, I will practice Tara, the wish-fulfilling wheel.
=/- $?3,
Three times

White Tara Practice Courtesy of

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5S$?- 2?$?- 3R- /,
(To gather the accumulations, recite as follows)
<%-*A.-1R=-3:A-,$?-YR$-:R.-9J<-IA?, ,
RANG NYI DROL MAY THUG SOG ÖZER GYI Light rays from the life-essence in the heart of myself as Tara,
:1$?-3-Y?-2&?-3./-3#<-,/-S%?-I<, ,
PHAG MA SE CHE DÜN KHAR CHEN DRANG GYUR Invite the Arya and the Bodhisattvas into the space before me.
2#- ?- 3- 6:
BENDZA SAMADZA Vajra Gathering
.!R/-3(R$-$?3-=-2.$-*2?-3(A, ,
KÖN CHOK SUM LA DAG KYAB CHI I take refuge in the three jewels,
#A$-0-3A-.$J-?R-?R<-2>$?, ,
DIG PA MI GE SO SOR SHAG I confess each bad, unvirtuous action,
:PR-2:A-.$J-=-eJ?-;A.-<%-, ,
DRO WAY GE LA JE YI RANG I rejoice in the good actions of beings,
?%?-o?-L%-(2-;A.-GA?-29%-, ,
SANG GYE JANG CHUB YI KYI ZUNG I hold the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in my mind.
?%?-o?-(R?-.%-5S$?-3(R$-=, ,
SANG GYE CHÖ DANG TSOK CHOK LA I take refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha
White Tara Practice Courtesy of

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L%-(2-2<-.-*2?-?-3(A, ,
JANG CHUB BAR DU KYAB SU CHI Until I attain enlightenment.
<%-$8/-.R/-/A-<2-:P2-KA<, ,
RANG ZHEN DÖN NI RAB DRUP CHIR I will develop the bodhichitta
L%-(2-?J3?-/A-2*J.-0<-2IA, ,
JANG CHUB SEM NI KYE PAR GYI In order to perfectly accomplish the benefit of myself and others.
L%-(2-3(R$-$A-?J3?-/A-2*J.-2IA?-/?, ,
JANG CHUB CHOK GI SEM NI KYE GYI NE Having developed the mind of perfect enlightenment,
?J3?-&/-,3?-&.-2.$-$A-3PR/-.-$*J<, ,
SEM CHEN THAM CHE DAG GI DRÖN DU NYER I will take care of all beings.
L%-(2-,R.-3(R$-;A.-:R%-,.-0<-2IA, ,
JANG CHUB CHÖ CHOK YI ONG CHE PAR GYI I will follow the beautiful, perfect conduct of the Bodhisattva,
:PR-=-1/-KA<-?%?-o?-:P2-0<->R$ ,
DRO LA PHEN CHIR SANG GYE DRUP PAR SHOG May I attain Buddhahood so that I can benefit all beings.
:PR-!/-2.J-w/-#$-2}=-o-2&?-V=, ,
DRO KUN DE DEN DUG NGAL GYU CHE DRAL 1. May all beings have happiness, 2. be free of suffering and its causes,
2.J-.%-3A-:V=-2+%-~R3?-(J<-$/?->R$ ,
DE DANG MIN DRAL TANG NYOM CHER NE SHOG 3. Be inseparable from happiness, and 4. rest in the great impartiality (four immeasurables).

White Tara Practice Courtesy of

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&J?- 2eR.- &A%- 5S$?- 8A%- 3A- .3A$?- 0<- 28$
(Having thus recited, dissolve the [visualized] assembly and rest in nonconceptuality.)
2*J.- 2^?- GA- i=- :LR<- /A,
<- >w+- x/- 2#- JS7- Ah- [email protected] @),
OM SHUNYATA JNANA BENDZA SOBHAWA EMA KO HAM OM. I am the embodiment of the vajra nature of emptiness and wisdom
!R%-0:A-<%-l=->-$A-1-$.%?-=?, ,
TONG PAY RANG TSAL HUNG GI DRA DANG LE The natural power of emptiness, the sound of HUNG
hR-eJ:A-Y%-:#R<-/%-.-(->J=-IA, ,
DORJEY SUNG KHOR NANG DU CHU SHEL GYI Becomes a vajra protective-circle, with inside, an inconceivable palace of moonstone.
$8=-3J.-#%-.2?-0.-.!<-^-2:A-!J%, ,
ZHAL ME KHANG Ü PE KAR DA WAY TENG In its center, upon a white lotus and moon,
+&-=?-Aa=-.!<-0R-+&-IA?-35/, ,
TAM LE UT PAL KAR PO TAM GYI TSEN A TAM transforms into a white utpala flower adorned by a TAM
:R.-:UR?-.R/-$*A?-L?-:.?-;R%?-I<-=?, ,
Ö TRÖ DÖN NYI CHE DÜ YONG GYUR LE Lights radiate, accomplish the two benefits, and are reabsorbed.
<%-*A.-:1$?-3-1R=-3-^-2:A-3.R$ ,
RANG NYI PHAG MA DROL MA DA WAY DOK It transforms into myself as Noble Tara, who is the color of the moon,

White Tara Practice Courtesy of

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8A-:63-|J$-*3?-:R.-9J<-s-w/-:UR, ,
ZHI DZUM GEK NYAM ÖZER NGA DEN TRO Peaceful and smiling, beautiful, shining with light-rays of five colors.
.T=-2-K$-82?-;J->J?-,/-2./-36K?, ,
DRAL WA CHAG ZHAB YE SHE CHEN DÜN DZE The forehead, hands, and feet are beautified by seven eyes of wisdom,
K$-$;?-3(R$-.A/-$;R/-0:A-3,J2-YA/-IA?, ,
CHAG YE CHOK JIN YÖN PAY THEB SIN GYI The right hand makes the gesture of the Supreme Gift,
Aa=-.!<-0R:A-#R%-2-,$?-!<-:6B/, ,
UT PAL KAR PÖ DONG BU THUG KAR DZIN The left hand thumb and ring finger holds the stem of a white utpala to the heart.
.<-.!<-!R.-$;R$-$-s:A-(.-.NA?-$?R=, ,
DAR KAR TÖ YOK NA NGAY ME TRI SÖL She wears a white silk blouse and a skirt of five colors,
/R<-2-3-+A$-(-*J?-36K?-o/-%J=, ,
NOR BU MU TIK CHU KYE DZE GYEN PEL She is bedecked by beautiful adornments of jewels, pearls and lotuses.
.2-0-=A-2-v$-0<-2&A%-8A%-:K%?, ,
Ü TRA LI WA TAG PAR CHING ZHING CHANG Her long hair is tied at the nape and hangs freely,
^-2<-o2-2!J/-hR-eJ:A-*A=-N%-28$?, ,
DA WAR GYAB TEN DORJEY KYIL TRUNG ZHUK Her back rests against a moon and she is seated in the vajra posture,
$/?-$?3-<-=>-$A-:R.-9J<-IA?, ,
NE SUM OM AH HUNG GI ÖZER GYI White OM on forehead, red AH at throat, and blue HUNG at the heart radiate light rays.

White Tara Practice Courtesy of

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The Accomplishment Of Deathlessness