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U of G Graduate Studies

Plant Agriculture: MSc, PhD
Plants provide food, raw materials, and a healthy environment, and are the cornerstone for life on earth. Plant Science is key to understanding and enhancing plant life. Research in the Department of Plant Agriculture is divided into four areas: Plant Biochemistry and Physiology, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Crop Production Systems, and Bioproducts.

Plant Agriculture is strongly rooted in crop science and horticultural science but we now encompass applied bioinformatics; molecular genetics; genomics; field, horticultural and greenhouse crops; plant breeding; turf and grassland studies; environmental sustainability; weed science/ecology; and the use of plant materials for health, fibres and industrial products. Furthermore, we recognize that society’s expectations of agriculture are changing to include a wide range of health and environmental services such as producing food with nutraceuticals, protecting biodiversity, mitigating climate change and providing alternative energy sources.

We offer an interdisciplinary research environment in modern, well-equipped laboratories and research stations to provide excellence in graduate education and training.

Admission Requirements
■ The MSc requires a Baccalaureate degree in an honours plant science/ biology program, or equivalent, from a recognized university or college with at least a B average over the last two years of full-time study (or equivalent).
■ The PhD requires a MSc degree by thesis in a field appropriate to the proposed area of specialization with a minimum B average.
Application Deadline: Ongoing Entry: Fall, Winter, Spring

Research Fields
■ Plant Biochemistry & Physiology ■ Plant Breeding & Genetics ■ Crop Production Systems ■ Bioproducts
Our Faculty
Faculty have modern labs with stateof-the-art equipment and access to controlled environment growth facilities and numerous field sites distributed over Ontario. Faculty are located on four campuses affording a variety of opportunities and experiences for our students. Our faculty are internationally recognized as leaders in their scholarly activities. Support for research is obtained from a variety of sources including federal, provincial, international, industrial and grower sponsors.

■ Increasing plant production efficiency ■ Developing new varieties ■ Understanding plant growth and
development ■ Weed control ■ Plant-environment interactions ■ Discovering new environmentally friendly
industrial materials
■ Crop Consultant ■ Breeder/Geneticist ■ Plant Physiologist ■ R&D Bio-Based Plastics
CONTACT INFORMATION Graduate Program Coordinator: Dr. Istvan Rajcan 519-824-4120 ext 53564 [email protected] Graduate Program Assistant: Tara Israel 519-824-4120 ext 56077 [email protected]

U of G Graduate Studies

Departmental Graduate Faculty with Research Areas

Gale G. Bozzo E.C. Bovey Building [email protected] Postharvest physiology & secondary metabolism
John A. Cline Simcoe and Vineland Campus [email protected] Fruit tree physiology & management
Hugh J. Earl Crop Science Building [email protected] Oilseed physiology & agronomy
Mehrzad (Milad) Eskandari Ridgetown Campus [email protected] Soybean breeding & genetics
Chris L. Gillard Ridgetown Campus [email protected] Dry bean agronomy & pest management
Bernard Grodzinski E.C Bovey Building [email protected] Photosynthesis, carbon partitioning and productivity, manned space program
David C. Hooker Ridgetown Campus [email protected] Field crop agronomy
A. Max P. Jones
E.C. Bovey Building [email protected] Plant propagation and in vitro conservation

Katerina S. Jordan E.C. Bovey Building [email protected] Turfgrass science; nematology
Melanie Kalischuk E.C. Bovey Building [email protected] Genomics, pathology, specialty crop improvement
Elizabeth A. Lee Crop Science Building [email protected] Corn breeding & genetics
Lewis N. Lukens Crop Science Building [email protected] Bioinformatics, genetics of stress tolerance
Eric M. Lyons E.C. Bovey Building [email protected] Stress physiology; root biology of turfgrass species
Mary Ruth McDonald Crop Science Building [email protected] Diseases & integrated crop management of vegetables
Barry J. Micallef Crop Science Building [email protected] Physiology & genetics of vegetable crops
Manjusri Misra Crop Science Building [email protected] Bio-based new materials & green nanotechnology

Amar Mohanty Crop Science Building [email protected] Bioeconomy related to biobased materials, biofuels & biorefinery
Joshua Nasielski Crop Science Building [email protected] Field crop agronomy and crop physiology, eastern and northern Ontario

Kimberley Schneider Crop Science Building [email protected] Forage and service crops, nutrient cycling, sustainable agriculture
Peter H. Sikkema Ridgetown Campus [email protected] Weed management, field crops

Gopinadhan Paliyath E.C. Bovey Building [email protected] Postharvest biology; functional foods & nutraceuticals

Jayasankar Subramanian Vineland Campus [email protected] Tree fruit genetics, breeding & biotechnoloy & biotechnology

K. Peter Pauls Crop Science Building [email protected] Tissue culture; molecular biology techniques to crop improvement
Manish N. Raizada Crop Science Building [email protected] Novel proteomics, genome & protein engineering technologies
Istvan Rajcan Crop Science Building [email protected] Soybean breeding & genetics; seed composition, bioproducts, yield stability, G x E, exotic germplasm
Darren E. Robinson Ridgetown Campus [email protected] Weed management & horticultural crops

John Sulik Crop Science Building [email protected] Precision Agriculture, cropping systems, remote sensing & geographic information systems
Francois Tardif Crop Science Building [email protected] Physiology, ecology & molecular biology of herbicide resistance
Cheryl Trueman Ridgetown Campus [email protected] Vegetable disease management
Rene C. Van Acker Johnston Hall [email protected] Weed biology & ecology; biosafety & novel trait confinement; agronomy

Praveen K. Saxena E.C. Bovey Building [email protected] Plant morphogenesis; conservation; medicinal plant biology

David J. Wolyn E.C. Bovey Building [email protected] Plant genetics; plant breeding; tissue culture; molecular genetics

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Plant Agriculture MSc PhD at University of Guelph