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List of sanctioned beneficiaries under Venture Capital Fund for Scheduled Castes till April 08, 2019:

List of sanctioned beneficiaries under the fund (As on April 08, 2019)

Sl. Name of the Company No.


Sanctioned Financial
Assistance (in Rs Lakhs.)

Proposed Project

1 Janagal Exports Pvt Ltd

Ludhiana, Punjab

481.560 For expansion of existing capacity by purchasing more machineries for manufacturing of garments.

2 MGM Infra Development Ropar, Punjab Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

850.000 Setting up of manufacturing facility for fly ash based bricks, blocks and pavers.

3 Nishant Bioenergy Pvt. Zirakpur,



174.130 To set up a manufacturing unit for fabrication of pellet plant, pellet stove, pellet burner.

4 Antartic Cold Chain Pvt. Ambala,



500.000 To Set up a cold storage facility for 3000 MT.

5 Vera Net Synthetics Pvt Bhavnagar,



200.100 Setting up facility for manufacturing of fishing nets.

6 Rainbow Packaging Pvt. Ahmedabad,



242.000 Expansion of manufacturing facility for milk packaging products.

7 Heli Electro Solutions Pvt. Navsari,



322.000 To set up a bio fertilizer / bio stimulant / bio pesticide manufacturing unit in Navsari, Gujarat.

8 Prowess Inds. Pvt Ltd

Nagpur, Maharashtra

490.000 Setting up of roller flour mill.

9 20th March Venture Pvt. Pune,



455.670 Setting up of Packaged drinking water facility.

10 Kuchekar

Fitness Pune,

Management Pvt. Ltd. Maharashtra

75.000 Setting up of fitness Centre.

11 Shevantabai Distillery and Solapur,

Fabrications Pvt. Ltd.


93.850 To manufacture corrugated paper Boxes

12 TGN Corporate Advisors Nagpur,

Pvt. Ltd.


89.000 Setting up of IRM (Infrastructure Revenue Model) project for TCS.

13 Millenium Gateway Infra Aurangabad,

Pvt. Ltd.


500.000 Setting up Manufacturing facility for flyash bricks and concrete blocks.

14 Harshraj Oil and Foods Aurangabad,

Industries Pvt. Ltd.


112.500 Setting up of Edible Oil Extraction mill

15 Yash Cottyarn Pvt. Ltd.

Akola, Maharashtra

477.000 Setting up a Spinning Mill.

16 Bhagyalaxmi Ferro Alloys Nagpur,

Pvt. Ltd.


80.000 To set up unit for manufacturing components of household cleaning items like brooms, mops, wipers, etc.

17 Shilpa Dal & food Aurangabad,

Industries Pvt. Ltd.


130.000 To set up a Dal processing unit.

18 Kamani Tubes Ltd.

Mumbai, Maharashtra

314.000 To expand manufacturing of copper tubes and various new copper products

19 Onegreendiary software Pune,

Pvt. Ltd.


To set up an infrastructure for developing different web and 50.000 mobile based software application to serve different retail
and service merchants.

20 Veracity

Natural Nagpur,

Resources Pvt. Ltd.


180.000 To Set up the facility for manufacturing of Manganese Oxide.

21 Jay Plast Pack Pvt. Ltd.

Solapur, Maharashta

To set up a manufacturing unit of different kinds of carry 419.000 bags of commercial usage like Perforated Bags, Leno / Mesh
Bags, HDPE Woven Bags / Snacks, etc.

22 NGP Agro Buildcon Pvt. Nagpur,



435.000 To set up Cardiology center in Nagpur.

23 Radhakrushna Micro Milk Solapur, & Milk Products Pvt. Ltd. Maharashtra

116.000 To set up a Milk Processing Unit of 5000 Liters per day capacity

24 J'yani Fabrics Pvt. Ltd.

Satara, Maharashtra

248.000 To set up a Terry Towel Manufacturing Unit.

25 BA Rathod Poultry Pvt. Latur,



316.000 To set up a Poultry Unit of rearing 1,25,000 chicks bimonthly basis.

26 GTech

Application Mumbai,

205.500 To set up a mobile and web based applications for education

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Intellegence Pvt. Ltd. Maharashtra

27 Ranshoor Plastics Pvt Ltd Aurangabad, Maharashtra

28 VS Plastics Marathwada Aurangabad,

Pvt. Ltd.


29 Samyak


& Amravati,

Beverages (I) Pvt Ltd. Maharashtra

30 Krispylicios Foods Pvt. Delhi Ltd.

31 Ram sab Industries Pvt. Gaziabad, UP Ltd.

32 Chandan and Chandan Delhi NCR Industries Pvt. Ltd.

33 Abhyudaya

Green Telangana/AP

Economic zone Pvt Ltd

34 Omega Roofing Inds. Pvt. Telangana, AP Ltd

35 MML Medical and Health Hyderabad, Services India Pvt. Ltd. Telangana

36 Waken India Network Hyderabad,

Advertising Pvt. Ltd.


37 Dartyens Power Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad, Telangana

Srimedha Pharmaceutical Nalgonda

38 Pvt. Ltd.



39 Daksha Ltd.


Pvt. Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Telangana

40 SSV Graphics Pvt. Ltd.

Hyderabad, Telangana

41 Marigold Bio Extracts Pvt. Warangal,



42 Smart

waves Hyderabad,

Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Telangana

43 Amida

Educational Hyderabad,

Services Pvt Ltd.


44 Hensar Enterprises Pvt. Kushaiguda,



45 Palnadu Solar Power Pvt. Vijayawada,



Rathnam Pharmaceuticals Tirupati,

46 Pvt. Ltd.



Gundlathoti Ready Mix Guntor, 47 Cement Industry Pvt. Ltd. Andhra

Greenizone Hi-tech & cold Vijayawada,

48 care pvt. Ltd.



Prapan Inns Hotels Pvt. Vijayawada,

49 Ltd.



50 Dhivalokam Pvt. Ltd.

Industries Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

51 Duku Innovates Pvt. Ltd. Lucknow, UP


176.000 Setting up manufacturing facility for plastic granules.

135.000 Setting up manufacturing facility for HDPE /PVC Pipes / Crates.

500.000 Setting up manufacturing facility for tomato paste.

93.750 60.000 210.000 1,468.000

Expand the existing manufacturing facility of namkeens, puffs, rusk/ toast and fryms. To set up the bakery unit for production of breads, biscuits and rusks. Expansion of manufacturing unit for plastic meter cover and junction boxes. Setting up Solar park of 20 units of 200Kw each with aggregate installed capacity of 4MW.

161.630 Setting up of new unit for fabrication of roofing sheets.

363.000 78.750

To set up a Blood Bank & Pathological Laboratory to render services to the hospitals located in and around Hyderabad and Telangana.
To provide end to end solutions of advertising, social awareness and solid waste management through innovative product called “Smart Bin”.
To set up 1 MW solar power plant at Nalgonda Dist., Telangana

277.000 To set up a manufacturing unit for production of Allopathic Drug Formulations.

500.000 To set up a unit for manufacturing of all types of garments.

460.000 To set up an offset printing and Xerox service unit.
To set up a manufacturing / processing unit with an installed 500.000 capacity 100 Kg / month for phytochemicals, Nutraceuticals,
Herbal Extracts etc.
498.000 Setting up manufacturing facility for electronic PCBs.
64.000 To set up a mobile and web based applications for education services. To set up a manufacturing unit for various precision
424.000 engineering job works on different types of sheet metals and non metal sheets using CNC machines.
1,500.000 Setting up of 5.5 MW Solar Power Plant.
Setting up of medicine manufacturing facility for 418.000 manufacturing tablets for curing malaria and other generic
214.000 Setting up of a RMC plant of 48,000 cubic meters per annum.

500.000 To set up a cold storage facility for 5000 MT.

481.000 Setting up a Hotel and Banquet Hall
476.000 To set up manufacturing facility for herbal cosmetic products for human skin and body care.
52.000 Setting up Infrastructure for developing web and mobile bases software applications to serve various industries
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52 B.P. Sons Fun and Lucknow, U.P. Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

53 PJS Construction Pvt. Ltd. Basti, Uttar Pradesh

54 MLP Facilitators Pvt. Ltd. Kosikalan, Uttar Pradesh

55 Sunheri Rice Mill Pvt. Ltd. Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh

56 Aabon Smit alloys Pvt. Chennai, Tamil



57 GD Foods & Beverages Ariyalur, Tamil

Pvt Ltd


58 Harshamitra Pvt. Ltd.

Oncology Trichy, Tamil Nadu

59 Meenakshi Devi Hi-Tech Chennai, Tamil Agro Industry Pvt. Ltd. Nadu

60 Mallur


and Bangalore,

Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.


61 JK Softech Pvt. Ltd.

Belgaum, Karnataka

62 Agnisumukh

Energy Bangalore,

Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


63 Metal Tech Construction Pondicherry Pvt. Ltd.

64 Nalla Farm House Pvt. Pondicherry Ltd.

65 Coeval Crafts Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata

66 Green Rick Tea Pvt. Ltd. Jalpaiguri, West Bengal

67 Green Belt Industries Pvt. Guwahati,



68 Dona doni Fashion Pvt. Jhajjar,



69 Steeledge Pipes Scaffold Pvt. Ltd.

and Bhilai, Chattisgarh


70 Hortitech Foods Pvt. Ltd. Himachal


71 Laxmi Barter Pvt. Ltd. Patna, Bihar

Amanecer Multi Speciality Kurnool,

72 Hospital Pvt. Ltd.



73 Shri Bediwale Enterprises Nagpur,

Pvt. Ltd.


74 Vian Power Pvt. Ltd.


75 Sankalp Apparels Pvt. Maharashtra Ltd.

76 Narayani

Devjeet Maharashtra

Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

77 Lumbini Cotton Industries Maharashtra Pvt Ltd

78 Jivanta Enterprises India Telangana Pvt. Ltd.

Swarnakaruna Princeton Andhra 79 Rubber Industries Pvt. Pradesh

80 Awadhesh Dairy Products Uttar Pradesh

481.000 Setting up an Amusement Park.
214.000 To set up a manufacturing facility of interlocking bricks, tiles at Basti, Uttar Pradesh
70.000 To acquire and renovate a petrol pump cum CNG filling station at Mathura, U.P.
256.000 Setting up of a rice mill of 4 Tons Per hour

235.000 Manufacturing of welding electrodes and weir plates.

461.000 Expansion of business of Coffee Manufacturing.

500.000 374.650 800.000 156.000 500.000

Setting up of a cancer treatment facility through radiation therapy To set up cold storage unit with an installed capacity of 5,000 MTPA. Setting up manufacturing facility for production of Ayurveda medicines. To set up 140 UIDAI KIT for facilitating registrations of AADHAR at 125 Common Services Centers (CSCs) and also through Mobile Vans at Karnataka State. To expand the existing business of manufacturing of radiant heat kitchen stoves with burners at Bangalore, Karnataka.

100.000 Expansion of existing fabrication unit.

400 MTPA Hi-tech indoor cultivation unit for button 300.000 mushrooms and a cold chain unit for storing inhouse
178.660 Setting up new facility for digital textile printing on handloom fabrics and handicrafts.

116.000 To set up a Green Tea Processing Unit.

500.000 Setting up of 10 MT per day multi food processing unit 476.000 To integrate and Modernize existing Capacity of footwear
manufacturing facility 383.000 To set up new manufacturing unit of 15 MTPD capacity of
MS /SS Pipes, tubes, lancing tubes and scaffolding 500.000 To take over loan and purchase of plant and machinery for a
control atmosphere cold storage unit. 472.800 To set up a dealership of TATA Motors Commercial Vehicles
at Patna Bihar

500.000 Setting up of 50 bedded hospital.

180.000 Setting up of Stone Crushing Unit 358.000 To set up lead acid batteries manufacturing unit. 296.000 Setting up of Textile manufacturing Unit. 380.000 Setting up of Spices Manufacturing Unit 294.000 To set up Cotton Ginning & Processing Unit. 257.540 Manufacturing of Garments. 400.000 Expansion of existing manufacturing unit for processing of
crumped rubber. 86.000 To set up manufacturing unit of dairy products.
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Pvt. Ltd.

81 Midas Moulders Pvt. Ltd. Bihar

82 Dhir Food and Dine Pvt. Punjab Ltd.

83 Pratap Tower Pvt. Ltd. Uttarakhand

84 Chittalax Pvt. Ltd.

Construction Maharashtra

85 Aric Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Andhra Pradesh

86 Global

Revolution Maharashtra

Agroservices Pvt. Ltd.

87 Simexperts

Solutions Maharashtra

Private Limited

88 Hiranya Packaging Pvt. Maharashtra Ltd.

89 Myogen Pharma Pvt. Ltd. Andhra Pradesh

90 Mahaloth Melodies Pvt. Bangalore,




362.500 Setting up of Plastic Furniture Manufacturing Unit. 207.420 To renovate hotel and a bar and start a new banquet hall. 340.000 To construct a shopping complex. 500.000 To set up a stone crushing unit. 500.000 To set up manufacturing unit of general drugs. 423.000 Setting up of Packaged drinking water facility. 404.000 To set up an offset printing services unit. 104.000 To set up corrugated box manufacturing unit. 1,500.000 To set up a fully integrated pharmaceutical manufacturing
unit. 500.000 To expand existing event management business. 32,280.010

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List of sanctioned beneficiaries under Venture Capital Fund