Addressing Tatkal Booking/Agent Software Issues

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“Addressing Tatkal Booking/Agent Software Issues”
(Collective inputs from 140,000 strong Make Railways Better circle)
1. Copy and Paste facility on IRCTC Reservation Form should be disabled 2. The IRCTC booking form should be made dynamic in nature, so that the fields keep changing
positions with every load. This will ensure that no pre-set form fill up is possible 3. Agents must not be allowed to book tatkal tickets online 4. One IP address should be allowed not more than 5 user IDs 5. In place of capcha use of OTP would be better - it takes some time to feed but would be
more safety 6. Allow form submission within a fixed time of loading form. This means forms must be
accepted only after a fixed time period after form submission 7. Forms outside of this time window should be rejected 8. Only virtual keyboard should be used while making tatkal bookings 9. Other option is to integrate software used by agents with the site itself so even the common
citizen can fill the forms faster like agent software 10. The cyber cell department should be engaged to find out the bulk booking source 11. Third party name changes should not be permitted at all 12. IRCTC may consider hiring some ‘ethical hackers’ who should proactively work to prevent
the IRCTC website form being hacked during tatkal time period and identify and disable bulk transactions
Issues with Tatkal Booking
1. Tatkal seats are sold out in minutes 2. Many times while booking in Tatkal, the transaction fails but the money gets deducted 3. No refunds on cancellation of tatkal tickets 4. The TDR filed for a Tatkal ticket takes months to be processed 5. Money is deducted even if a waitlist Tatkal ticket does not get confirmed 6. Site logs out while booking in Tatkal 7. Even if you are already logged in before 10 O'clock, after 10 O'clock you automatically get
logged out & you have to sign in again 8. ‘Site unreachable, try after sometime’ message is flashed many time while trying to book in
peak tatkal hours 9. While using internet banking to book tatkal tickets, the transaction fails many times 10. Booking Tatkal tickets from the mobile phone is nearly impossible 11. Agents collude with the authorities to book tatkal tickets in bulk 12. Touts use software to grab tatkal tickets 13. During tatkal booking the site stops booking for 10 minutes from 10AM 14. No discount for senior citizens in tatkal 15. The Captcha are truly very difficult to read specially Tatkal booking time 16. Sometime even if you enter the right captcha it says that invalid captcha & you have to log in
This checklist is prepared from the responses received in the 140,000 strong ‘Make Railways Better’ circle, the largest community for the cause. Visit for more.

Tatkal misuse by agents – A few citizen comments
1. As a software engineer I would like to say that this is not possible until/unless the some of the railways windows officer is linked with the agents or the Railways Server has been hacked by hackers. It is not possible without this arrangement. I hope Railway Ministry will take bold steps to stop this "tatkal ghotala" – Gulam Nabi
2. Yes that's correct because it’s always full within 20-30 Sec and it’s not possible without any hack see the link:- "" – Brajesh Bharti
3. Had heard about it long time back. But strangely the Railways did not. Somebody from the inside must have helped. – Anil Kataria
4. I have seen on website selling of the software at following link:
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Located In: : Across Siliguri Super-fast A TO Z Tatkal ticket booking Software Available. KOI, AVENGER, SuperFastICOn , Balster Plus, Black TS (original),T system , New China, Neoplaner, Speedo, Nget, fast iconx or v Supet Ts All Setup Available in reasonable Price. Contact: 07384189980. Mail: [email protected] When you call, don't forget to mention that you found this ad on TGD – A Ranjan 5. Tatkal booking softwares how agents do booking in 5-10 seconds
Is it possible that the Government is really unknown to these things happening in our country? Through these software agents do bookings in 5-10 seconds without visiting IRCTC through their software. There are many more videos available. Government should see these and take necessary actions to curd such kind of misuses – Mantu Kumar, reported on August 7. Videos taken off Youtube now 6. Prevent Booking From Tatkal Automation Software. Please do something to stop this tatkal software scam like t-system and BlackTS ( These softwares are fully optimized and use US proxies to generate 6 or 8 PNR from a single internet connection. 1st you have to implement stop booing from proxy and outside India. 2nd you have to capture each and every event on website. Check whether mouse had been used or not. 3rd you can set timestamp on each pages. Youtube Video Link - – Shivesh Chandra reported on July 14. Video taken off youtube now but the website is still active 7. Tatkal ticket hacking with tatkal software please stop this – Anil Prajapati reported on April 27. Video taken off Youtube now.
This checklist is prepared from the responses received in the 140,000 strong ‘Make Railways Better’ circle, the largest community for the cause. Visit for more.

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Addressing Tatkal Booking/Agent Software Issues