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REPORT OF ACTIVITIES OF NSS DURING THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2020-21 1. 'Challenging Plastic: Search of Solutions for Plastic Pollution' - 17th June 2020-21st
June 2020 – The activity was organized in association with the University of Kerala. The NSS volunteers of All Saints’ College were divided into five groups and they organised a five-day webinar named, 'Challenging Plastic: Search of Solutions for Plastic Pollution' via Google Meet in collaboration with the NSS, University of Kerala. Sessions on various topics related to plastic pollution and its solutions were conducted in the webinar in which a few school children also participated. External Beneficiaries Fifty students from schools such as St. Roch School and 10 students from Government College for Women participated in the programme and involved in the discussions actively and decided to promote minimal plastic use in their campuses.

2. International Yoga Day - 21st June 2020 - On the International Yoga Day, our NSS unit organised 'SOUKHYA’, an online session on Yoga in association with the University of Kerala on 21st June 2020 from 10:00 am to 11:00a.m. The session was handled by Vishnupriya. P (Final year BAMS student and Yoga Aspirant) 55 volunteers attended the session and participation certificates were distributed to all the participants. External beneficiaries 43 students from UIT Adoor actively took part in the session and they conducted a quiz on ‘yoga’ following the session. The benefit of the session was extended to the members of family of the NSS volunteers too.

3. International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking - 26th June 2020 - As part of observing International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, our NSS unit organised an Inter- collegiate poster making competition and a drawing competition in collaboration with the University of Kerala. The winners were awarded certificates. External Beneficiaries Twenty children from our adopted village (Karikkakom) participated in the competition and took part in the discussion by posing their doubts on substance abuse done as part of the programme.
4. Kerala and Lakshadweep Review Meeting - 6th July 2020 - The NSS volunteer secretary, Ms. Parvathy S L, got the chance to participate and present our activities during the lockdown period in the Kerala and Lakshadweep Review Meeting. Our unit decided to organise a covid 19 management class for students after the review.

5. ECHO, National Youth Summit organized by World Wide Fund - 15th July 2020 - Our volunteers and Program Officer Dr Ayona Jayadev, attended ECHO, National Youth Summit by WWF (World Wide Fund). External Beneficiaries As part of the association with WWF India – Kerala Chapter, the intimate community of NSS volunteers were benefitted due to the activities done in the ECHO programme. The programmes initiated in ECHO scheme had a wider spectrum of beneficiaries including 30 students of this institution, 20 students from Holy Angels’ Higher Secondary School and members of family of volunteers.

6. Covid 19 & Disaster Management - 20th July 2020 - Emergency Rapid Response Team conducted a webinar on Covid19 and Disaster Management for our NSS volunteers and shared ideas on future activities related to covid 19 prevention and management. External Beneficiaries The volunteers were trained for rapid response in covid 19 related issues and given instructions on how to act in communities in various ways such as involving in help desks, providing provisions, mapping medical centres etc. Volunteers planned to provide aid for sanitary workers.

7. World Nature Conservation Day - 28th July 2020 - As part of observation of World Conservation Day, the NSS units in collaboration with WWF Kerala Chapter conducted a virtual exhibition on the theme ‘Choose to Reuse’. External Beneficiaries This programme acted as an awareness programme to 25 students of Karikkakom Government school and sensitized them on the use of plastics. 15 volunteers from our unit too participated.

8. Hiroshima Day - 6th August 2020 - The NSS unit observed Hiroshima Day by taking a pledge against wars. The programme was done in collaboration with the University of Kerala. They posted their picture with a placard upholding the dictum, 'SAY YES TO PEACE AND NO TO WAR’. Also, one of the volunteers, Varsha M gave a short account on Hiroshima Day. External Beneficiaries
20 students from Government Higher Secondary School, Pettah attended the virtual meet. The participants got to know the details regarding the atom bomb explosion both in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

9. Nagasaki Day - 9th August 2020 - Renjima B Viswan, one of the NSS volunteers gave a short speech on Nagasaki Day. We also conducted a quiz on Nagasaki Day for school students. External Beneficiaries 35 students from Nirmala Bhavan School, 22 students from Christ Nagar School and 43 students from St Mary’s School took part in the quiz.

10. Independence Day Celebrations - 15th August 2020 – The NSS unit organized the 74th Independence Day Celebrations virtually via Google Meet. Sri Brahma Nayakam Mahadevan was the guest of honour in the event. This was conducted as a flipped online-offline event. One of the PO went to college and when Principal hoisted the Flag, the volunteers watched it virtually real time. This was a great experience and the guest of honour congratulated the organization. The Volunteers were addressed by our Principal, Dr. Deepa M, our Program Officers, Dr. Kavitha N and Dr. Ayona Jayadev. Volunteers organised various cultural events too. External Beneficiaries As part of our Independence Day Celebrations, our NSS volunteers also organised drawing, poem writing and poster making inter-collegiate competitions. 16 volunteers from T.K.M College, 54 students from our college, 23 students from Women’s College Vazhuthakad took part in the competitions.

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Report Of The Extension Activities