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English at ONCE (On-line Current English) is a wonderful resource offering English teachers an opportunity to work through the language curriculum while at the same time educating students about current issues.
Designed by an experienced English teacher and language specialist, these worksheets are based on articles, texts, advertisements and cartoons about contemporary issues and current affairs. What makes them unique is that they are developed on an ongoing basis as events unfold.
Furthermore, the questions are carefully designed so as to be compliant with the CAPS (Language Structures and Conventions; and the Reading and Viewing sections). Through doing the worksheets, learners are able to practise both comprehension skills and language and grammatical structures, which are covered in an integrated manner.
For only R145 a term per phase (Grades8/9 or Grades 10–12; Home Language or First Additonal Language), teachers will receive a worksheet and comprehensive memorandum in their inboxes every two weeks. There is a special discounted price of R245 per term for worksheets in both phases.
Top schools (both public and private) throughout the country are regular subscribers to English at ONCE. You can read what some of these schools say about the worksheets on www.englishatonce.com (under “reviews”).
Some of the issues that the worksheets have already covered in 2016 include the following:
 The ‘hashtags’ we could do without in 2016  A film review of ‘The Revenant’  The Constitutional Court judgment on the Nkandla saga  The student protests on university campuses  Valentine’s Day  Temba Bavuma – the South African cricketing sensation  An obituary on Harper Lee, author of ‘’To Kill a Mockingbird’, who died this year.
Below you will find two samples our worksheets. To see further samples, have a look at the website (www.englishatonce.com). For further information, send an email to Barbara Hathorn at [email protected]
“The almost inconceivable is happening - pupils, even the weaker ones, are actually looking forward to receiving English worksheets! Other departments are also reaping the benefits because your material covers such an extensive range of topical issues. English At Once is the answer to this English teacher's prayers.” (St Ursula’s School)
“Every English teacher at H/s Uitsig loves using these worksheets. They love the fact that the topics are current and like the way the worksheets are structured. The learners also enjoy doing the work. Sometimes it happens that teachers come asking for new worksheets before I have received new ones.”(H/s Uitsig)

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English At Once Worksheets