How to Calculate your GPA (Grade Point Average)

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How to Calculate your GPA (Grade Point Average)

Grade Point Averages (GPA) are calculated by dividing the total number of Grade Points by the number of Credit Hours enrolled.

Each grade has a specific number of points assigned to it:













4.00 3.75 3.25 3.00 2.75 2.25 2.00 1.75 1.25 1.00



To determine the grade points earned per class, first multiply the points by the number of credit hours.

Example: if you earned a “C” in ENC 1101 (a 3 credit hour course), then you multiply 2 points times 3 credit hours to get 6 grade points.

To determine the total grade points earned per semester, determine the points for each class and add them together for the total grade points that semester.

Example: If you enrolled in 13 credit hours (three 3-hour courses and one 4-hour course), and earned a “B”, a “C”, an “A” in the 3 hour courses, and a “C-” in the 4 hour course this is how you would calculate your total grade points:

A = 4 points X 3 credit hours B = 3 points X 3 credit hours C = 2 points X 3 credit hours C- = 1.75 points X 4 credit hours
13 credit hours


12 grade points


9 grade points


6 grade points


7 grade points

34 grade points

To determine your grade point average, divide the total grade points by the total credit hours under consideration.

From the example above: Divide 34 grade points by the 13 credit hours to equal 2.615 GPA.

Special Notes: Grades of W (Withdrawn), WP (Withdrawn Passing), MW (Medical Withdrawal), S (Satisfactory), U (Unsatisfactory), I (Incomplete)*, and NC (No Credit) do not impact your GPA. Do not include the credit hours for these courses in your credit hour total for calculating GPA.
* Unresolved Incomplete grades automatically will be changed to “F” by the Registrar’s Office. Unresolved “I” grades in courses graded with “S” or “U” will be converted to “U.”
A grade of WF (Withdrawn Failing) is equal to 0.00 points.
GPA calculator tools are available at and via myUCF -> Academic Resources -> GPA Estimator
Please refer to myUCF -> Student Self-Service -> Other Academic menu -> Grades for your official GPA

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How to Calculate your GPA (Grade Point Average)