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Srividya Sadhana Questions Answered by
Sadguru Sri Sivapremanandaji

Om Mulanji
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Om Mulanji
In humility we offer this dedication to Mahasiddhar Sadguru Sri Thirumoolaji, Who initiated Sri
Sivapremanandaji into the secrets of srividya sadhana

Om Mulanji


1. Srividya Sadhana


2. Das Mahavidya


3. Deeksha


4. Mantra


5. Guru & Disciple


6. Kundalini


7. Srichakra & Navavarana puja


8. Mudra


9. Darshan of Divine Mother


10. Recommended books





Om Mulanji
Srividya Sadhana
She is the Beginning, She is the Beginningless, She is the Cause, She is the Causeless She is the Light, She is the Not-light She is the Bliss that is Beauty Divine,
She is the Mother Supreme, She is Samadhi, the transcendental End She is Manonmani, the Jewel of the Inmost Mind She in my sentience entered, And in my heart abided. Tirumantiram 1114

Om Mulanji
What is Srividya? Who is the deity of Srividya? What is the ultimate
realization of Srividya?
Srividya is the experimental knowledge of the goddess Sri LalithaTripura Sundari that leads to divine or absolute truth. Srividya is meant for the selfrealization which leads to absolute bliss. The Ultimate realization of Srividya is that “your own SELF is Tripura Sundari.” This knowledge happens to you through Self-Realization by practicing srividya meditation.
What are the different Schools of Srividya? There are three different schools of Srividya Sadhana called Samaya Mat, Kaula Mat and Mishra Mat. Samaya Mat is the ancient form of worship. Vedic in origin, it believes in sacrifice and penance. Kaula Mat is the path of heroes who can face challenges and remain balanced while enjoying yoga and bhoga(sensual enjoyment). Kaula is an evolved being who dwells in non-dual consciousness and a constant state of awareness. His Madya (liquor) is Amrita (some) dripping from soma chakra. To him Mansa (meat) is his anger, greed, and attachment. Matsya (fish) is taste, egoity, pride, avarice. Mudra (money) is hope, seeking, anxiety, fear, jealousy, shyness, envy. Maithuna(sexual communion) is the union of kundalini with Shiva. This is the real Panch Makar Sadhana of a Kaul. Mishra mat, mixed path, combines yoga, tapa and mantra. According to this school the intoxication that comes by knowledge is liquor, the inner silence that comes by sadhana is meat, the stopping of the constant floating in the Ganga and Yamuna (Ida and Pingala) is eating the fish and selfknowledge is mudra (money) and the union of Siva and Shakti is Maithuna(sexual communion).
Which school of srividya is taught by you? The teachings presented by us belongs to the Mishra Mat.
What are the benefits of Srividya Sadhana ?  A healthy body that is in a constant rejuvenative mode

Om Mulanji
 A mind that is inspired, guided and powerful  Attract Wealth, fame, respect, power, and prosperity  Supercharge your energy level  Manifest your sacred purpose as human and evolve  Manifest your dreams into reality  Learn to detach and free yourself from negative feelings and
emotions  Draw and feel divine that is divine love near to you  Cultivate inner silence and bliss  Find out just what true satisfaction is  Learn to trust yourself  Access answers from your higher self  Clear away karma by clearing chakra system  Take control of your life  Awaken psychic abilities
How many Srividya Levels are taught in your program? What should be the
gap in-between each level of srividya sadhana? The core practices of Srividya Sadhana are taught in 7 graduated steps/levels. All the practices are meditative in nature and are not outward Puja rituals. Each level should be practiced regularly for minimum 6 -8 weeks before going to the next level. Following are the different srividya levels with required eligibility:
Srividya Level 1 – Kundalini Chakra Sadhana
Eligibility: Willingness and open mind
Srividya Level 2 – Thirumoolar Navakkari Chakra Sadhana
Eligibility: level 1
Srividya Level 3 – Thirumoolar Navakkari Chakra Pranayama
Eligibility: level 2

Om Mulanji
Srividya Level 4 – Bala Tripura Sundari Sadhana
Eligibility:level 3
Srividya Level 5 – Panchadasi Sadhana
Eligibility:level 4
Srividya Level 6 – Shodasi Sadhana
Eligibility:level 5
Srividya Level 7 - Siva-Soubhagya Shodasi Sadhana
Eligibility: level 6
Can you please explain why srividya sadhana is offered in 7 levels and how each level of srividya sadhana is helpful to sadhaka?
I’ll explain in brief about inner mechanism of each level and their importance in the spiritual progress of a student:
Srividya level-1: helps student to balance his chakras and make them function with maximum capacity so that he can receive divine mother’s energy and transform his life.
Srividya level-2 & 3: invokes Navakkari Shakthi into the student's soul which are nine powers that control this universe in different aspects and dimensions (these are the same powers that we worship as dasmahavidya shaktis) to overcome any negative effects of planets, Horoscope, Past life curses, Ancestor problems etc.
Srividya level-4: first 3 levels cleanses and prepares student energy body, astral body, mental body, and causal body to receive srividya mantra in seed form called Bala Tripura Sundari mantra. This level-4

Om Mulanji
sadhana is like sowing a divine mother vibration, i.e. seed in the student’s soul so that he can grow into divine mother consciousness with regular sadhana.
Srividya level-5: Panchadaai is expanded form of bala tripur sundari mantra. This mantra balances ida, pingala and sushmna and removes all 3 granthis, cleanses all karmic impressions by raising kundalini upto sahasrara chakra. This level-5 sadhana prepares sadhaka to become one with Divine mother. Regular practice of level-5 awakens selfawareness or Witness consciousness in sadhaka i.e. stage of self Realization.
Srividya level-6: Shodasi Mantra further raises kundalini above sahasrara chakra about half to one feet and merges completely with Universal divine Self/Soul. Regular practice of level-6 leads to God realization i.e. experience of ultimate truth.
Srividya level-7: This sadhana helps to balance ground and bring universal Divine Soul consciousness into mind, body and waking state of awareness. It prepares a normal sadhaka to siddhahood.
Why you decided srividya sadhana to be taught Online/Distant?
It is not my wish, but the divine mother’s intention to reach her children in this way. I started experiencing OM Samadhi after Savikalp and Nirvikalp Samadhi by the grace of Divine Mother. After that, Divine mother as Om Naad started entering my right ear and giving messages that “teach my children”. I was surprised about this experience because Divine mother asked in the same way to my Master Sivakami Omanandi to teach Sivayoga. But already I was teachings sivayoga so I didn’t understand why divine mother asking again. Then I started getting a

Om Mulanji
dream of wearing sriyantra in my finger and giving lecture on panchadasi mantra. Next day morning, I realized that the divine mother wanted me to teach srividya Sadhana that I learned directly from Sadguru Thirumoolarji during my astral travel. So I understood the divine mother's intention and started offering it online because I was working and not in a position to devote my whole time for offline teachings. I started getting srividya deeksha request from army officers who are working at borders & navy, also from different countries like USA,Canada, Germany, Finland, Japan, Nepal, & other western countries within a week after creating a website on srividya sadhana. This made me very clear that, It is the prayer of many devotees who want to learn srividya sadhana but don’t have time to attend a lengthy retreat. This is how Online srividya sadhana started by divine mother’s grace.
Is srividya sadhana learned online/distance is effective?
We have a record of students who have got self-realized through online/distance srividya sadhana. Also, there are students who received instructions from divine mother in their dream to visit our website for srividya sadhana and deeksha. It is divine mother who is working behind these teachings and nothing is impossible by the grace of the divine mother.
Can you please explain what is Samadhi? Savikalp Samadhi, Nirvikalp Samadhi and Om Samadhi ?
Samadhi is the experience of ONEness with Cosmic consciousness.
In savikalp Samadhi you experience your true identity as a SOUL and not body & mind, etc. but still it is a relative state. In Nirvikalp Samadhi,

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Srividya Sadhana Questions Answered by Sadguru Sri